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This is me telling about my lore™️ careful i swear

2020.08.07 07:34 Thewhineygothgirl This is me telling about my lore™️ careful i swear

Hey this is edited... but you didn't know that. Originally I tried hoping into this all fun and quirky but it really felt like I was wasting time putting on a dumb little jig. If you want I can share an experience and most of the time I refer to Myself as her or she but one of my family members uses the wrong pronouns so occasionally I mess up and use he or him sometimes which is pretty understandable. Especially after referring to youself as such for over 15 years and just recently switching to the other pronouns but, and while its yknow a like easy mistake right? Anyone could've done it and it's not like I meant to and I'm secretly just pretending to be trans as like some shitty april fools joke, no thats not it at all. But the dysphoria can really really get bad sometimes and instead of me usually being able to keep up a self motivational cheer squad like I usually am my dysphoria kicked me while I was down like. Oh you probably referred to yourself as "he" because you're so ugly and thats all people will see you as on the outside and looking back now and hell, even just typing it out rn I'm just kinda like Hah can you believe this clown? Thats so silly when it obviously was a mistake and yeah it was but my brain just likes to cling to the past and showboat my flaws like medals and likes to rub it into myself that I'm not perfect. To be honest I'll probably go to sleep and wake up tomorrow good as new and a confident female but for now I'm still In a bad mood. Which is why I'm so uncomfortable. I've legitimately mastered the arts of comedy from quick witted funny dry remarks to snarky snide jokes to more cynical to more hmm randomized humor thats so random its funny. All of it.
I've become a comedical genius because at my core, I'm a really serious person and the things I say, I mean. 99% of the time. But, I just wanna share my story on how... uncovering I was a woman rocked me to my core.
So... where on earth do we even begin. I know! Uh... how about when I was around the age of... 12 or 13ish. Back around the time like ps4 was released maybe a year after release. I recently rekindled a relationship with my old pal matthew who... well always knew he wanted to be a guy or was a guy but just didn't know the name for it so he came out to me a late night in a ps4 party (voice chat).
I was so... well weirded out to say the least and it honestly confused me for a little bit for some reason I felt like he betrayed me as a friend but while talking with him for longer I was like. Ah... this really wasn't about me and it isn't his fault he's a man he's just doing it for him and I'm proud of him since it's cool.
So initially I was confused but accepting it took me a while to get used to calling him matthew but I did like after a few weeks since it didn't feel like anything changed between him and me. And ow sorry Chewing on my lips... like when im really upset or just idk in mental pain or anger I chew them. Don't worry I was thinking of something else.
We'll get there incase you're wondering. But I just wanted to Give backstory to well... everything.
But I can't really describe it because back then, I was intrigued with the concept of "transgender".
I didn't know why But I was.
But my parents (mom and stepdad) seemed to be transphobic referring to matthew as "it" and was like I don't want my child being next to that "thing" what if it makes my child transgender. So then I automatically got... well metaphorically fucked since that put in this toxic mindset that if I was a Girl My family would hate me. So my mindset was ok WE HAVE TO BE STRAIGHT CIS MALE AT ALL COSTS.
I didn't even wanna like imagine what if I was a girl or what if I was gay or anything I felt like I had to be the most


Person ever

or else...

Sorry for the cheesy dramatic effect lol but its a nice touch don't you think?
Anyways back to the story. My family deadnamed matthew so I was just like s i g h on the inside of my brain and even stood up to my family in defense of matthew since he was human too and didn't deserve the disrespect.
But what this caused me was this big negative mindset that... really just cursed me. I acted as masculine as possible making any possible like dick jokes or basketball mentions or literally anything I was basically the human representation of toxic masculinity and to say the least. I felt horrible. Most people liked me but I was really just a shell of who I was like I've never been more exhausted talking to people when I was pretending to be someone I wasn't.
Ok lets move forward in the story, shall we?
So instead of like the egg usually just cracking it kinda exploded eventually one day, we'll get there but we gotta set the pieces first.
One day there was this bitchy group of girls at my school who would bully me and the main girl or the leader of the group... well... let's just say she was the least good looking of all of them and had the most like lengthy stick figure body too. So one day in a party call with matthew (we were playing Fallout 76 btw im not a fallout fan he is) I was like... hmph stupid Anonymous I'd make a better girl then she ever would and I'd be prettier too. Then my like toxic mindset rolled in to make sure my family didn't hate me since my brain realized what it had said and I here I shit you not I literally was like this, "ha... ha... I mean like I mean just because I'd love to be a girl since I think I'd be prettier or something I'm Totally still A guy I swear" and then my brain just like shit its pants a second later and was like... fuck it. Since I don't remember if it was before I defended the manliness I didn't have or not but I was doing my fucking damndest to sound like a girl and that was the first time ya girl was hit with euphoria. Like in my head when I was trying my best to do a feminine voice I was like, "o mai... i soun so coot" and was all fuzzy on the inside. Thats the time I was LEGIT happy in all my existence.
Right then and there!
And later after leaving the party I was just like to myself in my head, "oh fuck... oh god I'm a girl in a guy's body". If I'm also not mistaken I even looked at my leg hair and broke down crying in my bed crying since because I wasn't born a girl, I didn't get to be a girl. Since obviously I knew at that time Trans was a thing I just didn't wanna let myself be trans out of yknow rejection and everything just heavy egg like things. And my brain cause of also not feeling like I got to be who I was at the thought of my familys response I just like further ate my egg salad sandwich of denial. Heavy fucking denial. I was just like sob I wasn't born a girl... sob I just don't get to be one... sob it's not fair!!!!!
So I used the excuse I wasn't born one so I didn't get to be one to stop myself from being who I was and because of this I also stopped myself from ever being happy or truly happy and I always wondered back then why I wasn't able to feel this like constant happiness all the COOL kids were talkin' about and thought I was just broken or garbage since the only happiness I ever really got was from like my parents buying me a new video game I got to play which yknow the happiness only lasted like... what? 20 seconds. I mean I was contempt with the game it was fun but just because something is fun, doesn't mean it'll make you happy.
Which made me like assume I was a psychopath or sociopath or something ridiculous because of my lack of happiness since I just flat out refused me being a girl as a possibility and looking back I'm just like, "What are you? Fucking dumb! The answer was right fucking there!!". Lmao
But to be fair I was a fucking like... dense ass kid I was like peridot to where if it wasn't the logical solution I would accept it to be.

it didn't exist

Like looking back and just really taking a trip down memory lane not only makes me pissed, also makes me thankful that I stopped being a brick wall and just let the egg hatch.
So is that what I meant when the egg exploded? No. Lord heavens no! I was gonna stay in that egg until I died an Unhappy death but. A miracle happened. I decided at the yknow startish of quaratine I started dating a girl and I mean she was sweet but she was a fucking mess Like I thought I was a mess and I mean... I was I definitely fucking was compared to who I am like the ginger of the past was fucking dead kiddo but this girl man. Like she was just... my god she was fucked. F to the straight fucking D my guy. I would tell You why but... The only person she ever told was me and it would feel like its not my information to give, I can't just give like away someones life as info for personal benefit thats so scummy it sickens me. So anyways her... ugh god awful life aside like I feel so bad for her. But luckily even tho she came from an absolute dumpster fire... she really, and when I say it really fucking helped me. She was just the extra push of confidence I really needed to break down my thick fucking wall and just accept it all and not live in denial anymore. So if You're out there somewhere, cookie. Thank you.
She wont be hear btw lmao I dumped her since she was flirting with others behind my back like She was tryna replace me so I was obviously like I don't give a fucc how bad yo life is. I got my own shitty life to solve and i dont need to cry over a asshole like you.
And to be fair I mean it I mean i still care about her somewhere in my heart I mean... for the love of god she gave me my literal happiness and set me free from my own prison but i think... i was unhealthy for her since she seemed to form more of a lets say "dependence" on me to be her source of happiness and yknow thats nothing legitimately anyone should deal with. Since that just makes it feel less like love and more of like a job that you have to be there for them. But I digress. Anyways the terrible mindset caused my by unaccepting parents isn't the only reason for why I've had a shit life but I don't care enough since this seems to be the most influential part of my life or my history. I've had a lot of shit happen though let me tell ya so this being my worst moment shares a lot of how potentially strong and difficult the trans people have it sometimes. And to be fair people probably had it worse to me so im sorry to those people who do.
And here can we give a quick moment of absolute silence as a tribute to them? The ones tasked with a difficult journey.
Ok, thank you. Sorry I just felt it was necessary.
Anyways back to the bizness. What happened was she was honest about how bad her life was and I slowly sad I was a lesbian in a dudes body and she got upset at the fact I wasn't being completely honest with her when she was with me which is completely fair since she didn't tell anyone that but... I never even told myself I was a lesbian or accepted it. I asked her if I could be me or act girly and I could and it was the happiest I ever was I just got to act like a sub lil cinnamon roll and I was just fucking living it up and felt like the queen of the universe.
I miss those moments... and she probably does to but to be fair I wouldn't take her back since... well I'm a prideful bitch. Plus... it was an online relationship so how much can you like miss someone? Like making one of those relationships work is like trying to make a 2 hour long fire out of a handful of gunpowder in Antarctica, I'm sorry chief but I think we're fucked is what I say to you in that situation.
But I digress it was one of the times I allowed myself to act girly and everything, literally everything flooded in at once and hit me like a truck.
All because one person let me be themselves with them, someone I could trust. God like can i say how cringe it is now to like say act girly around someone lmao like i have no problems acting femme fucking whatsoever now but with my legit cursed mindset back then acting girly was like a ice cold vanilla milkshake on a summer day.
Heavenly to say the least. But anyways story plot go!
When I say "everything hit" i mean everything landed. All. Of. It.
When I was 5 back in Michigan back at a log cabin by a lake (not michigan lake) there were my grandmothers like heels I think lying around? So I like put them on and wore them around and even at that extremely young age my euphoria was like a heavenly choir just going ham.
And when I was at the age that I was told boys don't wear heels or something back in michigan I was like the mario "d'oh..." or the "OOf" like high pitched noise he does. My heart sank and I was sad from that moment and was like "o...k" I've never been a flip flop girl tho maybe because my flip flops were yucky blue and not the chad pink with flowers lmao. Since obviously i got boy flipflops :l idk i think i did they were either dark blue or black and my hatred for them was legit MAD.
But i saw my cousins flip flops which were all colorful and girly and my brain was at that time like I didnt have any words or thought in my brain but my head seeing those was like "oh..." like the type of Oh you give when you realize oh thats nice like you just see something and it pleases you deeply. Idk how to explain it man, i was a kid and all my thoughts and memories are fuzzy ngl. But I remember my triplet cousins (all girls) were wearing bikinis and I have no clue as to why (yes i do) but at the time I didn't i saw my cousin mckenzie bragging about her padded bikini top that made it look like she kinda had boobs going on I was just always like ᴹᵃʸᵇᵉ ᶦ ᶜᵒᵘˡᵈ ʷᵉᵃʳ ˢᵒᵐᵉᵗʰᶦⁿᵍ ˡᶦᵏᵉ ᵗʰᵃᵗˀ
Nothing like major like world dominance levels confidence but yknow it was like a hint of my girliness. Nowadays like if I had boobs... man (not on any hrt yet) id be exactly like


im just like recalling like how i did back in those ages btw if i didnt say that enough like legit Now id just see a bikini and be like... give that to momma 😍.
Yknow. But back then i was like Maybe i could wear the cutesy wutesy things.
And i remember my cousins or maybe it was my step sister and step mom getting there nails painted fourth of july colors and style and i was filled with SOOOOOO much anger i was like
I didnt say anything about it at all because i knew they probably wouldnt let me since i was a boy™️
When like im just being honest ive never felt like a male in my life to any capacity. Thats just the honest to god truth.
And my cousins have always been cool and shit i wonded what their reaction would be to me coming out as a girl would be... i wonder if they'd be cool or just really distant. Which I personally think would be really sad since i love all of them so much. Since this fat kid called Garrett used to bully me but my cousins stood up for me and that made me so happy.
My brain back then was secretly was like "yes im apart of the girl crowd now... henlo" i was happy gorl.
I mean they didnt know shit since well I was extremely fucking quiet back then while im kinda a loud mouth extrovert now tbh.
Finding who i am... or well technically just accepting or realizing who i am just gives me so much confidence. And just euphoria and happiness tbh my family is accepting at least my mom and step dad idk about my fathers side and tbh idc. And i just feel like i can rule the world tbh. I mean im wearing girl clothes rn minus a bra and panties (yes i realize i would have to or should wear a gaff technically but im not on hrt dont @ me bro but i also have my nails painted pink) its just so nice yknow just so much euphoria and I love it.
Oooooo and girl socks cannot forget the girl socks.
I'm just such a happier person on the inside now than ive ever been my entire life and it feels like after being shackled to a 2 ton weight all my life Ive gotten it taken off and get to run free.
Heres the part where I throw in extra hints to me being a girl so: yeah here ya go.
Uhm when i went to matthews house for the like second or third time and it was just me and him i forced him to watch a playthrough of doki doki literature club. Which if you dont know is a cute meta poetry dating sim style game mixed in with horror. So its pretty girly. Or weeb i guess.
Im not saying guys cant like poetry or anything but poetry is kinda girly I mean im great at writing im a writer tbh but i suck bad at poetry.
But i think its pretty and i like poetry when done right.
Oh yeah i fucking cried a lot for girl and guy standards combined. I would cry everynight before going to sleep no clue as to why but maybe like my subconscious brain just knew how much i was suffering or gonna suffer and just wanted the sweet release of death.
But yeah man like when I cry, i cry fucking hard and for fucking hours too like ive cried for an hour before multiple times. I make midoriyas and spongebobs crying look fucking WEAK. Lol dont ask how i can flex my crying skill like that. Its a seeqwet.
And Tbh I feel like I can balance A... satirical and well sarcastic vibe with a wholesome and cute vibe pretty well.
But yeah I cried a l o t.
Uhm oh yeah another reason for me to not transition was my mom told me that my father didnt want me if I was "special" or a girl so yeah that totally didnt make me wanna cry.
Since i know its true my dad aint the nice type. He abused my mother and is the clinically insane type.
Me being accepted is one FAT big NOPE.
At least by him and idrc but idk just felt like pointing it out. It just felt like the universe didn't want me to be a girl or said i couldnt and everyone talked about like myeh myeh myeh being a girl is sooooooo horrible. Meanwhile im wearing heels and im like eh the pain from walking a mile wasnt fun but the euphoria is still worth it. And dont worry ive got my foot strength up im good.
But yeah its just not bad at all i mean then again i dont have to deal with my period but maybe if i pass well enough i can tell people im on my period so they fuck right off. Or i get an excuse to exit the class and play on my phone in the bathroom. (I wouldnt actually do the second one since thats legitimately dumb it was a joke chillllll.) But the downside to not having a period is i cant bear children so im just kinda like... fuck. Yknow? I mean technically i I theoretically could have children if i like store my... shit yknow the things the doctors ask if i wanna have "MY KID" and like fuck that im not performing that action to have kids. Do you want my dysphoria to have a pizza party? Yeah fuck that ill just adopt. Like why is everyone so bummed about adopting? They're your kids dude its just not you who made them. Is that a hard concept to grasp? I feel like if you cant love an adopted kid you shouldnt have kids.
This is a long ass post huh? If only my tits were as big as this post was. I wouldn't even be able to fucking walk lmao.
But anyways ive always hated my deadname and like I never knew why exactly yknow but i mean i do now. I just thought it was because my biological dad was an asshole but nah.
Ive actually always loved c names tbh like Cindy cynthia cassie. All beautiful names in my book You: well ginger if you love girl names that start with the letter c... why ginger?
Well random citizen its actually a funny story. I had this favorite game I used to play which was a streetball game on ps4 with like 30 characters and was free to play there were like 15 girls and 15 boys so i was like... heyyyyyy what if i picked my name.... through the game. And gingers brain was like GENIUS.
so basically there were only really two choices for me out of all 15 and that was cindy and ginger OOP FORGOT CARLA WAS A NAME (love that name too lmao). Oops sorry got distracted but like and like cindys a fucking cute name dude if i have a little girl definitely would love to name her cindy. But i won't which sucks 😔. But it never felt like me yknow ginger felt more like YEAH THATS GOOOOOOD.
plus I didnt wanna go to like a baby name website and cherry pick like the "perfect name" yknow i wanted to leave it up to more of like a gamble of faith and like tbh i really shouldnt have been tasked with the ability to like make my own name my decision lmao. I just wanted it to feel more like a random name a parent gave to me instead of me picking a name. But to be fair like if you played the game so much how come you havent already had an idea in mind... well i was taking a break from it tbh so there were new characters added and one was ginger and my brain was like OOoOoOo.
Because i didnt realize that before i asked the question of what my name should be from the game since the only one i really loved at the time was cindy so... if the name ginger or character wasnt there it wouldnt have been ginger time probably it probably wouldve been cindy time. And tbh i dont mind that i love both names, and in some opposite universe i am cindy and thats ok but im ginger tho😎👌.
But in retrospect i call some trans people weird when i legit did the parallel animal crossing villagers do to move on your island in name form i literally made up a game just for it like wtf ginger? Got anything to say for yourself
N a h Cause i don't regret a damn thing lmao i love my name.
But another one last thing that kinda could be a hint or prove im a woman. Yknow how when girls obsess over babys they can talk about baby names for hoursssssss. Yeah i can do that. Obsessed with kids man ive decided id wanna name a boy id have either colt or matthew after yknow my friend or like my daughter cindy over the name i didnt have or hmmmm maybe kim its a cute name.
Im just really picky with names man so its probably good i gave myself such a limited random chance game since i swear to you i wouldve picked my name for hours.
And thats fine but like i dont wanna waste all day picking my name yknow. That aint ginga'
But thanks reader! For sticking with me this far you get the highest honor I can bestow to you
Please wear this medal responsibly


submitted by Thewhineygothgirl to trans [link] [comments]

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2020.07.12 20:04 Foxleyy Guia geral de extração de DMT - PT/BR

Guia geral de extração de DMT - PT/BR
Hey everyone else, I've wrote this guide for brazilian people, then it's in brazilian-portuguese language, if anyone else wants to translate, share with us.
Acho necessário apontar que sou estudante de química e trabalho em um laboratório de análises ambientais, portanto, estando contido nesses meios, eu pude adquirir alguns conhecimentos relevantes às ciências exatas que me permitissem elaborar este guia geral. É importante frisar que as informações que eu vos lhes passam não são informações com verificações científicas rígidas, e sim hipóteses feitas a partir da experiência de extrações domésticas de DMT, conhecimento adquirido e informações obtidas nas literaturas disponíveis. Com isso em mente, podemos começar.
É bom se fazer de alguns conhecimentos prévios acerca de algumas ciências tais como bioquímica, química orgânica etc., para uma maior compreensão do processo a ser realizado e para um entendimento completo do que ocorre nesses processos. Será disponibilizado diversos artigos acadêmicos sobre os princípios químicos e os métodos envolvidos para a realização desta extração. A leitura destes artigos não é de suma necessidade, porém, eu acredito que, é necessário disponibilizar um arcabouço cultural para que as hipóteses contidas nesta extração sejam provadas.
Conceitos importantes
Listarei aqui alguns conceitos que acredito serem importantes para o entendimento do método e as reações descritas.
- Ácidos e Bases; - Ligações químicas; - Desprotonação e Protonação; - Interações intermoleculares; - Solventes; - Substâncias apolares e polares; - Estrutura celular; - Ruptura celular; 
1 – Qual planta usar?
A entrecasca da árvore e a casca da raiz de Mimosa Hostilis/Tenuiflora são usadas para preparar diversas misturas ritualísticas em regiões principalmente povoadas por indígenas no Brasil, as mesmas são misturadas com outras plantas da região para resultar em um coquetel indólico de ação farmacológica em animais com sistema nervoso central. Não há muitos estudos realizados que determinam quantitativamente o DMT nessas matrizes orgânicas, porém algumas literaturas disponíveis apontam que há uma maior concentração desse alcaloide nas entrecascas e nas cascas das raízes, que de fato são as partes usadas por grupos ritualísticos que preparam a bebida. Portanto, utilizaremos a casca da raiz de Mimosa, porém esta casca será processada até virar pó, aumentando sua área superficial e assim auxiliando nas reações necessárias para o processo de extração.
2 – O que fazer com a Mimosa Hostilis?
1º Passo: Com a mimosa em pó em mãos, é necessário adiciona-la à uma solução de água (a melhor opção é água ultrapura ou destilada, porém água de torneira tratada também pode ser usada) de aproximadamente 1,5L com pH ácido, entre 3-4, e cozinhar esta mistura levemente por volta de 1 hora. Bom, o DMT é produzido no retículo endoplasmático da célula da Mimosa e armazenado nos vacúolos, nesta etapa, as paredes celulares da mimosa são desintegradas e os componentes celulares são expostos à solução ácida, fazendo com o que o DMT seja convertido para a sua forma salina que é solúvel em água. Usamos aqui vinagre (5%), que é uma solução de ácido acético diluído para acidificar o meio, portanto, como usamos o ácido acético, o DMT será convertido para o sal acetato de DMT (caso fosse usado outro tipo de ácido, como por exemplo, ácido carbônico, o sal seria bicarbonato de DMT). Em meio ácido acontece a protonação do DMT e em seguida a formação deste sal, no entanto, ele não está presente em sua forma sólida e sim em sua forma dissociada com os íons solubilizados em água, isto é, ele está dissolvido na água ácida.
Reações químicas
  1. Acidificação do meio:
Imagem 1. Acidificação.
  1. Protonação do DMT:
Imagem 2. Protonação.
2.1 Formação do acetato de DMT:
Imagem 3. Acetato de DMT.
2º Passo: Filtrar a mistura cozida para separar a solução aquosa do extrato. Repetir a primeira etapa mais 2x e juntar os líquidos obtidos, deve-se obter por volta de 3 a 4 litros de uma solução escura, diminuir o conteúdo total aquecendo-o e deixando evaporar até 1 litro ou 2 litros, é importante não ferver. Isto fará com que todo o DMT extraído para a solução aquosa seja concentrado em uma quantidade menor de líquido, facilitando a extração.
3 º Passo (Opcional): Caso queira uma substância mais pura, é necessário fazer uma extração dos óleos através de solventes com baixa polaridade, portanto, opte por solventes como pentano, hexano etc. Nesta etapa, você era adicionar à solução concentrada cerca de 120mL do solvente escolhido e irá agitar bem por 2 minutos, após a agitação deixar descansando por 10 minutos e retirar o solvente que deverá ser descartado. Repetir mais 2x este processo.
3.1º Passo: Basificar a solução elevando o pH até 13 com alguma base forte ou fraca, o importante é que o meio esteja alcalino o suficiente para o DMT voltar a sua forma molecular que é solúvel em compostos de baixa polaridade.
Reação química
  1. Desprotonação do DMT:
Imagem 4. Desprotonação.
4º Passo: Após a basificação do meio, o DMT está em sua forma molecular, portanto, não está mais dissolvida na água, porém, ainda permanece na mistura, então utilizaremos de um solvente de baixa polaridade para fazer a extração do DMT. Você irá adicionar o solvente à solução aquosa e agitará bem por 2 minutos e deixará descansando até que as 2 camadas estejam completamente separadas. Deve ser feito 3 extrações, sendo as 2 primeiras com 150mL de solvente e a terceira com 200mL, todas as extrações devem ser agrupadas e irão ficar com um volume final de 400-500mL, podendo haver algumas perdas por evaporação e contenção na mistura.
5º Passo: Adicionar o volume final de solvente que foi extraído à uma travessa de vidro e levar ao freezer por 48 horas até a formação do sólido. É aconselhável que o recipiente esteja fechado com plástico filme.
Referências Bibliográficas:
ALMEIDA, Darliane Freire; ASSIS, Thais Josy Castro Freire; SILVA, Ana Ligia Pereira. Dimethyltryptamine: hallucinogenic alkaloid on the Central Nervous System. Acta Brasiliensis, [S.l.], v. 2, n. 1, p. 28-33, jan. 2018. ISSN 2526-4338. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 12 july 2020. doi:
USP. QFL314-Química Orgânica Experimental. 2012. 35 Slides. Disponível em: https://edisciplinas.usp.bpluginfile.php/255018/mod\_resource/content/1/extract\_2012.pdf. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
FISCHER, Dominique. Alcaloides. 2016. 80 Slides. Disponível em: https://edisciplinas.usp.bpluginfile.php/1735922/mod\_resource/content/1/Alcaloides%20%202016.pdf. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
EXTRAÇÃO LÍQUIDO-LÍQUIDO. In: WIKIPÉDIA, a enciclopédia livre. Flórida: Wikimedia Foundation, 2020. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
ANDRADE, Jailson Bittencourt de; GAUJAC, Alain. Estudos sobre o psicoativo N,N-dimetiltriptamina (DMT) em Mimosa tenuiflora (Willd.) Poiret e em bebidas consumidas em contexto religioso. 2013. Disponível em: . Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
ASSIS, Camila M. de et al . Isolamento e avaliação da atividade biológica dos alcalóides majoritários de Tabernaemontana angulata Mart. ex Müll. Arg., Apocynaceae. Rev. bras. farmacogn., João Pessoa , v. 19, n. 2b, p. 626-631, June 2009 . Available from http://www.scielo.bscielo.php?script=sci\_arttext&pid=S0102-695X2009000400021&lng=en&nrm=iso. access on 12 July 2020.
SOUZA, Alcilene Dias de. Isolamento de Alcaloides e atividades biológicas de espécies de Lauraceae da Amazônia. 2014. 184 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Química) - Universidade Federal do Amazonas, Manaus, 2014. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
EXTRAÇÃO ÁCIDO-BASE. In: WIKIPÉDIA, a enciclopédia livre. Flórida: Wikimedia Foundation, 2019. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
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2020.07.12 20:00 Foxleyy Guia geral de extração de DMT - PT/BR

Guia geral de extração de DMT - PT/BR
Hey everyone else, I've wrote this guide for brazilian people, then it's in brazilian-portuguese language, if anyone else wants to translate, share with us.
Acho necessário apontar que sou estudante de química e trabalho em um laboratório de análises ambientais, portanto, estando contido nesses meios, eu pude adquirir alguns conhecimentos relevantes às ciências exatas que me permitissem elaborar este guia geral. É importante frisar que as informações que eu vos lhes passam não são informações com verificações científicas rígidas, e sim hipóteses feitas a partir da experiência de extrações domésticas de DMT, conhecimento adquirido e informações obtidas nas literaturas disponíveis. Com isso em mente, podemos começar.
É bom se fazer de alguns conhecimentos prévios acerca de algumas ciências tais como bioquímica, química orgânica etc., para uma maior compreensão do processo a ser realizado e para um entendimento completo do que ocorre nesses processos. Será disponibilizado diversos artigos acadêmicos sobre os princípios químicos e os métodos envolvidos para a realização desta extração. A leitura destes artigos não é de suma necessidade, porém, eu acredito que, é necessário disponibilizar um arcabouço cultural para que as hipóteses contidas nesta extração sejam provadas.
Conceitos importantes
Listarei aqui alguns conceitos que acredito serem importantes para o entendimento do método e as reações descritas.
- Ácidos e Bases; - Ligações químicas; - Desprotonação e Protonação; - Interações intermoleculares; - Solventes; - Substâncias apolares e polares; - Estrutura celular; - Ruptura celular; 
1 – Qual planta usar?
A entrecasca da árvore e a casca da raiz de Mimosa Hostilis/Tenuiflora são usadas para preparar diversas misturas ritualísticas em regiões principalmente povoadas por indígenas no Brasil, as mesmas são misturadas com outras plantas da região para resultar em um coquetel indólico de ação farmacológica em animais com sistema nervoso central. Não há muitos estudos realizados que determinam quantitativamente o DMT nessas matrizes orgânicas, porém algumas literaturas disponíveis apontam que há uma maior concentração desse alcaloide nas entrecascas e nas cascas das raízes, que de fato são as partes usadas por grupos ritualísticos que preparam a bebida. Portanto, utilizaremos a casca da raiz de Mimosa, porém esta casca será processada até virar pó, aumentando sua área superficial e assim auxiliando nas reações necessárias para o processo de extração.
2 – O que fazer com a Mimosa Hostilis?
1º Passo: Com a mimosa em pó em mãos, é necessário adiciona-la à uma solução de água (a melhor opção é água ultrapura ou destilada, porém água de torneira tratada também pode ser usada) de aproximadamente 1,5L com pH ácido, entre 3-4, e cozinhar esta mistura levemente por volta de 1 hora. Bom, o DMT é produzido no retículo endoplasmático da célula da Mimosa e armazenado nos vacúolos, nesta etapa, as paredes celulares da mimosa são desintegradas e os componentes celulares são expostos à solução ácida, fazendo com o que o DMT seja convertido para a sua forma salina que é solúvel em água. Usamos aqui vinagre (5%), que é uma solução de ácido acético diluído para acidificar o meio, portanto, como usamos o ácido acético, o DMT será convertido para o sal acetato de DMT (caso fosse usado outro tipo de ácido, como por exemplo, ácido carbônico, o sal seria bicarbonato de DMT). Em meio ácido acontece a protonação do DMT e em seguida a formação deste sal, no entanto, ele não está presente em sua forma sólida e sim em sua forma dissociada com os íons solubilizados em água, isto é, ele está dissolvido na água ácida.
Reações químicas
  1. Acidificação do meio:
Imagem 1. Acidificação.
  1. Protonação do DMT:
Imagem 2. Protonação.
2.1 Formação do acetato de DMT:
Imagem 3. Acetato de DMT.
2º Passo: Filtrar a mistura cozida para separar a solução aquosa do extrato. Repetir a primeira etapa mais 2x e juntar os líquidos obtidos, deve-se obter por volta de 3 a 4 litros de uma solução escura, diminuir o conteúdo total aquecendo-o e deixando evaporar até 1 litro ou 2 litros, é importante não ferver. Isto fará com que todo o DMT extraído para a solução aquosa seja concentrado em uma quantidade menor de líquido, facilitando a extração.
3 º Passo (Opcional): Caso queira uma substância mais pura, é necessário fazer uma extração dos óleos através de solventes com baixa polaridade, portanto, opte por solventes como pentano, hexano etc. Nesta etapa, você era adicionar à solução concentrada cerca de 120mL do solvente escolhido e irá agitar bem por 2 minutos, após a agitação deixar descansando por 10 minutos e retirar o solvente que deverá ser descartado. Repetir mais 2x este processo.
3.1º Passo: Basificar a solução elevando o pH até 13 com alguma base forte ou fraca, o importante é que o meio esteja alcalino o suficiente para o DMT voltar a sua forma molecular que é solúvel em compostos de baixa polaridade.
Reação química
  1. Desprotonação do DMT:
Imagem 4. Desprotonação.
4º Passo: Após a basificação do meio, o DMT está em sua forma molecular, portanto, não está mais dissolvida na água, porém, ainda permanece na mistura, então utilizaremos de um solvente de baixa polaridade para fazer a extração do DMT. Você irá adicionar o solvente à solução aquosa e agitará bem por 2 minutos e deixará descansando até que as 2 camadas estejam completamente separadas. Deve ser feito 3 extrações, sendo as 2 primeiras com 150mL de solvente e a terceira com 200mL, todas as extrações devem ser agrupadas e irão ficar com um volume final de 400-500mL, podendo haver algumas perdas por evaporação e contenção na mistura.
5º Passo: Adicionar o volume final de solvente que foi extraído à uma travessa de vidro e levar ao freezer por 48 horas até a formação do sólido. É aconselhável que o recipiente esteja fechado com plástico filme.
Referências Bibliográficas:
ALMEIDA, Darliane Freire; ASSIS, Thais Josy Castro Freire; SILVA, Ana Ligia Pereira. Dimethyltryptamine: hallucinogenic alkaloid on the Central Nervous System. Acta Brasiliensis, [S.l.], v. 2, n. 1, p. 28-33, jan. 2018. ISSN 2526-4338. Available at: <>. Date accessed: 12 july 2020. doi:
USP. QFL314-Química Orgânica Experimental. 2012. 35 Slides. Disponível em: https://edisciplinas.usp.bpluginfile.php/255018/mod\_resource/content/1/extract\_2012.pdf. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
FISCHER, Dominique. Alcaloides. 2016. 80 Slides. Disponível em: https://edisciplinas.usp.bpluginfile.php/1735922/mod\_resource/content/1/Alcaloides%20%202016.pdf. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
EXTRAÇÃO LÍQUIDO-LÍQUIDO. In: WIKIPÉDIA, a enciclopédia livre. Flórida: Wikimedia Foundation, 2020. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
ANDRADE, Jailson Bittencourt de; GAUJAC, Alain. Estudos sobre o psicoativo N,N-dimetiltriptamina (DMT) em Mimosa tenuiflora (Willd.) Poiret e em bebidas consumidas em contexto religioso. 2013. Disponível em: . Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
ASSIS, Camila M. de et al . Isolamento e avaliação da atividade biológica dos alcalóides majoritários de Tabernaemontana angulata Mart. ex Müll. Arg., Apocynaceae. Rev. bras. farmacogn., João Pessoa , v. 19, n. 2b, p. 626-631, June 2009 . Available from http://www.scielo.bscielo.php?script=sci\_arttext&pid=S0102-695X2009000400021&lng=en&nrm=iso. access on 12 July 2020.
SOUZA, Alcilene Dias de. Isolamento de Alcaloides e atividades biológicas de espécies de Lauraceae da Amazônia. 2014. 184 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Química) - Universidade Federal do Amazonas, Manaus, 2014. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
EXTRAÇÃO ÁCIDO-BASE. In: WIKIPÉDIA, a enciclopédia livre. Flórida: Wikimedia Foundation, 2019. Disponível em: <>. Acesso em: 12 jul. 2020.
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2020.07.03 23:48 Holesome_chungus NEW! List of banned subreddits part 2

Updated list of all known banned subreddits sorted by reason and alphabetically part 2 (unmoderated and ban evasion). Current as of July 3, 2020 5:32 PM EDT
This is a second thread containing subs banned for ban evasion or for being unmoderated, as Reddit limits you to 40000 characters per post.
Ban or quarantine evasion:
* Ban time and reason changed during the purge of subs containing the word 'nigga' or 'nigger'
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2020.06.21 07:55 QF_25-Pounder My weeb friends are trying my patience

A bunch of my friends are basically weebs. Like they aren't full-blown, they aren't cat people or anything, they just like Japanese stuff. Like 90% of the time they're fine, but occasionally they say or do something that REALLY bothers me. I try my hardest to be open minded. I try to be the best friend I can be. I try to be kind, but maybe I'm just failing to understand what they're doing. Last night they posted a picture of a character in a "bathing suit" which was a two-piece suit with a transparent bit over her stomach. There's nothing inherently wrong with that, but the way she was drawn was incredibly sexualized. I asked if she was wearing lingerie, because that's what it looked like. They told me it was a bathing suit, and I said "same thing." They were very bothered by this. Like sure, obviously there's a difference between bathing suits and lingerie, but in this case, it is basically the same thing. The only difference is lingerie is cloth and bathing suits are like a synthetic plastic/rubbery materiel. The top of a two-piece bathing suit is just a rubber bra, and the bottom are just thick plastic panties. I'm just sick of the horny shit they post, acting like it's just par for the course. Sexy stuff has a place, it's just they just post that shit. I don't mind sexy characters, it's just what they're used for. When I watch a TV show, I want a compelling story. If someone wants to be aroused, that's what porn is for. There's no reason to waste my time in a perfectly good story by interrupting it with something to make me horny. I don't mind attractive or sexy characters, it's just what they're used for. You can use sexiness as a plot element. If the point of a scene is "this character is sexy, so this is how it affects their interaction with other characters," that's fine, but I don't like it when the point of a scene is "this character is sexy, you should find them sexy. Look at how sexy they are." If Avatar: The Last Airbender was more anime-ish, Katara would have massive breasts and wear very revealing clothing. They might have a scene where Sokka makes a joke that he'd hit that if she wasn't his sister. They'd have a scene where Aang accidentally grabs Katara's tit, then he gets horny so he grabs it again on purpose, pretending it was an accident. That doesn't further the plot. It's not interesting. It has no place in a story. I don't like characters that are just eye-candy, or the weird shit they have in anime. Katara is pretty, sure, and there are plot elements which point that out. But the purpose of a scene is never "the audience should find Katara attractive."

Then today they were literally talking about a hentai dating game openly. They were just casually chatting about who they romanced and how far they got. I don't want to know that shit. I don't mind a romance game, we played a dating sim the other day, and that was fun, and it wasn't problematic. The characters were simple, but fun, and they suited the purposes. There weren't any lewd poses, cause it was just for a bit of fun.
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2020.06.07 06:53 iluvcorn Akademi needs a school newspaper and HERE'S WHY

Obviously YanSim has poor game design but Alex tries to make it fun, creative, and "organic" with all these elimination methods (funny though bc he took out a couple so it was wasted effort). One of the many problems with this game is new players wouldn't know elimination methods without accessing Info chan. The problem with this is it doesn't challenge players to think of elimination methods. Lots of games drop clues, but you have to figure it out yourself; being given step by step instructions decreases the creative freedom and it's ultimately less exciting because the player doesn't have to engage much with the game since everything is given to them.
I think the school should have a weekly newspaper that drops hints for elimination methods, and also to give buzz, trivia, and lore.
Here's what will be included in the newspaper:

Ex: Stuff like water fountains, vending machines, rat poison, and the gardening club's shredding machine should only be implemented after a certain number of weeks. This means the player should be given a certain amount of elimination methods from the start, and as the weeks progress they will be given more tools instead of given all the elimination methods at once.
"Good news students! After many requests, the school now has vending machines for salty snacks! Water fountains have also been built thanks to the funding of Saikou Corp. Unfortunately, the construction workers have rushed through building them overnight, so they may be prone to leakage. Be careful and stay hydrated!"
"Akademi's gardening club has new updated equipment to keep our garden in constant bloom! Rat poison and a plant shredder has been added, but will only be in use under the authorization of gardening club members."

"Musume Ronshaku has not been attending school for 4 days and has not been home. Please call Mr. Ronshaku if you have seen her (insert phone number)."

"The school nurse/teacher will be taking a week long vacation next week! We will be having a new substitute. The headmaster has requested all students please be respectful and welcoming! (Insert detail about Mida/Muja)
"Osoro Shidesu will be returning to Akademi after eight weeks of absence. The headmaster has requested all students please be respectful and welcoming!"

"If you enjoy being one with nature, the garden club is for you! At the gardening club we will be taking care of the school garden. Suitable for those willing to deal with toxins such as rat poison and digging large holes for planting. Please contact Uekiya Engeika if you'd like to join."

"If you've seen a missing bra around school, please contact Saki Miyu!"
"Help Wanted. In need of dating advice. Please contact Gema Taku."

It's funny because originally, Info-chan's storyline was that she wanted something "bad" to happen to Osana because she writes for the school newspaper and needs something to write about. But...where is the newspaper? I want to send this to Alex because I feel like it'd be a good addition, but maybe if he invests in it I will contribute to him prolonging Osana's release. But at least the game would be somewhat better right? What do you guys think?
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2020.02.24 00:55 VinnieGognitti Bonehilda (yes, the skeleton maid) called my sim from the basement of our house and asked for a date....of course i accepted; I had to see this. Well we met at the park and this is who greeted me. Meet the real Bonehilda - in her true form. loving the ice-cream bra, btw...

Bonehilda (yes, the skeleton maid) called my sim from the basement of our house and asked for a date....of course i accepted; I had to see this. Well we met at the park and this is who greeted me. Meet the real Bonehilda - in her true form. loving the ice-cream bra, btw... submitted by VinnieGognitti to thesims [link] [comments]

2019.10.03 18:37 stroke_bot semigentleman knapsacks perpendicular

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2019.09.19 17:33 builder397 [LOOONG] I just want to get stuff ny nMom did off my chest.

Ive been NC for about 5 months now. To her I literally moved out from one day to the next, even though she expressly requested I would notify her ahead of time (Why? So she can last minute deny me access to my stuff? Or take this last opportunity to break me a bit more? Or ask me for my new address under threat of taking my stuff from me? Eff off.) I really just want to get my story with her out there, and there may be a lot more stuff than people might consider relevant, but Ill just go through stuff chronologically.
My nMom actually used to be quite okay when I was little actually. Not exacty mom of the year, but she did stuff and wasnt entirely unreasonable usually. But she was also the main deliverer of slaps to my face (or butt when i was a toddler) to the point where I actually tried hiding under my table when I was 6. Soon after slapping children became illegal (I live in germany) as its technically assault, so my nMom stopped...for a while. Things were fairly bearable for a while. My dad was actually a fairly decent person, if a little stuck in old ways (didnt participate much in housework, watched sports, that kind of old ways), so he wasnt a huge participant in raising me, but we did lots of stuff together (watching Formula 1 races for example). Overall though I came up as a relatively self-sufficient child for a while, spending a lot of time entertaining myself with my very own Computer (usually playing a racing game) or Legos..or something else. When I was around 12 my parents came up with the idea of rather than continue renting their 3 bedroom flat until the end of time, they would become homeowners and build a house. Of course on basis of a huge loan. Turns out the agency we had been to was a bit on the shady side, and the guy in charge of construction was actually the father of my childhood friends (divorced and mom had custody since ever), and we soon figured out they were kind of taking money and running out the back door with it. The house still got built, but it was definitely not on time, cost more than anticipated etc. and having to pay rent for longer didnt help financing it. That was kind of where their marriage started cracking. The entire house put more of a strain onto their finances than was feasible so my nMom took on a second job (she worked part time as a hairdresser while my dad worked shifts as a police officer), and after a year or so my parents started having fights, some of which I caught a few lines of. A repeating pattern, that I at the time didnt notice, was my nMom throwing herself in front of a train (not literally). Essentially she will infer that my dad thinks badly of her in such a way that you cant really deny it, or youre just facepalming to hard at the mental gymnastics to deny it, and she will take that as confirmation and play the victim and guilttrip. Example: nMom: So youre expecting me to spread my legs so you can fuck me? (obviously implying shes only good for sex)
I didnt even hear any answer, but fights were fairly intense after a while, though the only one I ever heard shouting was my nMom, and Id hear complaints from her about how she worked her ass off to keep everyone fed, and all kinds of stuff, some nitpicky, some outright wrong. My dad seemed to quietly endure it as I can imagine he was quite fed up with that BS. Those fights were also quite often in my dads office, which was his little retreat, so my nMom probably sought him out to start the fights. One night a fight breaks out again, in that office, late at night while Im in bed like a good 13 y/o son, and all of a sudden my mom just comes in my room and just tells me to pack my things and that were leaving, giving me no time to object or even process the situation. She somehow had a 2 bedroom apartment ready ahead of time apparently (she probably planned that apartments are kind of hard to get, even harder on short notice, but I didnt realize that at the time) to move into. So I had my own room there again, so at least that way okay, but shit with my nMom started to hit the fan for me then. To be fair, I was kind of a messy person to begin with, was as a child, still was as a teen. Thing is my grades dropped sharply when i was 11/12, and I was kind of in a depression hole with more or less the start of puberty, so bad grades and a messy room wouldnt be much of a surprise...if anyone had noticed that. I wasnt ever really diagnosed. My moms armchair diagnosis was that I was addicted to video games. That was around the same time a school shooting happened in Germany (we had like 2 in my lifetime), so video games were given a bad name in media and suddenly offers of "therapies" against being addicted to those horrible "killer-games" cropped up, so thats probably where she got it from. Of course I tried to just reasonably explain to her that Im just playing these games because I have little else to do thats fun, but of course she ignored that explanation...even though she spent a ton of time on her PC as well. Things became worse. My nMom doesnt take well to being ignored, even less to being argued with, so arguments because fights, except they were horribly lopsided. My nMom would deliberately shout at me to the point where I would pretty much be inclined to shout back out of sheer panic, and then would reprimand me for my agressive tone. Same would happen to any valid argument Id make, always some excuse, like her having more life long as she wouldnt have to accept being proven wrong. After all, I was just defending my goddamn addiction to video games, so of course Id look for any excuse to keep going, and my room was messy, too. There were several times I was grounded from using my PC for one or two weeks (of course I could still go out, because thats what healthy kids do), with cheap tricks like taking my power cord (not knowing I had a spare). She also started having the weird habit of, when she would be home, to just calmly stay right in my open door and just observe me for a while until either I would look behind me (my PC faced away from the door naturally) or she would lose her patience and get my attention...and then naturally start another fight arguing how much I sink into my games, so much that I forgot everything around me (That tends to happen with people reading newspapers as wel, and that moreso tends to happen if those people wear headphones). How often she did that was quite unnerving, especially considering there was no logical reason I could give for her to stop doing that, and it would lead to a fight no matter what, with my only option is basically agreeing to everything to limit the damage. Apparently being on the PC all day is a crime worth death to my mom. Unless she does it. There is a few interesting things I want to point out during that time as well.
For one, we had a whopping 2.000kBit/s internet connection, 240 kBit/s upload btw. I tried bringing up the point that the connection was horribly slow, and simply insufficient for 2 people, and that there were offers on TV commercials that would literally multiply connection speed for the same price. "Then go pay for it", like from what pocket money? The 5€ a month you dont even give me unless I specifically come to you and ask for them? For two, my nMom had a dating phase then, going through several boyfriends. One of them was a stalker, the other I plain didnt like, but one or two were nice, and I wasnt particularly against the idea of my mom having a boyfriend. It lead to a little neglect on my side, especially when she would leave for a solid weekend at a time to visit them, so I would have to cook my own food and stuff. But to be honest, I liked it more that way as my nMom would be off my back for a while, so I could use my spare power cord undisturbed. For three, I actually never brought home a girlfriend. When I was 16 my mom took note of that and started poking in that direction, and I was not comfortable with it. Not that she cared. She even asked me a few times if I was gay, and that she would accept that (in Germany thats really not a problem with most people), and even prompted (aka subtly forced me) to go to a disco 2 or 3 times. Like what am I gonna do there? 16 is a legal age to be in a Disco until midnight and drink beer, but neither was something I was interested in, or, as I found out, could even stand for long. But I wasnt gay. I was just a miserable pile of depression that barely managed to exist without even knowing why. I was attracted to girls, of course, but something was wrong on my end that made me not want to get into a relationship. Something I could neither express nor figure out. And it wasnt my nMoms treatment of me, though that certainly didnt make it better. And last but not least: I kept contact with my dad. Sure, my nMom took every opportunity to badmouth him to the point it became implausible, but I wasnt denied contact, so I regularly visited him over the occasional weekend and we did stuff, like going to a Museum, or even a race track. Nothing big, but it was a very nice change of pace and I could take my PC with me, just had to hook it up to a different monitor (CRTs were kinda big), but my dad was always nice to me and treated me with the respect of a human being. He still lived in that house, but overall his life remained astonishingly static, at least that was my impression. He didnt pursue another relationship (my nMom specifically asked me about it once or twice), and the only worry on his mind seemed to be his upcoming retirement. I also only ever had maybe 2 fights with him in my life, but with him I always felt like he had good reason if he was mad.

Eventually things got so heated with my nMom, specifically she threatened to throw my PC out of a second story window, that I called up my dad and moved in with him a week later. It was also him who convinced me to tell my mom that I would move out, because my nMom moved out without warning and he wanted me to handle things better than she did.
Living with my dad went better than my nMom tried to make it out. She said it wouldnt be like the weekend visits, because there was always some event on these weekends, but living there full time wouldnt be any better than living full time with her, it would just switch my parents roles around. That was not so, my dad was cool with me and I had no problem with his shifts often leaving me to fend for my own lunch or dinner as I was already used to cooking frozen foods. In fact a lot of things were quite a lot better than they ever were. While my dads role in raising me previously had been somewhat passive, he became a lot more proactive in little ways, like taking me with him to the store, talking to me about what to eat and generally just including me in those kinds of things rather than just trying to have us both leave lives that are mere tangents to each other. Mysteriously though my lifestyle didnt change that much, I still hung out on my PC a lot and was still overall more depressed than not. It was better, but the root cause wasnt solved. I by the way pretty much entirely declined visiting my nMom. Wounds were deep and all, and to be honest I was just afraid of that woman.
Then my dad died.
It happened suddenly. I just heard a loud thump and when I went downstairs my dad was lying on the ground, his head bleeding. He had a heart attack, he probably just hit his head when he fell down. The medics couldnt save him anymore I was 19. He had recently celebrated his 60th birthday.
I was pretty devastated for a while, though as far as deaths of close relatives go, I wasnt as broken as I would have expected myself to be. 60 years is young for a heart attack, but given his constant smoking it wasnt that unlikely in retrospect. Besides, people die. There is nothing you can do afterwards to change that. You can only honor their memory, maybe get a memento. But most importantly you just continue your own life, and thats what I tried to do, rather than whaling and struggling against the fact that my father had died. Of course I wished he had lived longer, but he had a fairly full life that he can be proud of, he even managed to retire.
That was when my nMom started to make moved again. I called her the same night to tell her. She actually tried to support me. In this case I really had zero life experience on how to deal with inheriting a house and a substantial amount of debt that was still on it. I hate to say it, but she helped a lot with getting the house sold and organizing a...aid in lack of a better term. I dont know if there is even remotely an american equivalent to get the concept across, but basically we have some charity organisations that have people just dedicated to helping people in difficult situations through bureaucracy (the one thing thats truly horrible in Germany), and this case definitely qualified. It was thanks to that person I could also avoid moving back in with my mom, finding me a place to live elsewhere that I could afford on social welfare. Even though my nMom had been nicer to me than ever, I still didnt feel comfortable around her at all. Some instinct in my brain just kept considering her a threat more than anything else. Nonetheless, I lived in that place for 2 years. I discovered cosplay, and I also got much more into anime, particularly a obscure gender-bender anime had intrigued put it mildly, so I decided eventually to put some money together and cosplay the main character on his female form. I enjoyed it, in ways I couldnt quite describe yet. I even got a little out of my depression, suddenly having had this little thing I could work towards to spend even only a single day in those shoes, even if I couldnt put into words as to why this was such a huge change. Meanwhile my nMom continued treating me almost overly nicely. My mistrust eroded very gradually, I even told her about me cosplaying. Then, about the same time two things happened: I realized I was transgender. Realization doesnt even begin to describe it. I had weird dreams all damn week until one morning I just felt like a train had run me over and flung me in bits over half the country and I began puzzling things together, then going into denial about it, then repuzzling it, coming to the same conclusion, about a dozen times every second. I was in complete shock for the next weeks. The other thing was that I was thrown out of my apartment due to a cockroach infestation...which I may or may not have had a part in. I was pretty messy, but the whole floor was infested and the other 2 people were no less messy.
I had no other choice than to move back in with my mom. She still lived in the same place as before, but what used to be my room was now her bedroom, which meant that I had to sleep in the living room on a foldout couch that was probably older than me. In case you wonder: Living room means the room my mom will in all earliness go to first thing after making coffee, turn on the TV *and* PC in that room, and happily start smoking. I never liked cigarette smoke, in fact I hated it quite a lot, but it was never a particular problem unless I was in the same room for a prolonged amount of time. Which was now the case. Not to mention that TV and PC noises dont exactly help with sleeping. Of course my nMom demanded I find a job ASAP, while at the same time refusing me to even bring my own PC into the room, saying hers should be good enough (it was crap, and I hate using another persons PC), it took me nearly a year to get it through to her that it would be better for me to use my own PC because, guess what? My stuff is on it, including some earlier applications and resumes, which are kinda useful. I also took the time to take first steps towards transitioning properly. My nMom was accepting of me being transgender, though she obviously struggled with the concept, and didnt really offer any actual help with it apart from giving me an old bra... it took nearly a year to even get an appointment with a psychiatrist and a year after that to get the letter for hormones. My nMom got worse again after that, having to endure me being on my PC in a place where she can see me must be much worse for her, or something. She demanded more and more that I would get a job, and indeed I got a few, but apart from her having no excuse to take my PC, she still apparently felt horribly neglected and called me ungrateful for not thanking her enough for generously taking me in. Not sure what she was expecting, but the only feasible thing is to literally without context go "Oh by the way mom, thanks for allowing me to live in whats literally a corner of the living room with zero privacy while you also keep me from sleeping properly with the damned TV." Another thing my mom took issue with was me being messy. For one I really wasnt as much on an uptrend anymore in terms of depression, so I simply didnt have the energy to really deal with sorting paperwork and other crap. The other was that I literally didnt have anywhere to put my stuff. Not all stuff, I couldnt even fit stuff I daily needed, so I expanded over half the couch table. I ended up going out, partly just to avoid my nMom, but there was a hitch. I was increasingly dissatisfied with having to deal with people, while putting on the mask of being male. This was even before my first psych appointment mind you, but I had my hair grown out barely enough to make the tiniest ponytail, got feminine clothes on Amazon and, at first very scarcely, went out as female, outing myself to people, going to meetups. After only half a year of even knowing I was trans. It was a huge step, but I was free for at least a few hours at a time. Dealing with misunderstandings was a nuisance, I didnt pass as female for shit, especially with my voice, but people treated me well. My mom also acted supportive, as long as she didnt have to actually help me. All I got were superficial gestures. A huge box of cheap makeup for Christmas and Birthday were her support, but misgendering me in public as well and brushing it off when I explain to her why thats bad (in that case the third person, a shop clerk, was biting his tongue not to gender me, and once my nMom misgendered me followed her example). She also frequently ignored that, due to lack of sexual interest in men, I considered myself a lesbian. Eventually I even managed to find a simple untrained shitjob, but I could do it as female and it earned me money...of which my mom guilt-tripped me into letting her have 200€ a month, but it was reasonable considering I made around 1000€ a month and am generally not a materialistic person. Its just the way she demanded it. "And what about meeeeeeee?! Am I not worth anything to you? Are you that ungrateful?" But I still ended up getting more and more dissatisfied with the progress of my transition. I had been seeing a psych for a long time by then and hormones didnt even seem in sight. Being transgender and going out there as female while literally 0% of me even looked female wasnt just an inconvenience. I felt like I had a target painted on my back saying "Please discriminate!", and I felt like it was justified, like I had nothing of substance justifying me using female restrooms, that in every physical sense I was still a guy. I still had testosterone running wild in my system, gradually causing body hair, erections would remind me my genitals were still there several times a day, and generally it just made me feel like I wanted to scratch my own skin off. I was moody, sometimes barely suppressing my irritability, once even taking days off, because my irritability was simply off the scale. I even thought of suicide. Then I got my letter. I could get on hormones within 2 weeks later. From one day to the next my entire mentality, my emotional workings did a 180. I was finally feeling at peace with myself. I knew things would come. I was ecstatic when first nipple and breast pains set in, not because I was a masochist, but because it signified the beginning of breast growth. Scraping anything with my chest was painful enough to make me curse, but I was happy.
Then I got Crohns disease. Anyone who knows what it is knows how nasty it can be, and my first encounter with it was worse than most. I didnt know what I had and carried it around without complaint until I once nearly collapsed at work from the sheer pain. I ended up in the hospital three times in a row. The first time my intestine already was a size that, if it had been the appendix swollen to the same size, it would have long exploded, so I was, in a way, lucky it wasnt that. Treatments didnt work nearly as well as they should, so they decided to do surgery and cut out the affected part of my intestine. I lost my job due to this as well. And my nMom visited me once in something like 30 days of hospital. That was just about her entire amount of support in that matter. For those of you who dont know about Crohns disease, it is basically a auto-immune disease where the immune system attacks the intestine itself, causing a large scale inflammation and swelling, that will spread and get worse over time. Depending on where the inflammation is it can appear at a glance to be similar to a appendicitis. If untreated or treatment is insufficient (as in my case it just progressed too far) the inflammation will continue spreading, cysts will form (essentially the intestine forming shortcuts between loops of it in a misguided attempt to heal up again), and eventually can burst. It can also close up entirely, meaning food will not at all progress through it anymore, including stomach acid, that would normally be directed into the intestine, will instead build up in the stomach itself up to the point where one would violently throw up (which is in itself dangerous, imagine stomach acid in your lungs), which happened to me. Side story about that (bit disgusting, so skip it if you want): The standard treatment for a blocked intestine is a stomach probe, essentially a tube inserted through the nose down into the stomach that allows the stomach acid to flow out into a bag, so I dont have to violently throw up without warning Getting a tube shoved through the nose isnt pleasant at all, but as long as I dont die from my own vomit... It kind of had the opposite effect, as the tube would repeatedly move around my throat, hitting that particular spot that, when touched, will make you throw up. So I threw up half a dozen times before I finally could convince the nurse to take the damned thing out on the condition that I would just try my best to vomit on my own volition to prevent one big catastrophic one later, which actually worked, though involving me standing over a bowl half an hour at a time, noisily trying to throw up with a mediocre rate of success. Sidestory over. Another thing worth mentioning is that the disease is chronic, meaning its never really over. I got over the outbreak, but its still dormant and can break out again. Factors that can make that happen, or make an existing outbreak worse, are spicy food or large amounts of stress. I made sure to tell my nMom about that last part.
The end of it was that I was left without money and recovering from a major surgery, I could barely even walk. Before I at least had child support for myself to pay for groceries (I got too old for that), but living with my mom and being under 25 still meant i could quite literally not request social welfare for myself. My nMom had to do it for me. She didnt. Have you ever tried getting around with literally zero money? I mean, I can get along with very little money, but this is just magical. I had to depend on her for EVERYTHING. Beg for every little thing. Money for my hormones (like 10-15€ a month), money for food (water and bread seems a fitting analogy), money to go to my psych and endocrinologist (just the train ride, 10-15€ per appointment), every little goddamned thing. And my nMom even refused half of them because i should ask "ahead of time" and she didnt have the money at the moment. Well good, the appointment is tomorrow, so you have plenty of time to wire the money to my bank account online, or withdraw it from the ATM 5 minutes away, right? Ah, no, shes not gonna do that with her limited time. No justification. Apparently Candy Crush is more important. A lot of appointments got cancelled because of that. Not all but a lot. Denying someone access to medical help, even if its routine stuff, is a dick move. At one point, at the end of my money I was literally just buying the cheapest effing pasta available, just to get the most meals for my buck, and my nMom actually casually ate those. Way to go, eating a broke persons food. One time a fight broke out so fucking badly. My nMom pulled every insult she knew, threw herself in front of every train possible (yep, she started pulling the same tactic on me, too), and topped it off by screaming, and I quote: "IF YOU NEED TWENTY EURO SO BADLY (to take the train to the endo) GO TO THE TRAIN STATION AND GIVE SOMEONE A BLOWJOB!" My own mother. Told me to prostitute myself. To get to a fucking doctor. Did I say she topped it off there? Actually no. She also screamed something about her one day picking up a kitchen knife and stabbing me from behind, though I cant get the entire context together again anymore. A literal death threat. From my mother. Why am I surprised? Oh right, you think it cant get any worse? She told me to pack my bags too and threw me out, knowing I had no place to spend the night. Knowing my budget was literally 3€, give or take. Knowing it was very late Saturday evening. I called through all the homeless shelters, even went to be police, asking if they could at least let me have a cell for the night (god knows, drunk people get one if they cant make it home and get picked up by the police). Well, no luck with any of these avenues. At all. I stayed awake the whole night in the train station, mostly because it was close, open at night and wasnt quite as cold as the actual outside. All that was just my nMoms gamble that I would come home the next morning and grovel before her with an apology and admission of defeat. Her gamble played out. I had no alternatives except to go full homeless, never see any of my stuff again, lose access to any medical help for transitioning, lose access to getting a job and probably just end up dead one way or another. But it wasnt without cost for her. I lost my last respect for her. The last bit of hope that she really did things out of love, the last bit of doubt that she was a heartless bitch. No sane mother would risk their childs life, to prove a point, to demonstrate that their child is dependent on them, to literally just try and break them to the point of submission. I was sold on moving out at any cost.
Upon her insistence I took a job delivering newspapers, between 4 and 6 AM. It was a small job, not full time, not even part time, but it payed barely enough that I could sustain myself, and it was in walking distance, so I didnt need a bus pass. Naturally, it messed up my sleep rhythm. The only rhythm that was even remotely sustainable is to go to bed when my nMom does, 11 PM, or so, sometimes past 12 (she wouldnt turn off or turn down the TV even if I tried going to bed any earlier), then get up with a dozen alarms to effectively wake up at a random time between 4 and 5 AM, then do my job until close to 7 AM (an hour later than what I should finish, and that was consistent), and then get home at 7:30 AM, right when my nMom gets up, and I go straight to sleep, or at least try, while she will run the TV at normal volume all the way until 9 or 10 AM when she leaves for work. She would also smoke during that time and play Candy Crush on her PC. Quite literally everything that would keep a person from sleeping. Then she would come home during her lunch break, either 1 or 2PM for an hour, she literally worked right around the corner, and most often I would still be asleep by then, or feign being asleep to avoid confrontations, much to my nMoms dismay, claiming I slept too much. Well, excuse moi, but I have to sleep in two halves, which by itself isnt exactly the recommended sleep rhythm, but I also have to endure roughly 3 fucking hours of soap operas every morning, so maybe try and subtract those first, before judging how much I sleep? Of course, that tone wouldve gotten me kicked out yet again, so naturally I told her everything in the polite voice of a news anchor, which she didnt like either, but on the inside I didnt really give a fuck anymore. I gave her the lip service she wanted, treated her with all the respect she didnt deserve, remained calm on provocations, swallowed every single word she might disagree with. Of course, it wasnt good enough. I was deeper in my depression than ever, I literally only cleaned up after myself under direct threat, stayed in bed as much as I could, and the only effort I took towards finishing my job on time was to pick out the people who complained about late newspapers and deliver those first and deliver the rest in normal order. Eventually I would pass my 25th birthday and finally apply for my social welfare, which would add on top of my low earning job, and my nMom would promptly guilt-trip me into giving her the same 200€ a month again (even though I had less than half the money now), and I would agree, and then mysteriously forget it. Repeatedly. Instead I saved up the money to move out. She was of course displeased immensely and still started every fight she could, but as much as she dragged in reasons to start fights that werent about that money, she also forgot about that particular topic. It would crop up occasionally, but she was too busy trying to twist every minor thing I did or didnt to into an offense to the crown. Avoiding her, not cleaning stuff up, me not doing stuff I wasnt asked to do in the first place, my tone being too aggressive or disrespectful or something (still being a news anchor), everything was a good enough reason for her to get mad. Eventually my Crohns broke out again. I of course told my nMom, and reminded her about how stress makes that worse. She didnt care. If anything she dialed it up for daring to try and restrict her speech (excuse me what?) and repeatedly threatened to throw me out. Naturally I also got on medication before it was nearly as bad as last time, but due to my nMoms constant fights it still got worse very gradually. Then it got better for a few days and then worse again, a few times I seriously considered going to the hospital. That ended up going back and forth for 2 months, while I also started to actively look for apartments, partly on insistince of my nMom, but mostly out of my own motivation rather than feigning activity and lying when she would ask. Finding a free apartment in this day and age is hard, its even harder if you have to rely on social welfare...scratch that. Nigh impossible. Most of the time people gave me a few warm words that they were looking for people with full time jobs (for renting a broom closet), the rest of the time they hung up mid-sentence. Meanwhile my nMom started fights left and right. I remember two in particular. One of them was while I had been having a cold for the week, so I wasnt working, and on Friday my nMom decided to start a fight about how I do absolutely nothing except for being lazy. Except I was, so I calmly listed that I was at the doctor on monday, did my social welfare form on tuesday, and found something else for the rest of the week, too, mildly exaggerated on unspecified small things, and all that while having a cold and a active case of Crohns disease at the same time. I had every excuse to stay in bed, and every excuse to not get shouted at. Part of me wanted to see what would happen when she is confronted with an undeniable counterpoint like that. She had effectively lost the argument then and there, but she wouldnt be a narcissist is she admitted defeat that easily. I remember seeing the gears behind her forehead turning, until she finally countered with how I havent put in any effort to do shared meals, because were living together and so forth. Except we have been having our separate meals for, at that point, 3 years maybe. The meals we had together since I moved back in I can count on one hand, and she had made zero effort to change that from her side, so why in the name of God should I? I just gave her the usual lipservice again. Another fight I remember was a bit later. I dont remember much details, but part of the situation at the time was that I was doing courses in writing job applications (being unemployed or on a small pay job like mine gets you put in there more or less against your will), which even further restricted my sleep schedule and free time. And my nMom demanded something...entirely unreasonable. I dont remember what it was exactly, but I remember it being something that physically I could not do, just because of my free time and everything, and upon hearing that its physically impossible she simply started a huge fight based on that. So I folded. I literally pulled the most theatrical shrug, grabbed my bag and started stuffing in clothes, and upon asking I told her that she wouldnt listen to anything I say anyway, and probably just throw me out again anyway, so here I am, throwing myself out. She demanded I leave the keys, so I left them as I had little base for an argument. Then she demanded Id leave my phone as well. Excuse me what the fuck how about no? I mean, how the hell does she think I can even call anyone without my phone to tell them Im gonna crash? Its not like I planned on this fight. I did end up making a good enough friend in the meantime at whose place I could crash for a few days, and it ended up being from thursday to monday. It apparently gave my nMom some time to calm down, and when I came back home she spoke relatively normal with me, even in a weird way tipped her hat to my action, though Im not sure she was congratulating my confidence or tactical thinking or whatever. I didnt really care about anything other than buying time before the next nuclear bomb goes off. Things were way too critical. I was often enough considering suicide. Not thinking about it, seriously considering it. I just didnt see a way out, and I could literally see myself deteriorating. And my nMom wasnt giving any fucks.
It wasnt long after that I finally found a place I could move to, where I live now. Turns out gay landlords are very tolerant about trans people that, due to lack of full time job, are on social welfare. Also saving up my money was a lifesaver for paying the deposit. I didnt tell my nMom anything about my search for an apartment, or if anything misinformation, because if they all (quite reasonably) declined me she would also not be satisfied as it would be the easiest way to lie if I had done nothing in the first place. Even when I had my new place 100% safe under my thumb I didnt tell her about it, only upon pressuring me that there is a maybe, but even then remained vague. When I moved out it was over the weekend, she was out at her boyfriends place. The one she cheated on her previous boyfriend with for what I guess was half a year. Just FYI. She just came home to about three things I had actually forgotten. 3 people with one car and one van helped me move. Upon finding the flat empty (as far as one can call less than half of a corner of a room being gone empty) my nMom of course messaged me and told me I had forgotten some stuff and that she wants "her" sim-card back (the contract ran on her name). We met up on Wednesday, though I took my friend with me, same one I crashed at and who helped me move. I dont think my nMom was expecting backup, because she had the coldest effing stare you have ever seen for me, but you could hear er biting her tongue to not say anything bad. So I collected my remaining things (nothing truly important apart from my Grandmas old Silverware; my dad had inherited that and then me), and basically was about ready to go out, which is about the right place for last words, like declaring you go NC. My nMom was a little quicker, letting out a sentence on just how much stress and trouble my behavior has caused her over the last 4 years. I just grin and replay: "Well, you have caused quite the psychological damage on me with *your* behavior and everything, so I believe I am quite justified in never wanting to hear from you again. Bye."
My friend was behind her during that, and he later requested that next time I give him a warning if I try to start a fight like that. I admitted, that it was not my intention, I just wanted to declare that Id go NC and why. Would be impolite not to do that. I still get an occasional nightmare or thought about the entire thing, but not as substantial as when I was still living with her. Every major fight would leave my head going in circles for days, imagining all the different ways a fight could escalate in, a survival instinct that basically just took the obviously regular occurrence and tried to figure out a way to, well, not die, by playing through the possible courses of action. I have also totally unlearned dealing with confrontations, I noticed I literally just let people finish talking and once they are clearly done start offering counterarguments, which, while perfectly civil, is also ineffective on most people because they will just interrupt or will use completely illogical arguments I cant deal with. Im still cleaning up the mess in my mind, but Im out of the woods. Things are definitely looking up and I can finally focus on fixing my life and pursuing all the things I couldnt before. Like having a crush.
If you read all the way through, Im really grateful already. This was a longer text than I thought it would be. A lot of stuff just came up again. I really just wrote this down for my own sake, for just wanting it to be out there, that my story is an undeniable part of this world of everyone else, not just the world of my own thoughts, that has no substance, that everyone else can easily deny or ignore. That is the entire purpose of this. But it is also to the benefit of others. Everyone makes out their own position in this world by making it relative to others, we make out the context of our own life by looking at the life of others. And here I offer the story of my life to help give someone else context to place their own life into.
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2019.08.04 21:49 psycocorey [real] (08/04/2019) I need to share my depressing diary

[real] I need to share my depressing diary
I've been keeping a diary of my "relationship" for quite a while. I just read through it and it's pretty depressing. I just wanted to share with someone for advice, or for laughs. Fair warning, It's really long.
I think about you a lot.
I wish I could help with your job in 3A
You are so fucking cute. Sometimes I pull up your pictures and I just smile.
Your nervousness around me is unnecessary, but I feel flattered. It must mean that you care about what I think.
Will you ever leave him?
When you complain about him it sounds like you are expecting it to work out.
Even if we don't end up together, you don't need to be with that piece of shit.
You are amazing and you deserve better.
You are so gorgeous, cute, sexy, just fun to be with.
I like when we touch, even just a slight touch when we're standing next to each other.
I like that you are artsy.
I like that you aren't religious.
I like that you are kinda nerdy.
I like your sense of humor.
I like your snaps.
I wish you were here.
I want to pick you up and take you home.
I want to kiss you.
I want to kiss your neck.
I want to taste you.
I want to go somewhere with you.
I want to stay at home with you.
I want to watch Netflix with you.
I want to push your hair back over your ear.
I want to touch your back.
I want to pull you close.
You are my favorite person.
I want to play games with you.
I want to study with you.
I want to make you laugh.
I want to make you blush.
I want to make you quiver.
I want to share a holiday with you.
I want to go on vacation with you.
I want to take care of you. I want to go to a museum with you. I want to go to a comedy show with you. I want to go to a movie with you I want to go to bed with you I want to make love with you I want to wake up to you I want to stare into your eyes. I want to feel your body pressed up against mine. I want to touch your curves. I want to feel your lips upon mine.
1/2/19 You said you were really glad to have met me. 😊
1/3/19 You asked me on a date!
1/6/19 You turned me down 😔
You pursued me but I was completely consumed with the thought of you.
I know you are out of my league, but you are 1000x better than the shitbag you are with.
I can be civil and I want to be your friend, but fuck him.
I must have misread our intimate conversations and pics.
I've been really depressed since you told me off.
You hurt me
You keep giving me mixed signals. You are so happy and flirty when we are in class. You love complaining about Daved around me. But you aren't willing to spend time with me.
Today I playfully pulled your hair. We went to lunch and I cannot describe how happy I was too have you in the front seat wearing my other sunglasses. I just enjoy being around you. I thought we would be near each other in the class picture, but that didn't work out. I'm sure I am overthinking every interaction we have, but that's how I function.
Today you invited me to lunch and we went to Applebee's. I was so happy to spend time with you but I felt so bad that you were so frustrated. I thought we flirted a little, but I wasn't sure. You smiled a lot. You seemed to have a good time with me though. Later in the day you invited me to the rebillet concert and it sounds like fun.
Today I tried to figure out what grade you would need to pass your last 2 finals. You called me sweet, which sounds totally "friend zone" but then you sent me the sexiest pic out of nowhere. You were on your back, in bed, one leg raised, hiding the treasure. Your back arched, that curve between the tattoos. It's hard to think you don't like me. But I still have no clue.
3/11 Last night you asked me why you only attract assholes. That kinda hurt, but you said that obviously didn't apply to me. I tried to comfort you and you said you needed a hug. I wanted to hold you close and make everything better. Then you asked me to lunch today after I sleep 😁. Well, I haven't really been able to sleep at all. You suggested I go to bed naked and have dirty dreams right before you sent me a pic with a super seductive look. I've had plenty of dirty thoughts, but I still can't sleep. Now I'm just waiting for you to tell me when you want to hang out. I hope we actually get to go this time.... And you can't go....
5/3/19 We went to the Marc Rebillet concert tonight and the concert was great, but being with you was best part. We hung out at my place for a bit beforehand and then went to steak n shake after. I was super nervous to even touch you at the concert. We came back to my house and talked on the couch forever. We kept getting closer and closer together until you finally kissed me. I've wanted to do that for so long. I felt so warm inside when I felt your lips. We laid awkwardly together and I got to play with your hair and you held my hand just a bit. I know we could have gone further, but I think this was a perfect night.
5/4/19 Today was Mercy SDC day. I met you and Keely? Not sure on spelling... She's so much like you, it's hilarious. I gave her a giant cookie and I'm pretty sure I won her over with that. You two were so fun to be around. I tried to keep my hands off of you when I needed to, but I had to sneak a kiss while she was in grandfather's mansion. We've been talking late at night and you called me tonight too. Poor Keely got sick after you two got home and I really hope it wasn't my fault. I really like being near you.
5/6/19 You said you were a little obsessed with me ☺️ the feeling is mutual.
5/8/19 You were too nervous to come into the bedroom. We eventually kissed im on the couch and we ended up in bed. You said you had just "started" but I still wanted to touch you. I really could kiss you for days..
5/12/19 I sent you cookies at work today. You seemed embarrassed and excited.
I can talk to Ashlee about you!
5/13/19 We were going to go to lunch today but you showed up at my place and we talked and kissed for hours. Feeling you next to me is amazing. I love it when you lean into me. It was well worth putting off lunch.
Apparently I shouldn't have told you about this diary.
I just asked you if we were boyfriend/girlfriend and you said no. I'm broken. We talked about so many things. Spending weekends together. I thought maybe we were hinting at feelings for each other today. I'm so lost. My throat hurts. I admitted that I might be in love with you and you admitted…. That you have feelings. I'm not asking for a commitment, but we're more than just friends. I don't do this with everyone I talk to. Tonight's words I like you. A lot. I really do. But I don't think I can actually be in a relationship until things here are completely over. And they aren't. I don't know what's going to happen here. I've tried to talk to him but he shuts me out. I never want you not in my life These are always the words I hear before a breakup.
Apparently I'm important enough to you that you never want to lose me, but I'm not enough to be with you. But then in the same conversation you didn't say that you love me, but the word love came up several times. I think you do, but you’re scared. You even told me you want me to make love to you. I will. But you've never called it that before.
“you’re one of my favorite people on this planet. I really am thankful for you and your presence in my life. Thank you for being here, just to talk to when I need it “ That was my last breakup message. I hope you aren't doing the same. You've seen me in my most stressful times. I've seen you in yours. We've always been supportive of each other. I could never yell at you. I would never intimidate you. I respect you and adore you too much. Ugh, IDK what to do. I won't say it again, but I do have deep feelings for you.
I hate seeing you in so much pain
5/15/19 You seemed really down last night after you had found some really old love notes you had written to him. You wanted to come see me and that would have been amazing, but you had to work today. You said you needed a hug and it made my heart sink that I couldn't give you one. We keep talking about sleeping together, but I think last night would have been a good time to sleep, and cuddle together.
I really wanted to stop by 3A today. I don't want to cause you any drama though.
We just talked on the phone. It felt great, but it would have been better if you were here. I just want to hold you close, kiss your neck, and play with your hair
5/17/19 We talked for a bit and chatted for a while. It's 0115 and we just said goodnight and you have to work in the morning. I could talk to you all night. I really wish I could kiss you goodnight.
You stopped by at 7 after you got off work to see me 😁 you said you couldn't leave without kissing me. We snuck down to the break room for a quick hug and kiss. You made my night. You later sent me a dirty story which was nice, but then you said you loved my face and that you really really care for me. You do have feelings for me 😁 I'm sorry if I scared you when I admitted my feelings but it's nice to know you have some feelings too. That was the best part of the night. I can't wait to see you again.
5/18/19 Well damn. It was nice seeing that little heart on Snapchat. Tonight at work you sent me a couple of strip tease videos. One you unbuttoned your flannel to reveal your black bra, the other you were in bed and raised your t shirt before gliding your hand down your body. Then you slowly took off your panties. The whole time you were moving your hips sure to side. It was incredibly sexy.
5/19/19 You woke me up with some snaps and messages. Best way to wake up. We talked about some of our sexual fantasies. 5/20/19 I got off work at 7 am. I went and got you a hot mudslide coffee from Mercy mocha and I tried to find you on 3A. I peeked in every room as I went by but I didn't see you. As I walked by your nurses station, wow, I'm sure some were aides, but every seat was filled and there were so many people. I walked down the hall on the classroom side, back up the other hallway and I couldn't find you. I swear your name wasn’t on the board. I would have found you if it was. I left your coffee in your break room with your name on it. Luckily you found it and you thanked me for it.
ItOkay, same day for you, different day for me. Night shift is torture. You stopped by to see me after your shift and you were super cute. I really want to spend time with you. We talked at the nurse’s station for a bit while Korby was on a computer nearby. I completely thought he would give us a hard time. But he didn't. We walked down the hall and shared a few kisses in the stairwell before you went home. I thought maybe then Korby would give me hell, but he didn't. When I mentioned you later to get a reaction out of him he just acted like he already knew and expected it. Are we that obvious? Ashlee, Tiffany, Korby... Does everyone know we're…I still don't know what you would call us. You also sent me a list of things you like about me. You have no idea how happy that made me. I love knowing that you think about me and I love knowing that I make you feel important. You are important. You are amazing. I will do whatever it takes to make sure you know that. ♥️ 5/21/19 We’ve been messaging on snap and we said we like each other and you admitted that you feel a little more than like for me. You asked how far I have thought about us into the future. I’ve thought about us being together, living together, spending all of our time together. But, since I told you that I love you and you seemed taken aback, I didn’t want to tell you what I had thought about for the future. I asked you what you had thought about and you admitted that you had thought about us living together and me proposing. Hmmm, I think you might feel a little more than like too ;)
5/22/19 Technically it’s the 22nd. We have been hinting around it for a while but you finally said that you love me. You immediately sent a retraction or tried to set up a meeting for clarification. But before we get into the details and specifications. At least at one point in time, you said that you, nope…at this point you implied that you loved me. You’re scared. Now you are avoiding the topic. Just like I did. I asked you if you regretted saying it. You said that you didn't regret it, but maybe it was too early. I totally understand. I don't regret letting you know how I feel, but it was probably too early. You seemed a little scared when I told you. I'm not scared. You make me happy, I want to make you happy too.
5/26/19 I brought you tacos to work today. You were floated over to 3C and you were not happy about it. I hope I at least made it a little better.
I'm confused, the Snapchat heart… does it mean anything? Am I reading too much into it? IDK
The ex is sending me YouTube videos and I'm not sure how to respond.
5/29/19 I wish you were here in bed with me.
5/30/19 You stopped by today after your dentist appointment. It was so nice to see you again. I'm sorry I was so tired. This is the middle of my night. You were so cute. I couldn't stop feeling you. You really do make me happy.
5/31/19 I love you. You sent a cute pic with “♥️ you” written on it. It felt really good to see that, but I was having a terrible night at work. Later you messaged “I like you” and you asked how much I liked you. I love you, but I don't want to scare you so I reply, I like you, a lot. You eventually said that you love me. This time felt so much better. I think you let it slip the first time, but this time was intentional. You are the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last person I think about when I go to sleep. Lol, and even then I dream about you. Between my rapid response tonight and my bedside dialysis Cath insertion, my night was terrible and frustrating. You were the bright side to my night. I wish you were here to hold me while I hold you. I like you Sara, and I love you too. 6/1/19 You went to your Co workers 21 birthday party and I hope you had a great time. It looked like fun from your stories, lol. I really want to call you but I know you have to work tomorrow. I hope you know I'm thinking about you. ♥️
6/2/19 You “I like you” Me “I love you” You “that's not what I said” Me “I know, goodnight” I do like you, and I love you. We constantly talk about being together.I have no idea when the proper time is to say that. I thought maybe since you've told me twice that it would be okay. But you immediately panicked, so apparently not at this point. I'm sorry if I scared you. 6/4/19 It was nurses day at Chipotle and I brought you as burrito. It seemed strange seeing all of your Co workers in the break room and I really wanted to kiss you. I was hoping that maybe you would come see me after my shift started. You don't seem to like me much anymore. I know you're busy and school started back up so that's probably it.
6/5/19 So last night you sent a couple messages and panty pics. Maybe you do still like me. 6/6/19 You called me since I finally had a night off. I really like talking to you before you go to bed. You talked about Daved buying new furniture and flooring? Why would he do that if he doesn't plan on staying there? So you two are staying together? But you’re coming over tomorrow? I'm so confused. I don't understand what's going on. I don't know what to do. I want to be with you
6/7/19 You were messaging me earlier and you were supposed to come over after Sims. Well, I haven't seen or heard from you since before sim started.
Well, I messaged you. “so I'm guessing you aren't stopping by?”… and you've left me on read.
“I'm fine, I just IDK”….
You eventually called me and it was nice to hear from you. You swear that you'll come see me tonight after you get off work. I really hope you do. I won't hold my breath. My chest hurts just thinking about getting stood up again.---update--- you showed up! ❤️
6/10/19 I might not get to start Cox when I wanted to. My pathophysiology class didn't show up for summer and I’m super depressed that I might be another semester behind. Talking to you is so comforting. I wish I could talk to you more often. My situation with school is disappointing, but talking to you makes me feel like it will be okay.
Haha, you just gave me a hard time for using a butterfly filter on a lightning bug picture. If you only knew how many times you've given me butterflies. Honestly, I thought that was a feeling I would never have again. I like you.
6/15/19 I stayed after work this morning to come see you. Seeing you makes me happy. We chatted for a while at the desk and then you walked me to the stairs where we chatted more and we kissed a couple times. Once I kissed you, once you kissed me. Hearing you say “I like you” is amazing ❤️
6/16/19 You forgot to come see me after you got off work again. ☹️ We messaged a few times last night. We mentioned how much we miss each other and that we like each other. Then you said that you “extra like me”. I extra like you too ❤️ I have many dirty thoughts, but I hope we can find some time to cuddle for a while soon. I really really really miss doing things with you and spending time with you.
6/18/19 I miss you. I miss your face, I miss your conversation, I miss your touch, I miss your laugh, I miss the way you giggle and look in the other direction while I'm looking you in the eyes. I miss the way your hair feels in my hands.
I went to see Tech N9ne and I really wish you could have been there. I've never seen so many girls at a concert and it made me miss you even more than I normally do. 6/19/19 You messaged me this morning when you had to pee, lol. At least you were thinking about me. I think about you all of the time. I have to restrain myself from messaging you too often. Tonight Hinder is in town, I had hoped we would go together. Ugh. There are 1000 things I'd like to do to you, but I would give anything just to make out with you again on my couch. I miss everything about you.
6/20/19 Soo, Hinder sucked. I left early. The opening bands were good, but the new singer was not good. You had to work today and you got floated to 7B. You seemed to have had a good day. You called me in your way home. I like getting to talk to you. You sent a snap that said “you’re weird. I heart you.” I was thinking about how much I like you. We have so many common interests. It's dumb, but you were making hot dogs with sauerkraut and I got excited. You wouldn't save me any, but I still like you ❤️
06/22/19 I stopped after work to see you again. We didn't get much time to kiss since people kept coming down the stairs. I'll never get tired of kissing you. You sent a pic of you in some cute panties. You were bent over on the bed and wow…I'm going to need you in that position more often 😈
06/23/19 You were pretty upset and stressed tonight. I wish I could be there to comfort you.
06/24/19 Another day that I can't sleep. I'm laying here in bed thinking about you. I keep looking at that other pillow. I want to see you looking back at me.
You mentioned that you asked a guy “anything I can do to get you up?” instead of “anything I can do to cheer you up?” that hurts on two levels. You have never offered to cheer me up and you joked about sending the first one to him. So you didn't correct it? You just let him think that's what you meant? I'm not being overly jealous, but I don't like that. I know we're not official, but I am hurt.
06/25/19 I'm beginning to think I'm more invested in this relationship than you are.
06/26/19 You finally called me. We talked for over an hour. I'm so happy 🙂I enjoy hearing your voice and I like talking to you 🙂
06/27/19 I don't have anything important to say. I'm just thinking about you. ☺️
. ..
My heart hurts. I hate hearing how sad you are I'm not supposed to tell you that I love you so I won't. But I do. I want to cheer you on in everything you do. You are so much more amazing than you think you are. Fuck it I said it too early, I know you don't feel the same way, I like you Sara .
.. .. Shit So, do you still read this? I just now thought about the fact that I sent you a link….
06/28/19 You came over after fellowship class and we made out on the couch again. I wanted to take you to bed, but you headed for the couch. Kissing you, touching you, biting you, you drive me wild. I could kiss you for days. I really like you.
You sent the most angering video. It was you being so stressed out that you didn't know what to do. You mentioned feeling suffocated and out of control. It was only angering because I couldn't help you fix it. I sent you me feelings. I really wish you could be here where the drama doesn't exist. I just want to hold you. There was one good part, you did say that you got to spend some time with someone you really care about. I hope that was me.
06/30/19 Okay, this may sound strange, but hear me out. You posted in the last couple days that you've gone out to eat with Keely a couple times and then you posted a picture on your way back from getting fazolis. It reminded me of her comment about us being like brother and sister. She doesn't know what being brother and sister is like. I think she noticed that we have a bond and that we enjoyed each other's company. Her idea of a parents relationship is not quite so loving and friendly. I don't think she had the words to describe a happy relationship. She just noticed we enjoyed each other. I don't know I may be way off. But I like to think that's what she meant. 06/30/19 #2 Stop. You sent me a depressing music video. It's another girl getting their heart broken, for the 10th time. There's a point where you have to stop. The thought of them is different than the reality of who they are. I don't know how to make you realize this. You have options for happiness. But you cling onto the thought of changing him into being your Superman. It won't happen. Ugh, I'm so angry right now. I don't have any crazy dreams. I just want to make you and Keely happy. You mean a lot to me Update! I should have kept this to myself! Apparently Daveds abuse is more comforting than my support. Yes, I'm heartbroken, but then again, it always happens. I don't regret a single second I've spent with you. I hate that I've lost the chance to be with you. I'll still be your cheerleader Sara. You may not have love for me, but I have love for you. If you were slightly invested in this relationship, you would appreciate this. But it's obvious that you aren't. I hope we can still be friends. You were the one that said, “I never want you not in my life” I tried to call you. You denied me I thought we had a connection. ItDon't ghost me. If you choose Daved over me, I guess I'll accept that. You had an option to escape and be happy. You enjoyed your time with me. I hate to see you so miserable, you are the girl I dream of. You are so much fun to be around. You are fun to take to dinner. You were even fun to be with when we took your daughter to SDC!
My heart hurts so bad. You won't even talk to me. I knew you were too good to be with a piece of shit like me. I just thought I was a better piece of shit than him. I don't even know what to do. I'm lost. I'm hurt. WHY AM I SO TERRIBLE!!!! I've loved you for so long, but you don't even care. I just need everything to end. “Do you want to go to sleep and never wake up?” Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
07/06/19 I hate what I wrote previously, but I won't erase it. My brother Billy died July 5 around 2 in the morning. I was busy at work making jokes about a patient that had been escorted out that day. I was not close to Billy. But I will miss him. We never really got along. But he had three beautiful children. I don't know how I feel or what to feel but but I don't know. We didn't like each other, but I sure wish he was still here. As for you Sara, seeing your snaps with David was really hard. You had mentioned that you were going to dinner with him on Friday, but then you also stopped snapping me as much. When your snap slowed down and your messages slowed down I assumed the worst.I’m still not sure where we are but you said you liked me on the phone and you said you extra like me in a message so I hope that’s a good thing.
I really enjoyed our conversation tonight. I know you felt uncomfortable listening but you did a good job. You let me vent you let me talk you let me say whatever I needed to. I could talk to you forever if you would let me. Good night Sara.
07/11/19 I still don't know where we stand I like you but you're awfully quiet I just want to spend a little bit of time with you I asked you to go to dinner hopefully we can find some time I don't know I really really really want to spend time with you I guess if you want to spend time with me it'll happen Good night Sarah I really miss you
You finally responded to me in the middle of the night It was about 2:30 You admitted that you missed me too It was really nice talking to you Good night Sara
07/15/19 I think you like me but I'm not sure. I don't know what to say. You have so much going on with school. I want to be there to support you. That's so hard without any time to spend together. You're so close to being done with school It's amazing. I'm really jealous. Damn it Sara. We keep saying I like you but I hope it means more. I could cuddle the f*** out of you.
Hey we've talked for quite a bit tonight I told you about my accidental dick pic to the ex which was incredibly horrible But I think maybe I got the point of crossed. You mentioned that Daved tried to have sex the last 3 nights and you turned him down.You acted like you were scared of Daved, which really scared me. If you need a place to escape I have plenty of mattresses blow up mattresses. I don't know I just wish you were here. Good night Sara.
07/18/19 You did some tanning today and got a bit of accelerator on your forehead. I thought it was funny, but I don’t think you did. You told me you need some sex, so do I. We both have to work the next 2 days so maybe I’ll get to see you for a minute.
07/22/19 Well, we didn't see each other this weekend. Last night you told me that Arthur was bothering you again so I messaged him and asked him to stop hitting on you. You always complain about him doing that. He proceeded to tell me that you like it and he threatened me. Then I'm assuming he told you because you asked me about it. I told you what happened and you admitted to flirting with him. You said it had been months, but we've joked about him for longer than that. You seemed angry that I said anything. Am I just a flirt too? Are you seeing him? Can I really trust you? What's the full truth? 07/24/19 Well, you called me at 1 in the morning after we messaged for a while. You had a drink and you played with your new vibrator tonight. Seeing your post orgasm smile was quite a turn on. When you called me you said you love me. I don't think you'll admit it though
07/28/19 I've ignored the red flags for too long. You went floating with another guy. You didn't post any pictures, which was super strange for you. Then the only pic you shared was of him. I can't convince you to go out to eat, but you can go floating with him? I think you just enjoy me chasing you. Everyone I talk to tells me to leave you alone.
Maybe this isn't about you. Maybe this is about me. I want to be loved I want to be appreciated as much as I appreciate them. I'm tired of throwing my heart at people and them just taking it. I want someone who will throw their heart back
Sara. I'm sorry. I love you. I'm sorry that I love you. It's becoming painfully clear that you don't love me. You messaged me this morning complaining about Daved. What on Earth makes you think that is okay? I love you I hate it, but I do.
07/30/19 I took Harley for donuts this afternoon, then I went for drinks with Jennie. It's amazing how they can make time for me, but you can't. I tried to see if you wanted to go to a concert Friday, but you work so weekend. My sister wants to go and maybe I'll have to see if Sai wants to go to. We always talked about seeing a show together. I really miss seeing you though. It's not the same when I hang out with these other girls
08/02/19 You sent me a pic of a conversation from a stranger, then you bet me you could get a dick pic before the night was over.
I'm so fucking stupid.
In the end, I hope I find someone who loves me as much as I loved you. And I hope you find someone who loves you as much as I did too. And I hope you are honest with them.♥️l GN Sara
08/03/19 And you message me that you miss me again. This is too confusing.
08/04/19 When you said you missed me, I told you I missed you too. I said that we need to actually make plans. You asked when I worked, so I thought you wanted to do something. I offered to bring you lunch at work. You read the message early in the morning but you didn't reply until you were on lunch break. I joked that I never thought you'd turn down food. You replied that you didn't turn down food, you ate. Haha, so you didn't turn down food, you just turned down food with me…
I still haven't stopped talking to her.
If you've made it this far, thank you.
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2019.07.23 02:54 CoolCreeper39 List of all known banned subreddits sorted alphabetically and by reason

Ban/Quarintine Evasion:
Violent content:
Prohibited goods or services:
Proliferation of violent content:
Minor sexualization:
Subreddits banned due to the rule change:
Copyright infringement:
Involuntary pornography:
Glorifying violence:
Inciting harassment:
Encouraging violence:
Inciting violence:
Inciting harm:
Safety reasons:
Encouraging harm:
Interfering with Reddit:
Vote manipulation:
Animal abuse:
Criminal activity:
Glorifying sexual violence:
No reason given:
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2019.07.06 05:31 shangsimla Sims 3: Making Your Game And Your Sims Look Better

The graphics of The Sims 3 now look dated to some - even when it was new many people disliked the style. There are many mods that can improve the appearance of sims and the environment. But if you fundamentally dislike the style, there's only so much that can be changed.
I personally think The Sims 3 has a lot of potential. With many of the recommendations in this post, this is what my game looks like, and I'm happy with it. (All screenshots unedited.)
The majority of these can affect performance of the game! If your computer is already struggling to run The Sims 3, even after trying many suggestions, I would only recommend non-default skin and eyes for your sims and maybe a lighting mod and a few custom sliders.
This is a part of my Comprehensive Guide to The Sims 3: Performance and Custom Content for FAQ: "I don't like the look of the game/the sims."

The World

Lighting Mods
Lighting mods replace the lighting in every world. You can only have one in at a time! They also affect the color of the water, which means you may want to download multiple to use in different worlds (Isla Paradiso water would look odd in Twinbrook!). You can switch them out whenever you want. They go in the Mods/Packages folder. If you're having issues, try placing the file into the Mods/Overrides folder.
Brntwaffles has many lighting mods available on Tumblr.
dDefinder created Outdoor Lighting Tweaks v2.2 on Mod the Sims: it "Realistically improves outdoor lighting," with dynamic shadows, less blue, and different options for night.
URANESIAN WEATHER was created by Nilxis on Tumblr, featuring "intense blue skies and water, white clouds, orange/reddish sunsets, green sunrises and dark nights."
Gelina's lighting tweaks on Tumblr - can be used with other lighting mods.
Default Replacements
These can be used with lighting mods. It's probably best to place them in Mods/Overrides if your lighting mod already changes one of its aspects.
HD Shadows
Ever noticed the shadows look pixelated even on high settings? You can increase the resolution further. Here is a guide by Anime_Boom on Tumblr. If you've already tweaked your graphics file, you'll have to do it manually with their instructions rather than replace it with the download or your existing edits will be replaced.
HQ Mods
Sims 3 HQ mods are relatively simple, you can just edit your GraphicsRules.sgr settings. No need to find HQ-compatible replacements or CC. Here's a guide on The Sims 3 Tutorial Hub. Only use this if your game doesn't have any performance issues.
Increasing Your Graphics Settings
Pretty self-explanatory. Mousing over each setting brings up a short description of what it does. Turning up Sim Detail and Texture Detail will make the most difference in your sims. This guide has screenshots of what each setting does, but it may be outdated in some areas (was written in 2009).
ReShade allows you to add filters to your game, essentially. Installation should work the same as it does for The Sims 4. Here's katverse's guide to installing ReShade for The Sims 4. The latest versions of ReShade install the same way.
Here is the s3ReShade tag on Lana CC Finds on Tumblr. Most of these are very performance-heavy and intended only for screenshots, and may mess up the UI. However, there are a few that are meant for gameplay in there.
There are also some presets on Mod the Sims.
You can also use ReShade to smooth edges rather than use the built-in Edge Smoothing in the Options. If you do, turn Edge Smoothing off in the settings.
You can make your own ReShade preset. picture amoebae has many ReShade tutorials on Tumblr, created for The Sims 4, but you can still learn from them. They also created Full Bloom MultiLUT for ReShade, with 66 options. LUTs are relatively lightweight and fast-loading, and can be used with any preset or by themselves.

Your Sims

Default Skin/Default Eyes
Default replacements will replace the skin/eyes of every sim in the game, even premade sims you have never touched. You can only use one at a time!
Warning: Pictures may be NSFW!
Kurasoberina's HD Primer skin is very detailed and has different options to choose from. For all ages, even babies!
Brntwaffles has created many skin defaults and eye defaults.
Pyxis has a few skin and eye replacements on Tumblr.
You can also look through Lana CC Finds's s3skin default tag and s3 default eyes.
Mod the Sims also has a Skintones section, and so does The Sims Resource.
More Default Replacements
Simple Life has default replacement brows, beards, makeup, eyes, skin, and topical details on their site.
There are also default replacement skins/eyes specifically for babies, since not all default replacement skins apply to babies: Brntwaffles's Baby Soft Skin and Chisimi's Blush Baby Skinblend. If you want to use one of these but have a skin that already works for babies, place the file into your Overrides Folder.
GnatGoSplat made fixed bra/bikini meshes on Mod the Sims.
If the blocky feet bother you, Bloom made more realistic feet replacements, though unfortunately their site is no longer up. You can find the download on this Mod the Sims thread. Cyo made the child - toddler equivalent on Tumblr.
Carversims made default replacements of clothing with reduced shine and removed stencils, as well as default replacement makeup on their Tumblr.
OneEuroMutt made retextures of the hair from the base game and every expansion pack.
OneEuroMutt also has a list on Tumblr of the default replacements they have in their game, from CAS to Build and Buy.
Custom Sliders
Custom sliders add so much more customizability to sims. They're very helpful to making sims without the characteristic Sims 3 "pudding-face." There are even body sliders that can add the body variety that The Sims 3 lacks. Unfortunately, many body sliders can cause clipping in animations. Use them subtly. You will need NRaas Master Controller to increase the amount of sliders allowed in CAS.
OneEuroMutt has an extensive masterlist of sliders on their Tumblr.
LegitLovely has a video guide with instructions on installing sliders properly on YouTube, and has put her sliders folder up for download in the description. There are limits to the amount of sliders, and she shows how to increase that limit with NRaas Master Controller to support more sliders.
Brntwaffles also has their Sliders Folder available at the bottom of their Mods & CC Masterlist.
If you download LegitLovely's slider folder, replace the file "aWT_MSH_LOD0-Eyeball" with buhudain's fixed eyeball mesh. (Brntwaffles already has the fixed version.)
Buckleysims converted the mesh for toddler - child sims and made sliders compatible with them. Make sure to read their instructions carefully! This mesh replacement not only makes eyes compatible with aWT's sliders, but it also removes the eye specular and overall looks much better in my opinion (you can see the difference in Buckleysims's post).
Making Sims Without Custom Sliders
Though custom sliders help, the base game sliders are still totally workable.
Arisuka made a guide on Mod the Sims: Fool-proof facial sculpting without CC.
MinghamSmith made a guide on Mod the Sims, With regard to making sims in general not look like puddings, reposted in Comment #12.
Here's how to expand the slider range with NRaas Master Controller as they mentioned in their guide.
You can use Consort's Project Landslide mod to mass edit the slider values of the sims in town. This mod supports custom sliders, editing the values of a certain group of sims (ex. age, gender, by trait), and more! For example, I always use this to make every sim's head size smaller (Jonha's Head Size slider) because I always do that for my sims.
Ever noticed how some horses' coats look super reflective? This replacement by chikkadii-sims fixes that issue.
Other Custom Content
S-club created 3D eyelashes, available on The Sims Resource. These go with their EA Eyelash Removal mod. Buckleysims made a Layering Fix on Tumblr, since the original lashes were visible through hair.
Sketchbook Pixels converted S-club's lashes for children and toddlers on their Wix site. They also created two new sliders for position and width. If you downloaded LegitLovely or Brntwaffles's slider folders, replace the original S-club sliders with these (and follow the rest of their instructions).
QuizicalGin has created baby outfits that actually give babies feet. No more burrito babies! They are not default replacements, you will need to use Master Controller to bring the baby into CAS to put them in it. Both Brntwaffles and Chisimi's skins linked above are compatible with QuizicalGin's mesh (and so is Kurasoberina's Primer skin).
They also created Little Wisps hair for babies. Quiannasims made curly hair for babies on their Tumblr.
Danjaley converted toddler hats for babies on Mod the Sims: Part 1 and Part 2.
For hair, makeup, or any other custom content, I suggest looking through Lana CC Finds's very organized tags.
Mod the Sims and The Sims Resource also have a lot of CC.
thesimscc has a large list of CC sources. (Some links are broken.)
Shiny Clothes?
Buckleysims has a guide on Tumblr to fix the "saran-wrap" specular on clothing with velocitygrass's Remove Deco mod.
Carversims's default replacements in More Default Replacements reduces shine on Maxis clothing.
Resource Pages
Many blogs on Tumblr have Resource pages listing their defaults and their most-used custom content/mods. If you see a sim/screenshot you like on Tumblr, you can check the poster's blog to see if they have one. Here are a few. Unfortunately many of the links are now broken, but they may still be worth a look.
Brntwaffles's Mods & CC Masterlist
plumblobs's TS3 Resources
pandelabs's faq & resources
OneEuroMutt's Resources
Ifcasims's resources
My Special Sim's Resources
simtanico's Essential and Cosmetic Mods Installed, Other Resources page
submitted by shangsimla to thesims [link] [comments]

2019.02.25 04:41 trowthisinthetrash just some off-my-chest talk

Oi lgbt, long time lurker here but a first time poster.
First of all, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am a russian teen (привет вам русскийм!) living in germany. I was born male. My family is has very consevative values. I also have a twin sister (relevant a bit later).
Ever since i was a small child i did "girly" things like drawing, cooking and playing. Mostly with actual girls. Many people suspect of me that i am gay, an they have quite a reason to do so. I'm short and pretty slim, have kinda long blond hair, no visible adams apple, a high voice and pretty clean skin. Most of the very few friends i have (socially i'm a waste) are girls. And god are they right, i am attracted to men. Nobody knows though. My parents always said "we accept gays, but YOU ARE NOT ONE".
Once i saw a documentory about trans people and thought it described me perfectly. I got very scared though when my dad said what disgusting creatures they were and how much he hopes i ain't one. Another memory i have is more recent. My whole family was gone for vacation leaving me at home (i didn't wanna go because i hate being shirtless and at a beach and hate my body). That left me freedom and the closet of my sister. Out of curiousity i dressed up with her stuff. Everything, a dress and even a stuffed bra. It felt so right but wrong. I broke on the ground crying and then changed my clothes back. The only time i had a dream in recent times was one, where i was a girl. A cute one. And i wish i could have that dream again.
I bet you're saying "man, i bet your life would be better if you got out of the closet". No it would not.
I am terrible at school. I'd describe my grades as dropping, but can shit drop when it's already on the cold hard floor? And this on a gymnasium (a german smartypants school, defenitely not suited for me)! Another thing about me is my insomnia. In a school week i'm lucky to get 2 hours of sleep a day. That partly is the reason why i am so bad at school and the biggest reason i get bullied so much. Many doctors tried to guess why i had it, but didn't come to a conclusion. But you know the reasons. I know them too well. The constant picking on, letting everyone down at school and disappointing the few people who had expectations of me. Also there is this little thing, hating my body. I wish i could just change it like in sims.
If i were to come out, my parents would hate me. I'd get even worse at school. The friends i have would leave me. And sleep would be out of the question.
At this point the only things holding me in this world a vidya, and the friends i made online. They think i am a genuine girl due to my voice amd probably behaviour. If they knew, they'd abandon me. I genuinely love them as people, but they wouldn't accept a trans person and i'd lose the last people i trust.
At the end of the week my parents are talking to some teachers. They know i'm bad, but not this bad. They already shoud've talked but i forgot the date and they think i deliberatly didn't tell them.
By them i will probably be somewhere else. Either i run away from this dupster fire to live on the street or i'll end it.
I hope this is readable, my texts are notourious for getting too rambly and fucked the longer they get.
Habt einen wurderbaren tag! Stay the great boys, girls and enbies you are.
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2018.12.03 21:23 elixtarnar Sziget 2019 Rumour Mill

You asked for more leaks, but even I don't know what names will Sziget announce next. However, in this post you can find below a list of acts that Sziget could get, because they have gigs in Europe in August!
Last edits:
12.03.2018. Reason: added more Reading & Leeds names to the list + Frequency Festival names + suggestions.
12.04.2018. Reason: added names from the Boardmasters Festival UK + other suggestions
12.07.2018 Cut out Balaton Sound names
12.10.2018 Added Father John Misty (gig in Portugal), Scorpions, Slayer, Major Lazer + other Bloodstock Open Air heavy metal acts
12.11.2018 Added Tame Impala & others that are performing at Flow Festival + Highfield Festival names + New Order
12.13.2018 Added Sonus Festival (Croatia) acts
12.15.2018 + Oscar and the Wolf (Belgium gig), Sting (France), Ariana Grande (European stadium gigs)
12.16.2018 + Deadmau5 (Creamfields) & Jess Glyne (UK)
12.19.2018 + Kylie Minogue (UK gig) + The Good, The Bad & the Queen (Luxembourg gig) + Indie Music Festival (Ireland) + Awake (Romania) + Victorious (UK) names + Frequency Festival (Austria) new names
12.20.2018 + Boomtown (UK) names
12.23.2018 + Madness (UK gig)
01.23.2019 Added suggestions from comments + Pstereo, South West Four, Ms Dockville & Øyafestivalen names.
01.25.2019 + The Chemical Brothers + Bay Fest (Italy) names
01.28.2019 + ArcTanGent Festival (UK) & Paredes de Coura (Portugal) names
01.29.2019 Added Blue Moon Festival (Netherlands) + some Green Man (UK) names
01.30.2019 + Lowlands Festival (Netherlands) names
01.31.2019 Added Reading & Leeds (UK) new names
02.01.2019 Added Deerhunter (Portugal) + Check in Party Festival (France) & Way Out West (Sweden) + Lokerse Feesten (Belgium) names
02.02.2019 Added The Darkness (touring with Ed Sheeran) + Edinburgh Summer Sessions (UK) names
02.07.2019 + Boardmasters (UK), South West Four (UK), Tsunami Xixon (Spain) & SonneMondSterne Festival (Germany) names
02.08.2019 Added Jugendfest (Norway) names
02.11.2019 Added Boomtown (UK) acts
02.12.2019 Cut out this day's Sziget announcement + added Rock En Seine (France) names
02.13.2019 Added Victorious Festival (UK) names
02.14.2019 + FEST Festival (Poland) & Flow Festival (Finland) acts
02.28.2019 + Fall In Love (Romania), Festival Forte (Portugal), MEO Sudoeste (Portugal), Wilderness (UK), Neopop (Portugal) & Untold Festival (Romania) names
03.05.2019 + New Horizons (Germany) & The Qontinent (Belgium) names
The list is the one that can be found here, but I cut out the names that Sziget already announced.
If you know / see any other interesting acts that are playing festivals / gigs in Europe in August, please comment here and we'll update the list with those names!
In this topic we can also discuss who would you want at Sziget or who do you think that will announce August dates in Europe, as there are some acts that are performing in June and July in Europe, but didn't announce any gigs for August yet, so you can expect some of those to join the Sziget lineup too!
Special thanks to: Koos_Armloos, thegreasycavemen, camdencrush, shakeshookshaken, Shameful_pleasure!
Here is the list:
  • 187 Strassenbande (08.15-17, Austria)
  • 3 Of Life (08.07-12, UK)
  • 65DaysOfStatic (08.15-17, UK)
  • 6lack (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • 30 Seconds to Mars (08.16-18, Germany) - will perform @ Budapest Park
  • A.A. Williams (08.15-17, UK)
  • Acid Arab (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Act of Rage (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • A.D.H.S. (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Adaro (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • A Day to Remember (08.23-25, UK)
  • Adriatique (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Adrenalize (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Adrenalized (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Afrojack (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Against the Current (08.23-25, UK)
  • Agar Agar (08.23-25, France)
  • Agoraphobia (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Agoria (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Ahzumjot (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Aiming for Enrique (08.15-17, UK)
  • Airboure (08.05, Germany)
  • Ajja (08.07-12, UK)
  • AJ Tracey (08.15-18, Romania)
  • AK/DK (08.15-17, UK)
  • Alborosie & Shengen Clan (08.07-12, UK)
  • Aldous Harding (08.15-18, UK)
  • Alice Phoebe Lou (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Alice Russell (08.07-12, UK)
  • Alison Wonderland (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Alligatoah (08.15-17, Austria)
  • All Tvvins (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Alle Farben (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Alpha Wann (08.23-25, France)
  • Altin Gun (08.22-24, France)
  • Alvvays (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Amadou & Mariam (08.15-18, UK)
  • Amelie Lens (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Amnesia Scanner (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Amplify (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Angernoizer (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Anhatema (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Anitta (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • Anna (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Anderson .Paak & The Free Nationals (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Andrea Oliva (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Andy Burrows (08.23-25, UK)
  • Andy C (08.24-25, UK)
  • Andy The Core (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Angerfist (08.07-12, Spain)
  • AniMe (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Anne-Marie (08.15-17, Austria) - will perform at Strand Festival in Hungary
  • AnnenMayKantereit (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Anime (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Antal (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Anthony Linell aka Abdulla Rashim (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Anthrax (08.09-11, UK)
  • Antispin (08.07-12, UK)
  • Aphex Twin (08.23-25, France)
  • Apollonia (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Ariana Grande (08.17, UK)
  • Armand van Helden (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Armin Van Buuren (08.09-11, Germany) - will perform at Balaton Sound in Hungary
  • Artful Dodger (08.07-11, UK)
  • Artwork (08.07-11, UK)
  • A$ap Rocky (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • ASG (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Ash (08.23-25, UK)
  • Asian Dub Foundation (08.07-12, UK)
  • Astrix (08.15-17, Austria)
  • At The Gates (08.07-12, UK)
  • Atari Teenage Riot (08.07-12, UK)
  • Atomic Zeros (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Atmozfears (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Atrip (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Aurora (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Avalon (08.07-12, UK)
  • Awkward Family Portraits (08.02-04, UK)
  • Azusa (08.15-17, UK)
  • Bad Company (08.07-12, UK)
  • Badly Drown Boy (08.23-25, UK)
  • Balthazar (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Barely Legal (08.07-11, UK)
  • Basement Jaxx (08.24-25, UK)
  • Bass Chasers (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Bastards on Parade (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Bastille (08.23-25, UK) - will perform at Strand Festival in Hungary
  • Battles (08.15-17, UK)
  • B-Front (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • BCUC (08.07-12, UK)
  • Beans on Toast (08.07-12, UK)
  • Becky Hill (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bedouin Soundclash (08.07-12, UK)
  • Belle & Sebastian (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Ben Klock (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Ben Sims (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Ben UFO (08.07-12, UK)
  • Berri Txarrak (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Bestien (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Bexey (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bianco White (08.01-04, UK)
  • Biffy Clyro (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Bigbang (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Big Lad (08.15-17, UK)
  • Big Thief (08.06-10, Norway) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Binh (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Billie Eilish (08.23-25, UK)
  • Billy Jefferson (08.01-04, UK)
  • Birds in Row (08.15-17, UK)
  • Bizi, F & Sitoi (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Blackalicious (08.07-12, UK)
  • Black Honey (08.10-11, Romania)
  • Black Midi (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Black Peaks (08.07-12, UK)
  • Blackout Problems (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Blaenavon (08.23-25, UK)
  • Blank Rage (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Blaster (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Bloc Party (08.09, UK)
  • Blond (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Blood Orange (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Blossoms (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bloxx (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bodega (08.22-24, France)
  • Bog Rolling Stones (08.23-25, UK)
  • Bombay Bicycle Club (08.01-04, UK)
  • Bombskare (08.02-04, UK)
  • Bonez MC & Raf Camora (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Boogarins (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Borgore (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Boris Brejcha (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Bossk (08.15-17, UK)
  • Boston 168 (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Bowling For Soup (08.23-25, UK)
  • Boy Azooga (08.07-11, UK)
  • Boys Noize (08.07-12, UK)
  • Bradley Zero (08.07-11, UK)
  • Brass Against (08.07-12, UK)
  • Breabach (08.07-12, UK)
  • Brennan Heart (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Bring Me The Horizon (08.23-25, France) - however unlikely because in 08.17-18 they're in Japan
  • Brohug (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Broken Element (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Broken Minds (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Broken Social Scene (08.15-18, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • B.Traits (08.07-12, UK)
  • Bugzy Malone (08.07-11, UK)
  • Bullet For My Valentine (08-08-10, Germany) - gig in Budapest
  • Buzzcocks (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Caine (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Calvin Harris (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Camelphat (08.23-25, UK)
  • Camera Obscura (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Camo & Krooked (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Cancer Bats (08.07-12, UK)
  • Capital Bra (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Caravan Palace (08.01-04, UK)
  • Caravana Sun (08.07-11, UK)
  • Car Bomb (08.15-17, UK)
  • Cardi B (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Carl Cox (08.07-12, UK)
  • Carolina Durante (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Carpenter Brut (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Car Seat Headrest (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Casey Lowry (08.23-25, UK)
  • Caspian (08.15-17, UK)
  • Cattle (08.15-17, UK)
  • Cavetown (08.23-25, UK)
  • Cradle of Filth (08.09-11, UK)
  • Charli XCX (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Charlotte De Witte (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Chase & Status DJ Set (08.24-25, UK)
  • Chasing Abbey (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Chok Dee (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Choose 90s (08.23-25, UK)
  • Chris Liebing (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Christinne (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Children of Bodom (08.09-11, UK)
  • Chronixx (08.07-12, UK)
  • Cid (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Circa Waves (08.23-25, UK)
  • Circuits (08.07-12, UK)
  • Clairo (08.23-25, France)
  • Claptone (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Clara Luciani (08.22-24, France)
  • Claude Vonstroke (08.07-11, UK)
  • Clean Bandit (08.23-25, UK)
  • Clockartz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • CoCo and the Butterfields (08.02-04, UK)
  • Code Orange (08.09-11, UK)
  • Colonel Mustard & The Dijon Five (08.02-04, UK)
  • Comethazine (08.23-25, UK)
  • Connan Mockasin (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Conjurer (08.15-17, UK)
  • Coone b2b Hard Driver (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Courtney Barnett (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Courtesy (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Crack Cloud (08.22-24, France)
  • Crissy Criss (08.07-11, UK)
  • Cro (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Crossfaith (08.07-12, UK)
  • Crucast (08.23-25, UK)
  • Crypton (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Crumb (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Crypsis (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Cuebrick (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Cult of Luna (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Cupcakke (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Cykada (08.01-04, UK)
  • D-Attack (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dam-Funk (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Danko Jones (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Daniel Avery (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Dark-E (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Darkzy (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Daughters (08.15-17, UK)
  • Dave Clarke (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Davoodi (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • David Guetta (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Dax J (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • D-Block Europe (08.23-25, UK)
  • D-Sturb (08.21-25, Germany)
  • D-Fence (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Darkraver (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Da Tweekaz (08.21-25, Germany)
  • David Puentez (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Deadly Guns (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Deadmau5 (08.23-25, UK)
  • Deathroar (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Deerhunter (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Deetox (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Degos & Re-done (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Def Toys (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Delete (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Demi Kanon (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dense & PIKA (08.07-12, UK)
  • Denis Sulta (08.23-25, UK)
  • Dennis Ferrer (08.07-11, UK)
  • Denza (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Denzel Curry (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Dermot Kennedy (08.07-11, UK)
  • Derrick Carter (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • De Staat (08.15-18, Romania)
  • Destructive Tendencies (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Deterrent Man (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Devin Wild (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Di Carlo (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Dickster (08.07-12, UK)
  • Die Orsons (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Dimension (08.07-11, UK)
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike (08.07-12, Spain) - will perform at Strand Festival
  • Dimmu Borgir (08.09-11, UK)
  • Dirty Phonics (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Disclosure DJ Set (08.31-09.01, Romania)
  • Dither (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Disciples (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Distruction Boyz (08.23-25, UK)
  • Dizzee Rascal (08.07-11, UK)
  • Django Django (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • DJ Batiste (08.07-12, Spain)
  • DJ Bone (08.07-12, UK)
  • DJ EZ (08.07-11, UK)
  • DJ Isaac (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • DJ Kristof (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • DJ Marta (08.07-12, Spain)
  • DJ Neil (08.07-12, Spain)
  • DJ Yoda (08.23-25, UK)
  • DJ Yves (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dodgy (08.23-25, UK)
  • Don Diablo (08.09-11, Germany) - will perform at Balaton Sound
  • Dorian Paic (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Doves (08.23-25, UK)
  • Drangsal (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Dreadzone (08.07-12, UK)
  • Dr. Peacock (08.07-12, UK)
  • Dr. Phunk (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dr. Rude (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • DRS (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Drunken Masters (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Dub Phizix & Strategy (08.07-12, UK)
  • Dub Inc (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Durand Jones and the Indications (08.01-04, UK)
  • Dustin Hertz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Dynoro (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Earl Sweatshirt (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Earthling (08.07-12, UK)
  • Easy Life (08.07-11, UK)
  • Eats Everything (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Echo & the Bunnymen (08.08, UK)
  • Ecstatic (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Eddy Hardcore (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Edx (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Eels (08.24, Netherlands)
  • E-Force (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • El Altar Del Holocausto (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Elbow (08-01-04, Germany)
  • Elephant Sessions (08.07-12, UK)
  • Eli Brown (08.07-11, UK)
  • Ellie Goulding (08.16-17, Norway)
  • Emphasis (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Eno (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Enrico Sangiuliano (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Enter Shikari (08.16-18, Germany) - will perform at Akvarium Klub in Budapest
  • Eptic (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Eriksson Delcroix (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Erol Alkan (08.07-12, UK)
  • Eskei83 (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Evolver (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Extreme Noise Terror (08.07-12, UK)
  • Ezra Collective (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Faber (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Farao (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Fanatics (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Fatherson (08.23-25, UK)
  • Father John Misty (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Fay Wildhagen (08.06-10, Norway)
  • F. Nøize (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Feet (08.07-11, UK)
  • Felix Krocher (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Fettes Brot (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Fight Clvb (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Fil Bo Riva (08.15-17, Austria)
  • First Breath After Coma (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Fisher (08.23-25, UK)
  • Fixate (08.07-12, UK)
  • FKJ (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Flava D (08.07-11, UK)
  • Flavien Berger (08.22-24, France)
  • Fleetingwood Mac (08.23-25, UK)
  • Flobu (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Flohto (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Floral (08.15-17, UK)
  • Foals (08.22-24, France)
  • Footworxx Militant Crew (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Forest Drive West (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Four Tet (08.07-12, UK)
  • Franz Ferdinand (08.07-11, UK) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Freddy K (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Fredo (08.23-25, UK)
  • Frequencerz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Freya Ridings (08.01-04, UK)
  • Friction presents CONNECTIONS (08.24-25, UK)
  • Frontierer (08.15-17, UK)
  • Fun Box (08.02-04, UK)
  • Fun Lovin' Criminals (08.23-25, UK)
  • Gabrielle Aplin (08.07-11, UK)
  • Gasellit (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Gaudi (08.07-12, UK)
  • G-Eazy (08.15-17, Austria) - will perform at Balaton Sound
  • General Levy (08.07-12, UK)
  • Gestort Aber Geil (08.09-11, Germany)
  • George FitzGerald (08.01-04, UK)
  • Georgia (08.07-11, UK)
  • G Flip (08.23-25, UK)
  • Ghost (08.16, Austria)
  • Giggs (08.07-11, UK)
  • girl in red (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Giorgio Moroder (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Godflesh (08.07-12, UK)
  • Gogol Bordello (08.22-24, France)
  • Good Charlotte (08.08-10, Germany)
  • Good Riddance (08.14-16, Italy)
  • GosT (08.15-17, UK)
  • GPF (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Grace Carter (08.07-11, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Grace Petrie (08.07-12, UK)
  • Gregory Alan Isakov (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Grouch in Dub (08.07-12, UK)
  • Groove Armada (08.07-12, UK)
  • Gunna (08.23-25, UK)
  • Hak Baker (08.07-12, UK)
  • Hannah Wants (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Hardbouncer (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Hard Driver (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Hard Effectz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Hatred (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Hayley Kiyoko (08.23-25, UK)
  • Head Hunter (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Headhunterz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Headie One (08.23-25, UK)
  • Hedex (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Heideroosjes (08.06, Belgium)
  • Helena Hauff (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Hellbillies (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Henrik! (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Henrik Schwarz (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Hexcut (08.15-17, UK)
  • High Focus Takeover (08.07-12, UK)
  • Hinds (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Hockey Dad (08.23-25, UK)
  • Hockeysmith (08.07-11, UK)
  • Holiday Oscar (08.23-25, UK)
  • Hollywood (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Holy Goof (08.23-25, UK)
  • Honeyblood (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Honey Dijon (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Horse Meat Disco (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • House Gospel Choir (08.07-11, UK)
  • Hue & Cry (08.09, UK)
  • Hugel (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Hunee (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Hyrule War (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ian Van Dahl (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Ibibio Sound Machine (08.07-11, UK)
  • I Don't Know How But They Found Me (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Ignite (08-06-09, Slovenia)
  • I Hate Models (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Iisa (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Imperatorz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Infected Mushroom (08.07-12, UK)
  • Invalids (08.15-17, UK)
  • Iseo & Dodosound (08.07-12, UK)
  • Israel Nash (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Ithaca (08.07-12, UK)
  • It It Anita (08.22-24, France)
  • J. Karjalainen (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Jaako Eino Kalevi (08.09-11, Finland)
  • James (08.15, UK)
  • James Arthur (08.01-04, Romania)
  • James Bay (08.23-25, UK)
  • James Blake (08.08-10, Sweden) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • James Hype (08.24-25, UK)
  • Jamie Jones (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Japanese Breakfast (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Jason Payne (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Javi Boss (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Jax Jones (08.07-11, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Jay Reeve (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Jeanne Added (08.22-24, France)
  • Jess Glynne (08.08, UK) - Balaton Sound
  • Jesse Markin (08.09-11, Finland)
  • JLV (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Joey Daniel (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • John Digweed (08.07-10, Portugal)
  • John Moreland (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Johnny Marr (08.10, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Joji (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Jonathan Wilson (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Jonathan Wilson (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Jon Hopkins (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Jose Conca (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Joseph Capriati (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Jorja Smith (08.07-11, UK)
  • Joy Orbison (08.07-12, UK)
  • Jnxd (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • JP Cooper (08.15-18, Romania)
  • Juice WRLD (08.23-25, UK)
  • Juju (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Julien Baker (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Jungle By Night (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Junkie Kid (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Kabaka Pyramid (08.07-12, UK)
  • Kadhja Bonet (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Kaiser Chiefs (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Kamaal Williams (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Karpe (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Katakombi (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Kate Tempest (08.07-12, UK)
  • Kawala (08.01-04, UK)
  • Kelly Lee Owens (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Keltek (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Khruangbin (08.15-18, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Killerwatts (08.07-12, UK)
  • Killing Joke (08.07-12, UK)
  • KMPFSPRT (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Kobosil (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Kodaline (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Kölsch (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Kompromat (08.22-24, France)
  • Konstantin Sibold (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Kontra K (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Korsakoff (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Kosheen with Sian Evans (08.07-12, UK)
  • Kovacs (08.31-09.01, Romania)
  • Kriz (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Kronos (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Krowdexx (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Krystal Klear (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Kvelertak (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Kylie Minogue (08.01, UK)
  • Kyrist (08.07-12, UK)
  • La Colonie de Vacances (08.22-24, France)
  • Lady Dammage (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Lady Leshurr (08.07-11, UK)
  • La Fleur (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • La Fuente (08.21-25, Germany)
  • La M.O.D.A. (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Lasgo (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Laurel (08.07-11, UK)
  • Le Boom (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Leftover Crack (08.07-12, UK)
  • Lemaitre (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Len Flaki (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Le Prince Miiaou (08.22-24, France)
  • Leroy Burgess Full Band (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Less Than Jake (08-06-09, Slovenia)
  • Lethal MG (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Letters From the Colony (08.15-17, UK)
  • LEVt (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Lewis Capaldi (08.07-11, UK)
  • Lexer (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Lexy & K-Paul (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Liam Gallagher (08.31-09.01, Romania)
  • Lil Baby (08.23-25, UK)
  • Lil Uzi Vert (08.23-25, UK)
  • Liquid Sould (08.07-12, UK)
  • Little Dragon (08.23-24, Poland)
  • Little Simz (08.15-17, Norway)
  • LLNN (08.15-17, UK)
  • Loathe (08.07-12, UK)
  • Lobotomy INC (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Loco Dice (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Los Bengala (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Lost Frequencies (08.23-24, Poland) - will perform at VOLT
  • Lost Identity (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Lost in the Riots (08.15-17, UK)
  • Lotto Boyzz (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Loud Luxury (08.23-25, UK)
  • Louise Cole Big Band (08.23-25, France)
  • Low Island (08.01-04, UK)
  • Lowriderz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Loyle Carner (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Lny Tmz (08.07-12, Spain)
  • LSB (08.07-12, UK)
  • Lucas (08.07-12, UK)
  • Luigi Madonna (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Luis Bonias (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Lunakorpz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Lysistrata (08.22-24, France)
  • Mabel (08.24-25, UK)
  • Maceo Plex (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Macfloyd (08.02-04, UK)
  • Macklemore (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Mad Dog (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Madness (08.30, UK)
  • Magdalena (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Maikel Delacalle (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Maissquille (08.07-12, UK)
  • Major Lazer (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Makaya McCraven (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Maksim MC (08.07-12, UK)
  • Malice (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Mall Grab (08.07-12, UK)
  • Mandala (08.07-12, UK)
  • Mandy (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Manudigital & LT Stitchie (08.07-12, UK)
  • Marc Rebillet (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Marcel Dettmann (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Marco Carola (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Marcus Gad (08.07-12, UK)
  • Mark with A K (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Maricia Griffiths (08.07-12, UK)
  • Marika Rossa (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Marteria & Casper (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Martin Solveig (08.07-11, UK) - will perform at VOLT
  • Masked Intruder (08.14-16, Italy)
  • Mason Maynard (08.07-11, UK)
  • Materia (08.07-12, UK)
  • Matija (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Maustetitot (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Mayday Parade (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Mavi Phoenix (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Maxi Jazz (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Maximo Park (08.01-04, Germany)
  • MC Alee (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC Chucky (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC Dash (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC DA Syndrome (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC DL (08.21-25, Germany)
  • MC Livid (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • MC RG (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Mefjus (08.07-12, UK)
  • Melé (08.07-11, UK)
  • Meshuggah (08.15-17, UK)
  • Metallica (08.16, Austria)
  • Meute (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Michael Franti & Spearhead (08.07-11, UK)
  • Michelle David & The Gospel Sessions (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Miss K8 (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Miss Puss (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Mitski (08.06-10, Norway)
  • MK (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Modeselektor (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Mogwai (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Møl (08.15-17, UK)
  • Monolink (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Montreal (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Monsters of Liedermaching (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Moonlight Benjamin (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Mooving Oos (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Motorpsycho Med Venner (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Mr. Ivex (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ms Banks (08.24-25, UK)
  • Ms. Dynamite (08.07-12, UK)
  • Ms. Lauryn Hill (08.07-12, UK)
  • Muff Potter (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Mura Masa (08.23-25, UK)
  • Murcof w/ Malo Lacroix (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • My Baby (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • My Nu Leng & Dread MC (08.07-11, UK)
  • Myst (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Namdose (08.22-24, France)
  • Naaman (08.07-12, UK)
  • Napalm Death (08.07-12, UK)
  • Nathan Dave (08.07-11, UK)
  • Natty & The Rebel Ship (08.07-12, UK)
  • Ncrypta (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Neelix (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Neon Chambers (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Neophyte (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Neneh Cherry (08.09-11, Finland)
  • New Order (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Netsky (08.15-18, Romania)
  • Never Surrender (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • NERVO (08.15-17, Austria) - Balaton Sound
  • Nightmares On Wax (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Nilufer Yanya (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Nina Kraviz (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Nitzer Ebb (08.09-11, Finland)
  • No Fun At All (08.02-03, Spain)
  • NOFX (08.06-09, Slovenia)
  • No Rome (08.16-25, UK)
  • Northern Lite (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Not3s (08.23-25, UK)
  • Nothing But Thieves (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Nothing, Nowhere (08.23-25, UK)
  • NSG (08.23-25, UK)
  • Nura (08.16-18, Germany)
  • N-Vitral (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ocean Colour Scene (08.23-25, UK)
  • Ocean Wisdom (08.07-11, UK)
  • Octavian (08.23-25, UK)
  • Ogives Big Band (08.15-17, UK)
  • Oh my God! It's the Church (08.01-04, UK)
  • Oh Sees (08.22-24, France)
  • OK Kid (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Oktober Lieber (08.22-24, France)
  • Olafur Arnalds (08.01-04, UK)
  • Oliver Heldens (08.24-25, UK)
  • Oliver Koletzki (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Onkl P (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Ookay (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Oscar and the Wolf (08.11, Belgium)
  • Oscar Mulero (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Ostblockschlampen (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Outsiders (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ozomatli feat. Chali 2NA (08.07-12, UK)
  • Paco Garcia (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Paco Osuna (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Panic (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Pan-Pot (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Parkway Drive (08.06, Germany)
  • Partyraiser (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Pat B (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Patrick Topping & Richy Ahmed (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Patti Smith (08.01, UK)
  • Paula Temple (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Peace (08.23-25, UK)
  • Pendulum DJ Set B2B Friction (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Pen Gutt (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Pennywise (08.07-12, UK)
  • Peralta (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Pete Murray (08.07-11, UK)
  • Pharoah Sanders Quartet (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Phase Fatale (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Phuture Noize (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Pijn (08.15-17, UK)
  • Pish (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Pink (08.07, Denmark)
  • Plan B (08.24-25, UK)
  • Playboyz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Polar Inertia (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Polo & Pan (08.23-25, France) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Pond (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Post Malone (08.23-25, UK) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Primal Scream (08.10, UK)
  • Primeshock (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Problem Central (08.07-11, UK)
  • Professor Green (08.23-25, UK)
  • Project One (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Prophets of Rage (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Prospa (08.07-11, UK)
  • Psyko Punkz (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Public Enemies (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Pulley (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Pup (08.14-16, Italy)
  • PVRIS (08.23-25, UK)
  • Pyhimys (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Qatja S (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Queensryche (08.09-11, UK)
  • Quintino (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Protoje & The Indiggnation (08.06-10, Norway) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Radical Redemption (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Rammstein (08.06, Latvia)
  • Ran-D (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Ransom (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Razika (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Razorlight (08.07-11, UK) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Rebekah (08.07-10, Portugal)
  • Rebelion (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Rebourne (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Reche & Recall (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Refuzion (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Regain (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Rejecta (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Rels B (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Republica (08.23-25, UK)
  • Requiem (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Restrained (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Retrospect (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Retrovision (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Rex Orange County (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Rhys Fulber (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Rhythmnreel (08.02-04, UK)
  • Ricardo Villalobos (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Richard Thompson (08.15-18, UK)
  • Richie Hawtin (08.18-22, Croatia) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Rikas (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Rionnagan Rois (08.02-04, UK)
  • Riot Shift (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Robyn (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Rødhåd (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Roger Sanchez (08.08-13, Croatia)
  • Rogers (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Romare (DJ Set) (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Ronald V (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Rond (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Ronnie Flex & Deuxperience (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Rooler (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ross From Friends (08.07-11, UK)
  • Royal Blood (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Rudimental DJ Set (08.15-17, Austria) - Balaton Sound
  • Rudimental live (08.23-25, UK)
  • Rusko (08.01-04, Romania)
  • Russ (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • Russkaja (08.07-11, Germany)
  • Ruthless (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ruusut (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Rvage (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ryan McMullan (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Sabaton (08.09-11, UK)
  • Salt-N-Pepa (08.07-12, UK)
  • Salvatore Ganacci (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Sama' (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sam Fender (08.07-11, UK)
  • Sam Paganini (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Sandy Warez (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • San Salvador (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sasasas (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Scorpions (08.09-11, UK)
  • Sea Girls (08.07-11, UK)
  • Sefa (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Seinabo Sey (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Sekula (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Sei2ure (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Self Esteem (08.07-11, UK)
  • Sephyxx (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Seth Lakeman (08.07-12, UK)
  • Seth Troxler (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Sevana & Jada Kingdom & Naomi Cowan (08.07-12, UK)
  • Shacke One (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Sharon Van Etten (08.15-18, UK)
  • SHDW & Obscure Shape (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • She Drew the Gun (08.07-12, UK)
  • Shy FX (08.24-25, UK)
  • Siberian Meat Grinder (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sick Of It All (08.14-16, Italy)
  • Side Chick (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Sigma (08.24-25, UK)
  • Sigrid (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Sister Nancy & Legal Shot (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sithu Aye (08.15-17, UK)
  • Skegss (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Skream (08.07-12, UK)
  • Slaves (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Slayer (08.03, Germany) - will perform at Budapest Arena
  • Sleaford Mods (08.07-11, UK)
  • Slowthai (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Slushii (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Soak (08.07-11, UK)
  • Sofa (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Solomun (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Sonja Moonear (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Sookee (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Sound Rush (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Southsea Alternative Choir (08.23-25, UK)
  • Spiritualized (08.14-17, Portugal)
  • Starsailor (08.23-25, UK)
  • Stefflon Don (08.23-25, UK)
  • Stephan Bodzin (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Sting (08.01, France) - will perform at Budapest Arena
  • Skeggs (08.07-11, UK)
  • Skerryvore (08.02-04, UK)
  • Skinny Lister (08.07-12, UK)
  • Skream (08.07-12, UK)
  • Slaves (08.07-12, UK)
  • Slowthai (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sonic Species (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sound Rush (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Spag Heddy (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Spitnoise (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Sprinky (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Spurv (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Stadium X (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Standards (08.15-17, UK)
  • Stella Donnelly (08.07-12, UK)
  • Stereolab (08.15-18, UK)
  • Steve Aoki (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • Stormzy (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Stylo G (08.07-12, UK)
  • Sub Focus DJ Set (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Sub Zero Project (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Sugar Horse (08.15-17, UK)
  • Sugus (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Sundara Karma (08.23-25, UK)
  • Sunrise Avenue (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Surgeon (08.07-10, Portugal)
  • Sven Väth (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Submotion Orchestra (08.07-12, UK)
  • Super Cat (08.07-12, UK)
  • System Overload (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Svetlanas (08.07-12, UK)
  • Swedish House Mafia (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Switch: Hype & Hazard (08.24-25, UK)
  • Talco (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Tale of Us (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Tame Impala (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Tender (08.10-11, Romania)
  • Ten Tones (08.16-25, UK)
  • Terrorclown (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Tesseract (08.09-11, UK)
  • Tha Playah (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Thea Hjelmeland (08.06-10, Norway)
  • The Algorithm (08.15-17, UK)
  • The Amazons (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Baboon Show (08.02-03, Spain)
  • The Black Queen (08.15-17, UK)
  • The Black Seeds (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Breath (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Burgess (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Charlatans (08-01-04, Germany)
  • The Chats (08.16-18, Germany)
  • The Chemical Brothers (08.24, UK)
  • The Contortionist (08.15-17, UK)
  • The Courteeners (08.16, UK)
  • The Cure (08.06-10, Norway)
  • The Damned (08.06, Belgium)
  • The Dangleberries (08.02-04, UK)
  • The Dark Horror (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • The Darkness (08.10-11, Iceland)
  • The Distillers (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Dunwells (08.07-11, UK)
  • The Frank & Walters (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • The Futureheads (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Good, The Bad & The Queen (08.15, Luxembourg)
  • The Grand East (08.24, Netherlands)
  • The Hives (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Holy (08.09-11, Finland)
  • The Human League (08.03, UK)
  • The Hunna (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Inspector Cluzo (08.22-24, France)
  • The Japanese House (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Joy Formidable (08.16, UK)
  • The Lizards (08.02-03, Spain)
  • The Magic Gang (08.07-11, UK)
  • The Maine (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Melodyst (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • The National (08.10-11, Romania) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • The Night Cafe (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Ocean (08.06-10, Norway)
  • The Offspring (08.08-10, Germany)
  • The Pearl Hearts (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Physics House Band (08.15-17, UK)
  • The Poozies (08.02-04, UK)
  • The Prodigy (08.16-18, Germany)
  • The Prototypes (08.15-17, Austria)
  • The Psychotic Monks (08.22-24, France)
  • Therapy? (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Restarts (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Rifles (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Satan (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • The Selecter (08.02-04, UK)
  • The Sensational David Bowie Band (08.02-04, UK)
  • The September When (08.16-17, Norway)
  • The Sherlocks (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Sickest Squad (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • The Silver Beatles (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Specials (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Speed Freaks (08.07-12, UK)
  • The Story So Far (08.16-18, Germany)
  • The Streets (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • The Twang (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Twilight Sad (08.16-25, UK)
  • The Undertones (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • The Vaccines (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Wombats (08.23-25, UK)
  • The Zutons (08.23-25, UK)
  • This Is Lovksi (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • This Is The Kit (08.07-12, UK)
  • Thomas Azier (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Three Trapped Tigers (08.15-17, UK)
  • Thyron (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Tinie Tempah (08.24-25, UK)
  • Timmy Trumpet (08/09/11, Germany) - will perform at Balaton Sound
  • Tokyo Machine (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Tom Grennan (08.23-25, UK)
  • Tom McGuire & The Brassholes (08.02-04, UK)
  • Tom Odell (08.02-04, UK) - announced for Sziget on the 5th of March
  • Torridon (08.02-04, UK)
  • TQD (08.24-25, UK)
  • TR-101 (08.22-25, Portugal)
  • Tracyanne & Danny (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Trespassed (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Trettmann (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Triggerfinger (08.15-18, Romania)
  • Turbobier (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Turnstile (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Tyler Childers (08.24, Netherlands)
  • Twin Atlantic (08.16-25, UK)
  • Twinx (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Twisted Wheel (08.23-25, UK)
  • Two Door Cinema Club (08.23-25, UK)
  • Two Feet (08.16-18, Germany)
  • UB40 feat. Ali Campbell & Astro (08.07-12, UK)
  • UFO361 (08.15-17, Austria)
  • Underworld (08.07-10, Portugal)
  • Unge Ferrari (08.06-10, Norway)
  • Unresolved (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Upsammy (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Valentino Kahn (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Valentino Kanzyani (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Valentourettes (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Victor Ruiz (08.09-11, Germany)
  • Villain (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • Ville Vallo & Agents (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Virkelig (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Vitalic pres. Dima live (08.23-24, Poland)
  • Vitor Kley (08.06-10, Portugal)
  • Voigtmann (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Voronoi (08.15-17, UK)
  • Warface (08.21-25, Germany)
  • Weiss (08.07-11, UK)
  • Weval (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Whitney (08.15-17, Norway)
  • Whyte Horses (08.12, Italy-Sardinia)
  • Wild Cat Strike (08.15-17, UK)
  • Wild Youth (08.02-04, Ireland)
  • Wiley (08.24-25, UK)
  • Wilkinson (08.07-11, UK)
  • Will Varley (08.23-25, UK)
  • Willem (08.16-18, Netherlands)
  • Willis Drummond (08.02-03, Spain)
  • Window Kid (08.07-11, UK)
  • Wiwek (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Wretch 32 (08.24-25, UK)
  • Wu-Tang Clan (08.23-24, Poland)
  • W&W (08.15-17, Austria) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Xavier Rudd (08.07-12, UK) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Yazmin Lacey (08.07-12, UK)
  • Yeasayer (08.15-17, Norway) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Yellow Days (08.14-17, Portugal) - announced for Sziget on 02.12.2019
  • Yoshiko (08.09-11, Belgium)
  • You Me At Six (08.16-25, UK)
  • Yung Hurn (08.16-18, Germany)
  • Yungen (08.24-25, UK)
  • Yves Tumor (08.09-11, Finland)
  • Zara Larsson (08.08-10, Sweden)
  • Zetazen (08.07-12, Spain)
  • Ziggy Marley (08.16-18, Netherlands) - playing at Budapest Park
  • Zip (08.18-22, Croatia)
  • Zonderling (08.21-25, Germany)
Highly unlikely names:
  • The Chainsmokers
  • Tiesto
  • J Balvin
  • Nicky Romero
  • Tchami x Malaa
  • Sofi Tukker
  • Jauz
  • Deorro
  • Vinai
  • Dubfire
  • Martin Jensen
  • DJ Snake
  • Future
  • Marshmello
  • Paul Kalkbrenner
  • Hernan Cattaneo
  • Killy
  • Will Sparks
  • Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano
(the above will perform at Balaton Sound)
  • Slipknot
  • Slash
  • Parov Stelar
  • Robin Schulz
  • LP
  • Black Eyed Peas
  • Papa Roach
  • Cypress Hill
  • Martin Solveig
  • Lost Frequencies
  • Jan Blomqvist & Band
  • Kruder & Dorfmeister
  • Nouvelle Vague
  • Deladap
  • Ugly Kid Joe
  • Amaranthe
  • Next Level pres: Habstrakt
  • Bladerunnaz 20: Friction + THE PROTOTYPES
(the above will perform at VOLT Festival)
  • John Newman
(the above will play at Strand Festival)
  • The National
  • Mura Masa
  • Tom Odell
  • Johnny Marr
  • Big Thief
  • Honne
  • David August
  • Broken Social Scene
  • Coheed and Cambria
  • Jax Jones
  • Sonny Fodera
  • Polo & Pan
  • Khruangbin
  • Black Mountain
  • Grace Carter
  • Ocean Alley
  • Burak Yeter
  • Post Malone
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • James Blake
  • Years & Years
  • Tove Lo
  • Razorlight
  • Son Lux
  • Richie Hawtin
  • Jain
  • Yeasayer
  • Yellow Days
  • Tove Styrke
  • Masego
  • Protoje & The Indiggnation
  • Xavier Rudd
  • Wanda
  • W&W
  • Vini Vici
  • Carnage
  • Sigala
  • Hucci
  • Elderbrook
  • Roosevelt
  • Anna of The North
  • Fakear
  • Valeras
  • Welshly Arms
  • Foo Fighters
  • Florence + The Machine
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • The 1975
  • Martin Garrix
  • Richard Ashcroft
  • Catfish & The Bottlemen
  • Kodaline
  • Chvrches
  • Jungle
  • The Blaze
  • Maribou State
  • Parcels
  • Superorganism
  • Pale Waves
  • Boy Pablo
  • Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls
  • Alma
  • Gang Of Youths
  • Of Mice & Men
  • Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes
  • Yungblud
  • Tamino
  • Ed Sheeran
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2018.11.30 08:20 Readyfohdis Chadtronic Twitter Memes

NES Controller Pillow
Tag someone you would hit with this 28 Feb 2018

Chadtronic Look-Alike
chadtronic dating sim 9 Mar 2018

Chadtronic Costume and Chadtronic Logo Sign
Hardcore fricks! 10 Mar 2018

Nanalan' Yoda
I found this Yoda Doll and just 16 Mar 2018

Chadtronic and Spongegbob
Marvel: “Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history.” Me: 20 Mar 2018

Violation of Roblox Terms of Service 22 Mar 2018

Chadtronic Shooting Greg the Dancing Lobster with Nerf Gun
@Chadtronic YA'LL BETTER TURN THIS INTO A MEME 14 Apr 2018

Chadtronic and My Friend Cayla FanArt
Hey @Chadtronic! I discovered your channel recently and absolutely love your stuff, so I made some fanart for you! (I hope you still don't have that doll in your house). 30 Apr 2018

Tortimer is an NPC in Animal Crossing not a Predator
TV News: Is this the man in Calafornia Police are Warning about? 15 May 2018

Mommytimes.Net on Screen in Hotel
@Chadtronic In the hotel I'm staying at during my brother's grad, there's a tablet-like thing by the elevator that... I actually have no idea what it's there for. Maybe the employees? Anyways, here's the thing I obviously had to do with it 26 Jun 2018

"Chadtronic is this you?" Starter Pack
My favorite starter pack 2 Aug 2018

NoZones: The Zone Ranger's Backstory
You know that guy with the hoverbike? He has a backstory. 4 Aug 2018

We need Chadtronic
A still frame from the next chadtronic video 17 Aug 2018 at Retropalooza
Yo we out here @TheRetropalooza. One more day left! #mommytimes 30 Sep 2018

Chadtronic is Doing His Part
subscribe to pewdiepie 2 Dec 2018

Chadtronic the Final Boss
Top Ten Final Bosses in Video Games 4 Dec 2018

Chadtronic on Kazoo
“Hey Chad you playin’ smash tonight?” No dog, I’m playing this 6 Dec 2018

Kazoo Kid (Brett Ambler) Thanks Chadtronic for the Special Friends performance on the kazoo.
Happy birthday to my special friend @brettambler 8 Dec 2018 10 Dec 2018 10 Dec 2018

Chadtronic Nickelodeon Modelling Career
Official promotional image for Nickelodeon's new slime factory toy... 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤔 It's also on the box 1 Dec 2018
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2018.07.15 01:22 HaroldGarretson The First Coma (Those Who Dream)

“Dr.Garretson, it’s a pleasure as always.” A silky voice said as the doctor walked through the revolving glass doors of his octagon shaped hospital.
"Thank you Martha, are there any new deliveries for me? I’m expecting about twenty-five syringes.” He went forward into the building, and relaxed his arms on the front desk of the building in front of a skinny, dark haired woman.
“No sir, but I hear you have a file for a patient on your desk,” she let her hair down from a bun, and it fell to the middle of her back. “It requires almost immediate attention.”
“Almost? Describe your choice of words,” the doctor flashed a wink at Martha.
“Well, besides your patient, many women need attention.” Martha returned the wink. The doctor let out a roar of a laugh and walked up a staircase to the left of the desk. He saw everything in that moment as a joke, he never saw himself as someone to be loved,… She did though. And his laughter broke her heart.
“I enjoy our talks Dr.Garretson, I hope they become more frequent.” She said, holding back a tear.
“If I keep getting as little work to do as I am now, that wish just might come true.” His upbeat tone ruptured her feelings of sadness, and made her smile. His tone makes almost everyone in the hospital have a little bit of cheer.
As he walked up to his office, to his desk, he saw a peach folder sitting upon a stack of papers he had been writing on. He moved the folder and filed the papers below it, they were all old surgical and death records. Garretson looks through them each and every time he walks in that office to see how he can get better at saving lives. How can he make someone’s life last longer? Happier? More fulfilled?
He returned to his desk, sat down and lifted the file towards him, it was heavy, and didn't close all the way. Something besides papers was in there. He set it down on front of him, turned on a silver desk lamp Martha gave him last Christmas. The doctor sat down in a leathery black chair on wheels, and opened the file. On the inside there was a small stack of papers, a tape recorder, and two pictures of a girl, one where she’s standing in a field, the other when she’s lying down on cement.
The doctor begins by reading the first paper on the stack, it seemed to be a briefing of some sort. Most of it was in Spanish, he hadn't spoken a word of that language since he graduated college, and yet it is the second most spoken language in the world. He looked at some of it, and it was self explanatory. Although he had no idea what “Apellido” meant, he could assume it had to do with the patients name, as it said “Martinez” after it. He figured out her time found, and then got stumped at a random set of numbers. He pulled out his phone, and dialed for his daughter.
“Hey dad! You never call! What do you need?” A cheery voice rang from over the phone.
“Hey sweetie, you know Spanish right?” The doctor felt embarrassed by this. He always thought it was him that was going to be called by his daughter early in the morning asking how to deal with something. Truth is, she’s doing better than he’s ever done.
“Yeah dad, why?” Her voice went from cheery to inquisitive as soon as she said dad.
“Some idiot gave me a paper in Spanish, what does ‘cumpleanos’ mean?” His voice got lower, as he got a feeling as if his office walls were getting thinner. Everyone around him spoke the language, and he was worried that all these “young ones” would mock this sixty-one year old man.
“It means birthday, come on pops. Didn't you have to take some Spanish in high school?”
“No, I went with French.”
“Ah, well… Anything else?” Her voice went back to a cheery tone, the kind that is always annoying because you know that person is happier than you… A tone only a father can love.
“No, thank you.”
“Next time you can just text if it’s one thing you need, it’s easier.”
“For you not for me.”
“Maybe so, bye dad.”
She hung up before he can return the farewell. He thought it to be no matter, as he needs to continue with his work. He looked at the door of his office and the youngest doctor in the offices was peaking in.
“Gringo.” The young doctor chuckled. It only inspired Garretson to close his door. He proceeded to look through the papers, and everything else he searched on google, he didn't wish anyone else to overhear his embarrassment. After some time he went upstairs, and went into the room where the patient reportedly was. A nurse was sitting beside the bed taking her blood pressure.
“How long has she been here? I didn't read all of my papers.” Garretson asked the nurse.
“Two hours, but this is the third time I've been told to take her to someplace new.” The nurse did not hide any of the annoyance she felt of coming back to her.
“Can you prepare her for a PET? I’m interested more in her brain than her other attributes.”
“Sure, only if every other guy were like you.” She than become to mutter words inaudible to Garretson.
“Bad date last night I suppose?” He snapped on a few gloves as he smirked a little.
“What would you know about dates old man?” The nurse walked out of the room.
“I’m often right.” He whispered. He then went on to view the patient for himself. He took note of grey highlights at the bottom of her long, black hair. He then examined her hands, wrists.
“Typical teens, always depressed and not enjoying life.” He implied as he found eight cuts on her wrists. He then examined her legs, last her facial features. Garretson found it interesting how even though she was about sixteen, not one zit or pimple appeared on her face, or otherwise. The nurse came back with some equipment, and the doctor was quick to question her more.
“Why isn't she hooked up to anything?” He said this as he observed the room to have nothing but a Heart Monitor.
"She was recently moved to this room, don't you listen old man?"
"Sorry, must be my old age. How's that PET prep going?"
"Give me a few minutes, her brain isn't going anywhere."
The doctor decided to go back to his office in the meantime, he felt as if that nurse wasn't going to get anything done anytime soon. The computer on his desk beeped, signaling a e-mail for him. He let out a long sigh when he saw who it was from. His brother. He had little to no fond memories of his younger brother, and his brother's morales were corrupt. He opened it, and read:
Hello Doctor,
I have been working hard in my apothecary, and even though our last departure from eachother was not a happy ending, I believe I have something that would really satisfy you and help with a question we once asked as children. If you wish to see it in action, you have my apothecary's address. You know my hours.
-Professor Garretson
He dreaded what his brother may've been upto. Last he heard of him he struck a deal with five of the local mortuaries in the state to transport all "unclaimed" bodies to him. But at the same time, he was hopeful this time he might be able to change his brother's mind. He might be able to prevent a frankenstein myth becoming something told in history books. He might stop his brother from killing himself. He might stop war from having an ever gruesome change.
"Doctor, she is prepped," the nurse walked in to his office to say.
"Wonderful, let’s get today over and done with."
After she slammed the weight of her body against the glass frame, she fell to the floor unexpecting of the resistance the cracked window would have against her body. In her attempts to stand again, glass cut through her foot revealing blood and bone. The pain she felt was minimal though.
She limped past a comfortable couch, fireplace, television, and what seemed to be a cafeteria to a desk almost instinctively. Behind the desk she found a wrap to cover her foot after she pulled out remaining shards of glass. She decided to wrap her other foot for safety, in case she was not afforded the opportunity to watch where she walks.
She limped slowly back to the comfortable couch and laid down upon the almond leather. The growing screams and pangs of her body kept her awake for a small eternity and grew stronger when she pushed her body off the leather and towards the window to look for her predator. It was nowhere in sight, and the moanings it haunted her with had silenced.
She limped around some more to find information of her current shelter, each step of her right foot squeezing out a red footprint to the floor. She couldn't believe a place so homely and warm was this close to a forest so haunted. She was set to find a place to dry her dress after hiding under the rocks above the river. She found an elevator with signs of significant locations, one of which being a laundromat on the fourth floor.
As soon as she got there she came to the realization that this may be a place made for her, a haven. She looked in the very first machine of the little room that was set aside for folding, washing, and drying one's clothes. She found four quarters, all of which she was able to use to her advantage in drying her dress. She disrobed and quickly started the machine.
As she sat there watching the machine spin the purple dress around, the humming took her back to days her father took her on long trips in the old, orange truck through hills and woods, to lakes and beaches. A peace she would always ask for. A peace that would never be back. She almost fell asleep to it, to have a pleasant dream.
However, the screeching of the machine demanding that the whole building knows it has finished it’s job woke her to the moment when she first saw the shadow-faced predator. To the moment where she had to run over dirt, rocks, and mud losing sandals in the process. To the moment where her hair was caught and tangled in a tree, and as she struggled to break loose of the tree's grasp she heard it calling her name louder and louder.
"CAMILLE!" Echoed through the forest.
The moment she jumped in the river, and she heard it's steps on the rocks right above her head. Looser soil would've given her a concussion. If the rapids weren't roaring like a lion, her heavy breathing would've been heard. If the sun that once tanned her skin was any lower she might've been found through her reflection. However this beast of the night did not find her. And all the things she once thought to end her childhood actually saved her life.
She grabbed her clothing from the machine and quickly slipped into the dress at the end of it all as if it were a t-shirt. Before leaving the room she managed to find a card key for one of the rooms. She prayed and prayed to gods that she didn't believe in for one of these rooms have a place for her to lay. Luckily it only took her three tries to find a door that opened to her laundry room loot. It only took her three tries to find a bed with fresh white sheets, pillows and pillow cases, and a large white comforter.
Hours later she woke to white pillows, and red sheets. Breathing became harder as she panicked, she still was unsure what was happening to her body. She quickly rushed out of her bed and just as quickly fell to the floor. Pain was shot up through her whole left leg as she realized the blood was coming from her foot, and the only changing required was her bandages.
"Always wrap it tight, always replace it after night." Her father told her. Full of good advice, and just as full of bad decisions.
She looked around the hotel room to she what she could fashion into a makeshift crutch. She found an ironing board and tore a leg off, and used that to keep off her leg as she went down to the lobby. She rediscovered the bandages, and this time had the idea to bring them with her. She secured them into the straps of her bra and returned towards the elevator with a hump on her right shoulder and a leg of an ironing board.
Before leaving the lobby she found a small convenience store, packed with food, "Catchers" as her father called the,, sweets, "men's special hats" coined again from her father, and a set of four tools that Cammile couldn't quite place. She made a mental note, as she was not sure if there was any food was in her hotel room. But her priority was now to clean up.
As she came back up to the fourth floor, it took only moments of the elevator door being open, and moments of looking down the poorly lit hallway to realize that all the doors were now wide open. With her heart racing, and not knowing whether or not her predator had locked down on where she could be, she made a stomp on the elevator with her crutch to try and lure out any searchful souls. None answered to her call. She went back to the room she slept in, and to her surprise the bed was made. The bed was no longer bloody. The pillows were in a straight line again and the blanket was wrapped tight around the mattress as it was before she coiled her aching body into it's warmth.
She pushed the door closed with no difficulty, and as it closed she heard a thousand other doors being shut. She reopened her door to examine what happened, ran across the hall in attempts to reopen the door on the other side, but it would not open at the strength of her hand. She went back into her room, into what she first discovered as accessible to her, and found her way into the restroom.
The shower head was right next to the toilet, with a bench under it, and several planks of wood holding soap nearby. The whole restroom was tile, and it seemed like a sims game where someone forgot to separate the shower from the rest of the bathroom with a wall. A drain was placed dead center of the floor. She put the bandages on the highest shelf furthest from the shower head, and slowly prepped for water to run over her body again, this time with warmth.
She closed her eyes towards the running water and the water seemed to heal her body, she felt as if her cuts and bruises were closing, the gash on her foot turned into a raw scab, and most of her aches went away. The only pain she felt was when she rested her weight on her left foot, the inside still feeling like a shredded hell, and a calm but constant ache in her chest. She looked towards the center of the room, the drain was swallowing a heavy flow of blood. She felt herself panic again, as she felt around for any open wounds on her body, she still didn't know what to do. Her father never explained well.
"Even when I don't get hunted, do I still have to be dying?" She watched as blood kept flowing out of her. "I need a catcher." She said as she wrapped both her feet, and mostly clothed herself as she went down to the lobby again without assistance. She did not want to die.
Dr.Garretson took careful time to analyze each image of the teenager's scan. The most shocking part of the image was that Cammile was by no means unconcious despite what her body was showing. The PET scan showed, infact, that she was wide awake in some form. Dreaming?
A comatose patient that was actively dreaming was a shock, rarely shown. And it was more than a deep sleep his patient was in. He decided to have the patient replaced and start looking for resources about her guardians.
"Martha," The Doctor whispered into a wall mounted microphone. "Please bring me folder on Cammile."
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2018.07.10 15:04 TheMy5teryMan Paul Blart 💦💦🍆🍆 Mall Cop 👮👮👮

Let's go! Move it!
50 more ➕➕ yards!
All right 👉, let's go! Pick ⛏ it up ☝☝!
You're 👉 running 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ out 🏎🏍 of time ⌚⌚⌚, Bryant!
Make it all the way ↕️ around the track! Come on 🔛!
You want 😋 to be troopers? You better move it!
All right 👉👉, next ⏭, get 🉐 up ☝☝ here 👈👈!
Let's hit 👊👊 it now.
Dean, come on 🔛!
All right 👉. You've all completed the written exam ⌛⌛⌛.
However, you must now pass 🎫🎫🎫 the obstacle course
to be admitted into the training 🏋️‍♀️ program 📺.
And remember, survive this ⬆,
and you're 👉 on 🔛 the front lines of keeping New 🆕🆕 Jersey 🇯🇪 safe.
Yeah 🙌.
Sorry 💔💔 about the test ⌛⌛, Dad 👨.
We all have 🈶 our crosses to bear 🐻, sweetheart.
Mine is 🈶 named hypoglycemia.
Well, that's why 🤔 you always 🕔 have 🈶 to have 🈶 sugar nearby.
Are you gonna have 🈶 pie 🥧🥧?
Not tonight, Ma.
I'm just kidding. Yeah 🙌, I'm gonna want 😋 some pie 🥧.
No 😣😣, I meant now, Ma. Get 🉐🉐 the pie 🥧🥧🥧 now.
and I just kind of got that stuck in my head 💆 now,
and can't really get 🉐 it out 🏎🏍. Pie 🥧🥧. Here 👈👈 we go.
It really helps heal.
And, you know 🤔, not always 🕔, but sometimes,
you gotta do like 😄😄 the kids 👦👦👦 say 🗣, and just say 🗣🗣, "Whatever."
Kids 👦👦👦 don't talk 🗣 like 😄 that.
Some do, sweetheart. The older ones, okay 👌👌?
I hear 👂👂👂 them in the mall 🏬🏬🏬. You know 🤔?
Peanut butter.
It just fills the cracks of the heart 😍😍.
Go away, pain.
Oh, no 😣😣. Come on 🔛🔛, Ma.
I'm not ready for this ⬆ right 👉 now.
We just don't want 😋 to see 👁👁 you go through another holiday alone.
But I'm not alone.
I've 🙋 got you two ✌✌✌. You know 🤔?
And besides, Black Friday's coming,
so my dance 💃 card's gonna be pretty full 🈵🈵.
What 😅? It's the busiest shopping 👖👖 day of the year.
Yeah 🙌, I should have 🈶🈶 known better than to try to explain it to civilians.
I wish 🙏🙏 I had a coworker here 👈👈, like 😄, "Tyler, hey 👋. You know 🤔, Black Friday's coming."
"Gee, Paul 👽, you don't have 🈶🈶 to tell 🗣 me Black Friday's coming.
"Why 🤔 do you think 🤔 I've 🙋 been walking 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️ around here 👈👈
"with the eyes 🤩🤩 of an eagle 🦅🦅?"
with being happy 😀😀 for the rest 😪😪😪 of your 👉 life 💓?
You said, and I quote, "If I don't have 🈶 a girlfriend by November,
"I'll let you sign ⛎⛎⛎ me up ☝ for"
That was last year.
Okay 👌👌.
"What 😅 are you looking for in a woman 👧?"
Well, your 👉 mother 👪👪👪 certainly had something special 🌟.
Yeah 🙌, illegal immigrant status.
She married you, got citizenship, and then she left 👈👈 us.
That's not entirely true.
We did have 🈶 some good 👌👍🏾 times back ⬅️⬅️⬅️ when ⏰ she was still trying to trick me.
She gave me you.
Okay 👌👌, next ⏭⏭⏭ question ❓❓. "Tell 🗣 us about yourself."
Let's see 👁👁👁.
I know 🤔 a lot about sharks.
Let me stop ✋✋ you right 👉👉👉 there.
Well-built 👷‍♀️ and a great 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 hugger.
Awesome 👍👍👍, Grandma.
Not as awesome 👍👍 as this ⬆.
What 😅 are you doing?
Beefing up ☝☝ your 👉 profile with that nifty video 📼 that you made a few years back ⬅️.
Ma, no 😣.
I don't know 🤔. Don't you think 🤔 it's a little too, "Hey 👋, look 👁👁 at me"?
Well, that is 🈶 exactly what 😅 we want 😋.
Eyes 🤩 on 🔛🔛🔛 the prize.
And don't worry, I will edit out 🏎🏍 the sweaty parts.
Dear God!
Hey 👋! Back ⬅️⬅️⬅️ away from the vehicle 🚗.
Oh, dear God. Please 🙏.
Chompers, get 🉐 down ⬇⬇!
Hey 👋, you know 🤔 where 🤷 a men 👴👴👴's room is 🈶?
I do. You're 👉 gonna want 😋 to go to Lord 👑 and Taylor.
They got 12 stalls and heated seats.
Okay 👌👌, keep the balls 🏀 in the pit, kids 👦👦👦. Kids 👦👦👦!
Okay 👌👌👌, my lip is 🈶 numb.
All righty.
Hey 👋.
Yeah 🙌, I know 🤔.
That's not supposed to be here 👈👈. It's a minivan.
... he can't handle it. The puck travels to the far board...
He keeps the play 🎽🎽 alive.
What 😅 is 🈶 this ⬆?
That's my report on 🔛 how 🤔 to ease traffic flow from Macy's
down ⬇⬇ through the specialty shops.
You see 👁👁, if we could reroute the customers away from the food 🐟 court 👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️👩‍⚖️,
it's gonna help 🆘 the kiosks and cut 🥩🥩 down ⬇⬇ on 🔛🔛 shopper frustration.
It's your 👉 classic two ✌✌✌-bird 🐔🐔, one 1️⃣-stone ⬜ scenario.
Why 🤔 can't you just punch in, shut up ☝ and punch out 🏎🏍 like 😄😄 the rest 😪 of us?
Safety never ❌ takes a holiday.
Did your 👉 mom 👪 crochet that on 🔛🔛 a pillow?
This ⬆ is 🈶 Sims. He's a new 🆕 trainee. Let him trail you today.
Hey 👋. Paul 👽 Blart. Ten-year veteran.
Wow 😮. Veck Sims.
Well, Veck Sims, welcome to the show 📺. Let's mount up ☝☝.
Oh, yeah 🙌. That's the good 👌👍🏾 stuff.
That's it. Treat her gentle, son.
Slap it, honor it.
So what 😅 made you want 😋 to pursue security 🛡?
I never ❌ finished high 🆙🆙 school 🎓🎓🎓. This ⬆ is 🈶 all I could get 🉐🉐.
Yeah 🙌, I'm currently working 🏗🏗🏗 on 🔛🔛 becoming a state trooper, myself.
Right 👉 now, I'm goose egg 🐣 for eight 8️⃣. Hypoglycemia.
Confusing, right 👉👉? Cut 🥩🥩🥩 yourself some slack.
My first 🥇🥇🥇 week riding on 🔛 the job 💼, I got lost 🏳🏳🏳 behind the Sears.
They found me later in the fetal position, sporting a full 🈵 beard.
I'm kidding. I can't grow a beard.
My uncle 👴 can. Stay snug.
Now, in the event 🎫🎫 that you approach an assailant,
here 👈👈's what 😅 I want 😋 you to do. You're 👉 gonna pull up ☝,
left 👈 hip forward ⏭, placing your 👉 right 👉👉👉 hand 👍 on 🔛 your 👉 away hip thusly,
giving the illusion that you have 🈶🈶🈶 a gun 🔫🔫🔫. Which, of course, we both know 🤔
you don't.
Okay 👌👌? But you know 🤔 what 😅 we do have 🈶?
Our voices! We have 🈶🈶🈶 our voices.
If you remember one 1️⃣ thing from today, it's this ⬆.
The mind 🤯🤯🤯 is 🈶 the only weapon 🔫🔫 that doesn't need a holster.
Right 👉👉. Awesome 👍👍. How 🤔 long do we get 🉐 for lunch 🥪?
Half hour. But I eat 🍽🍽🍽 in 20, which leaves 🍃🍃 me five 5️⃣ minutes for social time ⌚⌚,
five 5️⃣ minutes to get 🉐 refocused.
We got a high 🆙 roller.
Sir 👨, I'm gonna need you to pull to the right 👉.
Please 🙏 pull to the side, sir 👨👨. Out 🏎🏍 of traffic.
Tan jacket 🧥, red 👹👹 scooter, please 🙏🙏 pull to the right 👉, out 🏎🏍 of traffic.
Sir 👨.
Thank 🙏 you.
Driving 🚦🚦 kind of recklessly back ⬅️ there, sir 👨👨.
You're 👉 kidding.
I don't joke about shopper safety.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have 🈶🈶 to issue ⚠️⚠️ you a citation.
Gonna need your 👉 first 🥇🥇🥇 and last. Last first 🥇🥇🥇.
Sir 👨. Sir 👨. Sir 👨👨, sir 👨👨, sir 👨👨.
Please 🙏 don't make this ⬆ more ➕➕➕ difficult than it needs to be, okay 👌?
Are you able to... Sir 👨👨. Sir 👨👨! Sir 👨. I am warning 🚧🚧🚧 you, sir 👨.
You're 👉 pushing it.
Sir 👨. Sir 👨. I am warning 🚧🚧... Sir 👨👨.
Sir 👨👨👨. Sir 👨👨👨. Sir 👨.
Okay 👌.
This ⬆ is 🈶 adding up ☝, sir 👨. He'll be back ⬅️⬅️. He'll be back ⬅️. He'll be back ⬅️.
Yes 👍. I'd like 😄😄 to welcome you to our mall 🏬🏬.
Well, thank 🙏 you.
Is 🈶 there something else?
Yeah 🙌. Yeah 🙌, yeah 🙌.
Just looking for some hair 💈 extensions.
Need a little more ➕ volume 🔈🔈 up ☝☝ top 🔼. Do you do men 👴👴?
Do you do men 👴👴 hair 💈💈💈? Do you do men 👴👴👴 hair 💈💈? On 🔛 the men 👴👴👴?
Are you the guy 👦👦 that crashed into the minivan?
I don't think 🤔🤔🤔 so. Which one 1️⃣1️⃣?
Well, that one 1️⃣. That one 1️⃣ right 👉 there.
Yeah 🙌. That one 1️⃣, yes 👍👍👍. That... You know 🤔, that one 1️⃣1️⃣ was me.
Although they're docking the paycheck 💸 pretty good 👌👍🏾.
Yeah 🙌.
You know 🤔 what 😅 you should do? You should get 🉐🉐🉐 the security 🛡🛡🛡 tape 📽,
and then, like 😄😄😄, sell it to one 1️⃣1️⃣ of those shows, you know 🤔, where 🤷 people 👫 crash into stuff.
Volume 🔈. Right 👉👉, let me just see 👁👁 what 😅 I've 🙋 got.
Yeah 🙌, this ⬆ is 🈶 Blart. If you need me, I'm over by the kiosks.
Who 💁 is 🈶 this ⬆?
It's Officer Blart, reporting from Sector 5.
What 😅 the hell are you bothering me for?
You know 🤔, I'll check in with them later. It's pretty intense.
Oh, right 👉👉, yeah 🙌. Life 💓 of a security 🛡 guard.
and it's perfectly acceptable...
I'm so sorry 💔💔 if I called you the wrong thing.
No 😣, no 😣😣😣, no 😣😣, no 😣😣😣. You did fine, you know 🤔?
It's just that there's a huge, huge controversy
brewing in the industry 🏭🏭🏭 right 👉👉 now,
whether the title should be Security 🛡🛡 Guard or Officer.
I'm sure you heard about it.
So, you all set for the busiest shopping 👖👖 day of the year?
Yeah 🙌, right 👉. And the worst 😡 day for a birthday 🎂.
This ⬆ year, it falls on 🔛🔛🔛 a Black Friday, which means I probably won't even get 🉐🉐 a card.
Everyone's too busy shopping 👖👖.
You know 🤔 what 😅? Yeah 🙌. Autumn Ash.
At those prices, now you got me thinking 🤔 ponytail.
All right 👉. Thank 🙏 you.
Thank 🙏 you.
And, there you go.
Thank 🙏 you, Amy.
Thank 🙏 you, Officer Blart.
Hey 👋, Blart. Wow 😮😮😮, nice shirt 👕.
You went with a medium?
It's a bit formfitting,
but that's 'cause 🎗 we're required to wear protective vests under our...
No 😣😣. Not buying it. No 😣.
'Cause 🎗🎗🎗 I don't see 👁👁 any vest underneath here 👈👈, so...
No 😣😣, but it's a thick T-shirt 👕👕. Basically like 😄😄 a thermal they have 🈶🈶🈶 you wear.
Nope 🙅. Nope 🙅🙅. No 😣.
I don't understand why 🤔 you're 👉 laughing 🤣. I just called you fat.
I'm not laughing 🤣🤣.
Yeah 🙌, whatever. Amy.
Hey 👋, everyone's going to American 🗽 Joe's tonight, and I want 😋 to see 👁 you there.
Okay 👌👌? We're gonna split some onion strings.
Wow 😮. Wow 😮😮.
Good 👌👍🏾.
Good 👌👍🏾 hang.
Wow 😮😮, yeah 🙌. That's great 🇬🇧.
Hey 👋, Blart, they need you at Victoria's Secret 😉.
Okay 👌, roger that.
Okay 👌👌👌, I gotta go.
Okay 👌👌. Bye.
Ladies. Problem ⚠️⚠️.
What 😅's the genesis?
She's trying to take the last push ✋-up ☝ bra in this ⬆ size.
There's gonna be a new 🆕 shipment tomorrow. They'll be here 👈👈 by noon 🕛.
Well, I need this ⬆ one 1️⃣1️⃣ now. I have 🈶 a date 👫👫👫 tonight.
Really? Is 🈶 he blind 🦇?
Whoa 😮! Waterproof shoes 👠 and Baggies on 🔛🔛 the socks 🧦🧦.
Not my first 🥇🥇🥇 rodeo.
Okay 👌, ladies, need to see 👁👁👁 some ID 🆔.
No 😣, you don't.
Ma'am, I should warn you, I do have 🈶 the authority to make a citizen's arrest 👮‍♀️👮‍♀️.
So does anyone. I could arrest 👮‍♀️👮‍♀️ you right 👉👉👉 now.
Can I see 👁 you for a second 🥈🥈, please 🙏, ma'am?
Look 👁👁, I understand your 👉 sensitivity.
I've 🙋 had some issues with weight ⚖ myself.
I'm just saying I've 🙋 been down ⬇⬇ that road 🛣.
I mean 😏😏😏... I mean 😏😏, I'm still on 🔛🔛 it. We both are, you know 🤔? Stranded.
Let's face 😀😀😀 it, we eat 🍽 to fill a void, right 👉👉?
But as soon 🔜🔜🔜 as I started eating healthier,
I noticed I wasn't so moody.
And PS, your 👉 skin's gonna clear up ☝☝☝.
She's got tremendous upper body strength.
Backup! Backup!
She's biting my neck 🧣. She's biting my neck 🧣🧣.
Backup! Backup!
Look 👁, I know 🤔 you're 👉 new 🆕 here 👈👈 and all,
but "backup" seems like 😄😄 a pretty universal term.
Hey 👋. Can I give you a lift?
What 😅, on 🔛 that?
With an inexperienced driver I would recommend no 😣,
but with me, you'll be as safe as the President 👑.
I don't know 🤔. Couldn't that get 🉐 you fired?
Yes 👍👍, it could.
Okay 👌👌.
And here 👈👈 you go. Safe and sound 👂.
Fun 💃💃💃 fact for you, a lot of people 👫 think 🤔 the Mustang was named after the horse 🐴.
It was actually named after the P-51 Mustang.
Well, thank 🙏 you for the ride, Paul 👽👽. That was so much fun 💃💃.
No 😣😣😣 problem ⚠️⚠️.
Listen 👂👂👂,
if you ever, you know 🤔, need rides anywhere,
Dispatch, they can get 🉐 me. You know 🤔.
Yeah 🙌, and I'll punch my number in.
Left 👈 it in the casuals. You know 🤔 what 😅?
Just give me your 👉 number and I'll remember it.
Now I'm ready.
...01... ...01...
...78. - Eight 8️⃣. Got it.
That's it. It's locked.
Great 🇬🇧, so I'll see 👁👁 you tonight at American 🗽🗽 Joe's, right 👉?
Yeah 🙌, I mean 😏😏, everybody's going, so...
Yeah 🙌, I'm there.
Good 👌👍🏾 to be here 👈👈.
I'm sorry 💔, what 😅 were you saying?
No 😣😣😣, I was just saying that
the first 🥇 American 🗽 Joe's actually opened its doors in 1972.
And most people 👫👫, because of its service 🛎 and theme,
think 🤔🤔 that it's derivative of Abe and Louie's, but it's not.
It's its own thing.
You really know 🤔 a lot of facts, Paul 👽👽.
Hey 👋, Blart, I heard you got your 👉 ass 🍑 handed to you by a fat chick at Victoria's Secret 😉😉.
Well, I don't hit 👊👊 women 👵👵👵,
Hey 👋, why 🤔 don't you go over to the bar 🎯 and grab yourself one 1️⃣1️⃣ of those girly drinks?
Hey 👋, listen 👂, I... We're basically already together, so...
I wasn't... I didn't even realize that.
I just want 😋 you to grab a hold of it, tight.
I mean 😏😏, it's not like 😄😄😄 you really had a chance, okay 👌?
Security 🛡 guard? Really.
But you're 👉 a pen 🖊 salesman, dude.
Yeah 🙌, and I just bought a Camry, so you can eat 🍽🍽 me.
All right 👉, bro 💪. Back ⬅️⬅️ off. You know 🤔, we're all just here 👈👈 having fun 💃.
Okay 👌, bro 💪.
What 😅?
Hey 👋, thanks 🙏 for getting my back ⬅️⬅️ there, brother.
Security 🛡🛡 blood 💉💉💉 runs deep between... Yeah 🙌, let's just go.
Not yet. Now I'm ready. Okay 👌👌.
And, go!
Leon, I can't give you the Heimlich, so you better chew.
I know 🤔.
Told you, boy 👶. You better hurry up ☝☝.
There you go. Nachos in my face 😀😀.
Oh, my God. These peppers. The peppers are hot 😅😅.
Oh, my God. Oh, that's a hot 😅😅 pepper.
Nachos are good 👌👍🏾, man 👦👦👦.
Better inform all your 👉 friends, boy 👶. Nachos about to be gone.
You're 👉 lagging behind.
Come on 🔛🔛🔛, Paul 👽👽. Playing games.
I love 😍 these nachos, I'll tell 🗣 you that much.
Twist it.
Feel the nub.
You want 😋 fruit 🍏🍏?
Bye! You blinked! You blinked.
Time ⌚ to pluck the grape from the vine.
Still got the Baggies! Hot 😅😅 jiggity.
Coming on 🔛 the left 👈.
False alarm 🚨.
Told my mom 👪 everything about us.
What 😅 are you talking about?
You're 👉 acting 🎭🎭 coy. Come on 🔛. It's natural.
You know 🤔. You so know 🤔.
No 😣, I'm sorry 💔, Paul 👽👽👽. I don't know 🤔.
Snap. Pop goes the weasel.
So happy 😀😀😀!
Yeah 🙌!
Yeah 🙌!
I believe in magic 🎩🎩🎩!
No 😣😣 way ↕️↕️!
I'm sorry 💔💔 it didn't work 💼 out 🏎🏍, dear.
It's fine, Ma.
Yeah 🙌, I don't think 🤔 so, sweetheart. I think 🤔 I'm just gonna turn in.
Well, how 🤔 about something special 🌟 for lunch 🥪🥪 tomorrow to cheer you up ☝☝?
I don't think 🤔 so, Ma. It's fine.
If something's gonna work 💼💼, it would be the sloppy joe.
But that would probably... You know 🤔.
You know 🤔, if you're 👉 doing the sloppy joe, do the sweet 🍯 potato 🥔🥔🥔 fries 🍟.
But it... Whatever, you know 🤔. Well done. Yeah 🙌.
Maya. Hey 👋.
Dad 👨. I'm so sorry 💔.
It's okay 👌👌.
There are other fish 🐟🐟🐟 in the sea 🦑.
You just gotta keep looking.
And it doesn't matter what 😅 you do.
Because once someone takes the time ⌚ to get 🉐 to know 🤔 the real you,
all bets are off.
If it doesn't work 💼💼 out 🏎🏍, you'll always 🕔 have 🈶🈶🈶 us.
I'm sorry 💔💔, sweetie, I popped my ears. I didn't hear 👂 a word you were saying.
You just have 🈶 to...
Is 🈶 that a tattoo?
I... Yeah 🙌, yeah 🙌, it is 🈶.
When ⏰ did you get 🉐 it?
It's the Loch Ness monster 👹👹👹.
I don't drink 🍹.
That was
a little weird 😕 the other night 😴😴, huh 😕?
Yeah 🙌, you know 🤔, it had its moments. Yeah 🙌.
Was one 1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣ of them when ⏰ I tried to make out 🏎🏍 with your 👉 purse 👛?
You see 👁, alcohol 🍺🍺 instantly turns to sugar in the blood 💉.
And what 😅 happens is 🈶 the capillaries...
Yeah 🙌, look 👁👁. A lot of people 👫...
Pretty much everybody, you know 🤔, tends to write ✍ me off.
And if you did, too, believe me, I get 🉐🉐🉐 it.
I just... I guess what 😅 I'm asking is 🈶 that you don't.
Okay 👌👌. You know 🤔, I'm sorry 💔, I've 🙋 just...
I've 🙋 gotta cash 🏦🏦🏦 my paycheck 💸 before the bank 🏦 closes. I'm...
No 😣😣 problem ⚠️. Maybe we could talk 🗣🗣 later or something?
You know 🤔, Paul 👽, everybody texts these days.
I can't believe you don't have 🈶🈶 a cell phone 🤳🤳🤳.
I'm not about all this ⬆ technology 📱📱, Vijay.
I prefer face 😀-to-face 😀 interaction or a nice handwritten sentiment.
300 bucks?
I dug myself into a really deep hole ⛳⛳⛳ with this ⬆ girl 👶, you gotta help 🆘 me. Please 🙏🙏🙏.
Paul 👽👽, you've always 🕔 been a straight shooter, so I'll tell 🗣 you what 😅.
Why 🤔 don't you take my daughter Parisa's phone 🤳?
I'm punishing her.
No 😣😣. What 😅 with all the parties and that ex-boyfriend Pahud,
she went over her minutes.
When ⏰ and if she decides to turn her life 💓 around, I'll simply take it back ⬅️⬅️⬅️.
Until then, you use it.
Hey 👋. It's too late 🕐🕐 to go in that way ↕️↕️, guys. It's closed.
Hey 👋, yo 👋, Paul 👽. Come here 👈👈, man 👦.
Look 👁, I know 🤔 you been feeling down ⬇⬇, so I got this ⬆ for you.
"The Devil 😈's Crotch."
Feel the burn, baby 👶.
Yeah 🙌.
You need a pen 🖊🖊, don't you?
You know 🤔 what 😅? No 😣😣, I'm good 👌👍🏾.
Yes 👍. The Summit 5280 fountain ⛲.
How 🤔 would you like 😄 to sign ⛎⛎ your 👉 name with this ⬆ panther?
You know 🤔 what 😅? More ➕➕ than anything.
It's yours 👉. I insist.
Oh, hey 👋, guys.
Yeah 🙌.
Paul 👽👽. Paul 👽👽, can you help 🆘 me out 🏎🏍?
I need to shoot 💫 over to the bank 🏦🏦🏦 for a minute.
There's a few kids 👦👦👦 inside, just finishing up ☝☝☝ their games.
Could you close up ☝ the arcade 👾 for me?
You know 🤔, video 📼📼📼 game 🎱🎱 might cheer you right 👉👉 up ☝☝☝.
Nah, I'm on 🔛 duty.
Welcome to the games!
Get 🉐🉐 set.
Foul. Foul.
Foul. Foul.
Foul. Foul.
Foul. Foul. Foul. Foul.
Game 🎱🎱 over.
We are ready.
Let's do this ⬆.
Attention shoppers.
Please 🙏🙏 make your 👉 way ↕️↕️↕️ to the nearest exits.
Unfortunately, the mall 🏬 will be closing early 🕐🕐.
Everybody out 🏎🏍, now!
You, too!
Hi 👋. Hey 👋! Hey 👋! You got me...
I'm at the West Orange 🍊 Pavilion Mall 🏬🏬.
Hey 👋, yo 👋. Hey 👋, there's some crazy 🤪🤪-ass 🍑 people 👫 trying to take over the mall 🏬.
Tell 🗣 them to bring SWAT. There may be hostages.
What 😅 are you doing? Get 🉐 down ⬇⬇.
Oh, my God.
Surprised 😲😲? I know 🤔.
But here 👈👈's the craziest part.
I'm the leader 👑.
Reports are, they're inside the bank 🏦🏦🏦 and they got hostages.
This ⬆ is 🈶 Sergeant Howard. I need four 4️⃣4️⃣ units around the back ⬅️ to secure the perimeter.
See 👁👁 if we can establish visual. Report back ⬅️ to me immediately.
Let's get 🉐🉐 all these civilians out 🏎🏍 of here 👈👈.
See 👁👁 if we can gain access into the loading dock.
Hello 👋👋👋?
Feeling alive?
I'm sorry 💔💔?
She makes you feel alive, doesn't she?
This ⬆ must be Pahud. Pahud, no 😣😣😣, I'm not with Parisa.
My name's Paul 👽👽👽 Blart.
Parisa's dad 👨👨 took her cell phone 🤳 away, and he lent it to me.
Do not lie 🤥🤥 to me, Paul 👽 Blart. Do not lie 🤥🤥 to me.
You are probably sweating over her right 👉 now.
I'm not lying.
I mean 😏, I am sweaty, but I'm not sweating over anyone.
That woman 👧 is 🈶 like 😄😄 an angelic goddess who 💁 only brings goodness to this ⬆ world 🌎🌎🌎.
Plus, she has some crazy 🤪 sexy feet 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️.
Paul 👽👽, the pain of this ⬆ breakup is 🈶 far too much for me to bear 🐻, man 👦👦.
Pahud, no 😣😣😣 one 1️⃣ can blame you for being upset 😞😞.
I mean 😏, the holidays are tough enough without adding heartbreak 💔💔 to the mix.
Wow 😮😮. Them's some heavy words 🆔🆔, Paul 👽👽👽 Blart.
Hey 👋, life 💓 is 🈶 heavy.
Indeed. Now, you are at the mall 🏬, huh 😕?
So why 🤔 do you not head 💆 over to Orange 🍊 Julius,
call up ☝☝ my friend 🐶 Sameer Oh?
Tell 🗣 him you are now my homeboy. He will hook you up ☝☝☝.
Wait 🚏🚏 a second 🥈🥈. How 🤔'd you know 🤔 I was at the mall 🏬?
I track Parisa's phone 🤳 with GPS 🛰. Don't you judge me.
Closing time ⌚ already.
Okay 👌, there are 223 stores in this ⬆ mall 🏬.
Here 👈👈 is 🈶 a list of the 15 that I need you to hit 👊👊.
And 15 for you.
Okay 👌.
Now this ⬆ is 🈶 the key 🔑🔑🔑 to retrieve the codes from each store's credit-card machine 🤖🤖.
They change 📈 every day, so make sure
that you bring me back ⬅️⬅️⬅️ the codes for today, Friday.
Veck, six 6️⃣6️⃣ guys in standard formation 💎, just like 😄 you said.
Perfect 👌.
Bomb 💥💥! Bomb 💥! Bomb 💥! Bomb 💥!
And these little piggies went all the way ↕️↕️↕️ home 👪.
Do it.
Gary usually delivers the leftovers 🥡 to the Mission.
Hey 👋, everyone. A couple 👰 requests.
Kindly tie up ☝☝ the person 👤👤 beside you, keep your 👉 mouths shut,
give up ☝ your 👉 cell phones, and as a general 🤷 rule, do as I say 🗣🗣🗣.
You do all these things... Well, you'll be back ⬅️⬅️⬅️ at home 👪👪 in no 😣😣😣 time ⌚⌚.
Back ⬅️ to your 👉 mediocre lives.
I was hoping that you and I could have 🈶 a whole Bonnie-and-Clyde thing going on 🔛🔛.
You know 🤔, minus dying in a hail of gunfire, of course.
What 😅 do you say 🗣?
Go to hell.
Hey 👋, Stewie, you don't mind 🤯 that I'm hitting on 🔛 your 👉 girlfriend, do you?
What 😅? No 😣. She's not my girlfriend.
But I specifically heard you say 🗣 that you two ✌ were "basically together."
No 😣😣. I didn't say 🗣🗣 that we were together. I said that she's into leather.
Have 🈶 at it. If you...
God, you're 👉 an idiot 😜.
Hello 👋👋👋?
This ⬆ is 🈶 Sergeant Howard of the West Orange 🍊 Police 👮‍♀️👮‍♀️ Department.
Yeah 🙌, well, so here 👈👈's the deal.
As you learned the hard way ↕️↕️↕️, I have 🈶 motion sensors by all the doors,
so if you wanna enter ↩️↩️↩️ my mall 🏬,
you might as well bring at least six 6️⃣6️⃣6️⃣ body bags.
He's drilling the safe, and they have 🈶🈶 eyes 🤩🤩 on 🔛 us.
See 👁👁 if we can tap 🚱 into the security 🛡 cameras.
Now look 👁, no 😣 one 1️⃣1️⃣1️⃣'s gonna try and enter ↩️ the mall 🏬🏬.
Is 🈶 there anything you need? Do you need any food 🐟? Do you need any water 💧?
Oh, man 👦. This ⬆ dude doesn't deviate from the book 📖 at all.
You know 🤔, since you're 👉 asking, I would love 😍😍 a Happy 😀 Meal 🍽,
you know 🤔, but... Make sure the toy 🎎 is 🈶 the sea 🦑🦑 monster 👹👹👹,
'cause 🎗🎗 I already have 🈶 the dragon 🐉🐉.
Okay 👌👌, okay 👌👌, now what 😅 is 🈶 it you really want 😋?
Silence 📴📴📴.
Hey 👋, I'm sorry 💔, mall 🏬's closed,
but I can help 🆘 you find 🔍🔍🔍 the nearest exit 🚪 if you just tell 🗣 me where 🤷 you parked.
Sweet 🍯 mercy.
This ⬆ is 🈶 not happening, this ⬆ is 🈶 not happening, this ⬆ is 🈶...
Oh, God. All right 👉👉, think 🤔, Paul 👽, think 🤔🤔.
Now what 😅 are you trained to do?
Nothing 🈚🈚.
Detect, deter, observe, report. I gotta report it. Reporting it.
Yo 👋, we got a straggler.
I don't know 🤔. Give up ☝, I guess.
Guys, what 😅 is 🈶 wrong with you? We stick to the plan.
We got a 911 👮‍♀️👮‍♀️👮‍♀️ operator connecting us with some guy 👦 named Paul 👽👽 Barth.
He says he's a security 🛡🛡 officer in the mall 🏬🏬🏬.
Hey 👋. Blart? He's one 1️⃣ of my guys.
Paul 👽, this ⬆ is 🈶 Sergeant Howard of West Orange 🍊🍊 Police 👮‍♀️👮‍♀️ Department.
The mall 🏬🏬🏬 has been taken over, and they have 🈶🈶 hostages.
I need you to exit 🚪🚪 the building 🏭 immediately.
We don't need any wild 🐻🐻 cards 🃏🃏🃏 in this ⬆ situation.
Copy that. Never ❌ been a wild 🐻 card.
Unless you consider 🤔🤔 the game 🎱 of Uno wild 🐻.
Okay 👌, okay 👌👌. Come on 🔛🔛, don't die ⚰. Don't die ⚰⚰⚰.
Don't pee. Don't pee.
Guys, motion detector just went off at Door 🔑🔑🔑 26. Everybody on 🔛 it.
What 😅 the hell is 🈶 he doing? Come on 🔛!
Blart, come on 🔛🔛!
Is 🈶 he crying 😂?
Blart, get 🉐🉐🉐 back ⬅️⬅️! Will you talk 🗣🗣🗣 to him, please 🙏🙏🙏?
Blart, this ⬆ is 🈶 Brooks. What 😅's going on 🔛🔛?
Sir 👨👨, I took a sworn oath to protect this ⬆ mall 🏬 and all inside it.
What 😅 oath? We don't have 🈶🈶 an oath.
I sort of made up ☝☝ my own. It's on 🔛🔛🔛 a plaque in my room.
Listen 👂, I think 🤔🤔 you're 👉 making a big mistake.
SWAT's on 🔛🔛🔛 the way ↕️.
And I'm not gonna sugarcoat it, you're 👉 untrained, you're 👉 unarmed,
and let's face 😀😀😀 it, son, you present 🎁 a huge target 🎯.
With all due respect, sir 👨👨, I can't observe and report from the outside.
Well, Sergeant, looks like 😄😄 you got your 👉 eyes 🤩🤩 on 🔛🔛 the inside.
Amy, Paul 👽 Blart here 👈👈. Are you still in the mall 🏬🏬🏬?
Got him.
Oh, my God. Oh, God.
Think 🤔🤔🤔. Think 🤔🤔. Think 🤔🤔🤔, think 🤔🤔🤔, think 🤔🤔🤔, think 🤔🤔, think 🤔🤔, think 🤔, think 🤔! Think 🤔🤔!
Hold it together.
Heart 😍😍😍 of a warrior.
I missed lunch 🥪🥪🥪.
Thank 🙏 you.
This ⬆ isn't happening, this ⬆ is 🈶 not happening.
Hey 👋! Don't make this ⬆ hard.
You like 😄😄 that?
Brooks, I took out 🏎🏍 a girl 👶, but the guy 👦, he ran away.
But let the record 🎬🎬🎬 show 📺📺, I did not hit 👊👊 a woman 👧👧👧. I just...
I put all my weight ⚖⚖ on 🔛🔛🔛 her.
Oh, Paul 👽.
No 😣, no 😣😣, no 😣. She's fine, she's fine.
Well, good 👌👍🏾, let's get 🉐 you out 🏎🏍 of there.
No 😣 can do, sir 👨👨. I am gonna finish what 😅 I started.
What 😅 the heck is 🈶 this ⬆?
Give me that.
Paul 👽👽👽, this ⬆ is 🈶 Sergeant Howard again.
Since you refuse to come out 🏎🏍, I'm gonna need you to go into the bank 🏦
and find 🔍🔍 out 🏎🏍 where 🤷 they're holding the hostages.
With honor, sir 👨👨.
Good 👌👍🏾 to know 🤔.
Hey 👋, I haven't heard back ⬅️⬅️ from Donner or Vixen.
Okay 👌👌. I'm calling 📲 an audible here 👈👈, everyone.
And I need to get 🉐 this ⬆ mall 🏬🏬 locked down ⬇⬇ from the inside immediately.
Why 🤔 don't we just start 🆕 wasting hostages? That'll stop ✋✋ them.
Well, that's one 1️⃣ way ↕️↕️ to go, but our hostages are the only thing keeping the cops outside.
I'm Commander Kent. My team 👥 is 🈶 deploying. I need this ⬆ location 🗺 secured.
and get 🉐 all these people 👫👫👫 out 🏎🏍 of here 👈👈.
Whoa 😮😮, whoa 😮, this ⬆ is 🈶 all done already.
My men 👴 are gonna do it again, the right 👉👉 way ↕️↕️.
Have 🈶 your 👉 guys fall 🍁 back ⬅️⬅️, now. Have 🈶 there been any demands?
I got snipers at the ready, communications in check.
Let's tap 🚱🚱 into security 🛡 now, and let's get 🉐 some visuals.
You can't. They knocked out 🏎🏍 the video 📼 cameras.
I'll be ready to take on 🔛-scene command in three 3️⃣3️⃣, two ✌, one 1️⃣1️⃣. I'm in charge.
Brooks, I'm observing the bank 🏦 now.
They got one 1️⃣1️⃣ assailant guarding the hostages.
There she is 🈶.
My, God. You are my angel 😇 pie 🥧🥧🥧.
Here 👈👈 come the love 😍 sweats.
Paul 👽, your 👉 radio 📻📻's still on 🔛.
Roger that.
Don't tell 🗣 me one 1️⃣ of your 👉 beat cops is 🈶 trying to be a hero.
No 😣, he's neither. His name is 🈶 Blart. He's one 1️⃣ of my security 🛡 guards.
Are you kidding me? We used to abuse that loser 🏳 in high 🆙🆙🆙 school 🎓. Give me that.
This ⬆ is 🈶 Commander James Kent. New 🆕🆕 Jersey 🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪 SWAT.
We went to high 🆙 school 🎓🎓🎓 together. Remember?
I set you on 🔛🔛🔛 fire 🔥🔥🔥 at the pancake festival 🎅?
Oh, yeah 🙌. Hey 👋, Jimmy.
Go Green 🤢🤢 Hawks.
Yeah 🙌, listen 👂👂. I've 🙋 got 50 highly trained, armed professionals out 🏎🏍 here 👈👈.
At my command, we are retaking this ⬆ location 🗺,
and there's no 😣 way ↕️ I'm compromising this ⬆ mission so that some mall 🏬 monitor 💻💻💻
who 💁 used to eat 🍽🍽 lunch 🥪🥪 with his imaginary friend 🐶🐶 can screw it up ☝.
Sorry 💔💔, Jimmy, I had the button ⚫ pressed. All I heard was "lunch 🥪" and "friend 🐶🐶."
Could you do me a favor and put Chief Brooks back ⬅️⬅️ on 🔛?
Listen 👂👂👂 to me, Blart,
you are no 😣😣😣 longer communicating with Chief Brooks. Is 🈶 that clear?
Hello 👋?
Hello 👋?
Yeah 🙌? Oh, hey 👋, Paul 👽👽, how 🤔 you doing?
Well, it looks like 😄😄 they moved the hostages into the teller area.
I'm gonna get 🉐🉐 a closer look 👁👁.
There he is 🈶!
Let's get 🉐🉐🉐 in the back ⬅️, huh 😕?
Brooks. I lost 🏳 visual on 🔛🔛 the hostages. I couldn't get 🉐🉐 them out 🏎🏍.
But I know 🤔 who 💁 the leader 👑 is 🈶. It's Veck.
Veck? The trainee?
I'll pass 🎫🎫 it on 🔛 to Howard.
Oh, God.
Trapped is 🈶 fine by me.
Commence tanning. Three 3️⃣3️⃣, two ✌, one 1️⃣.
Yeah 🙌!
Yes 👍👍!
Time ⌚ for some big-game 🎱🎱 hunting.
Open 👐👐, open 👐, open 👐👐! Thank 🙏 God.
Oh, no 😣.
Sir 👨👨👨! Sir 👨👨! Sir 👨! Sir 👨👨! Sir 👨! Sir 👨👨👨! We get 🉐🉐🉐 it!
Get 🉐🉐🉐 him! Get 🉐 him! Get 🉐 him!
You better run 🏃.
Amy, huh 😕? What 😅 a coincidence.
We got a cute little redhead down ⬇⬇ at the bank 🏦 named Amy.
Well, I guess I know 🤔 who 💁 I'm killing first 🥇.
Well, it looks like 😄 you just ran out 🏎🏍 of mall 🏬🏬.
It'll be over quick. She won't feel a thing.
You aren't gonna touch her, but you are gonna feel this ⬆.
Nobody wins with a head 💆 butt.
What 😅 are you talking about? Every kid 👦 has a cell phone 🤳🤳.
I prefer handwritten sentiments.
Who 💁 are these sloppy joes for? And who 💁 gave you this ⬆?
They're mine. I'm late 🕐 for my shift at Foot Locker.
We're getting the leader 👑 on 🔛 the horn 🦏. He wants to talk 🗣🗣 to you.
Silence 📴📴, my ass 🍑.
What 😅's the matter? Throw a few jabs your 👉 way ↕️,
you curl up ☝ in a corner, suck 😜💦 your 👉 thumb?
If you don't go toe-to-toe with that scumbag,
he's gonna roll 😋 over on 🔛 you all night 😴😴 long.
It's all right 👉👉. That's not my style 💈.
Well, just in case, I wrote down ⬇⬇ a couple 👰 of clever comebacks, like 😄😄...
Here 👈👈.
This ⬆ is 🈶 what 😅 you been doing?
"Yeah 🙌, you and what 😅 army 🎖?"
Everyone deserves a card on 🔛🔛🔛 their birthday 🎂.
So when ⏰ you and Rudolph were laughing 🤣🤣 it up ☝☝ back ⬅️ at the crib
about how 🤔 easy all this ⬆ was gonna be, were you guys like 😄😄😄,
"Man 👦, any brain 🧠🧠-dead 💀 mall 🏬🏬 cop that gets in the way ↕️↕️↕️ is 🈶 gonna get 🉐 smoked"?
And then... And then what 😅? You guys all high 🆙-fived?
But sadly, no 😣😣😣 codes!
And I'd say 🗣, considering all the luxury items that I have 🈶 stacked up ☝☝
in my Amazon shopping 👖👖 cart, situation unacceptable!
No 😣😣😣, no 😣, no 😣, no 😣😣😣, no 😣😣, no 😣😣😣. He looking.
Give me a gun 🔫.
Put it down ⬇⬇. Put it down ⬇⬇.
What 😅 are you nodding about?
I was just wondering, were you serious 😒😒 about that Happy 😀😀 Meal 🍽?
It isn't coming, is 🈶 it?
What 😅?
This ⬆ is 🈶 Commander James Kent, New 🆕🆕 Jersey 🇯🇪🇯🇪🇯🇪 SWAT.
You wanted ⚠ to speak 📢 to me?
I just wanna make sure that no 😣😣 one 1️⃣1️⃣ does anything stupid.
You should know 🤔 my men 👴👴👴 are deployed and ready to bring this ⬆ thing to a resolution.
The easy way ↕️ or the hard way ↕️↕️.
That is 🈶 such a tough call, but...
Yeah 🙌, I'm gonna go ahead and go with C, none of the above 🆙🆙!
I'm Amy, by the way ↕️.
I'm Maya. My father 👨 talked forever about you.
And I gotta say 🗣🗣, he really does like 😄😄 you.
I'm gonna throw up ☝☝.
Oh, that's not so bad 📉.
Oh, my God.
They've got his daughter.
Don't worry about me, okay 👌? I'm worried 😟😟 about you.
I love 😍 you. All right 👉, now, I'm gonna get 🉐 you all out 🏎🏍.
You just hang in there, okay 👌👌👌, sweetie?
I will. I'm a Blart, remember?
Yeah 🙌. I'll see 👁 you soon 🔜.
I'm supposed to be on 🔛🔛 my way ↕️↕️ to the Cayman 🇰🇾🇰🇾 Islands 🇦🇽🇦🇽🇦🇽 with the hostages.
And where 🤷 the hell is 🈶 Rudolph? He should be back ⬅️⬅️⬅️ by now.
"If Veck gets the codes, he's taking us to Cayman 🇰🇾🇰🇾🇰🇾 Islands 🇦🇽"?
Well, Veck Sims, welcome to the show 📺.
Come and get 🉐🉐🉐 me, Veck.
I got your 👉 codes for the credit-card machines.
That's who 💁's been screwing all this ⬆ up ☝☝☝? You have 🈶 got to be kidding me.
Give me a radio 📻.
Let me tell 🗣 you something.
You take hostages in my mall 🏬🏬, you are making a big mistake.
You seriously undermissed...
And you seriously...
Oh, no 😣!
Sugar. Sugar.
Blart? You there, Blart?
Hello 👋, Blart. You there?
Hey 👋, Blart!
I was hoping we could get 🉐🉐🉐 an ETA of when ⏰ you're 👉 gonna give up ☝☝.
How 🤔 about now?
submitted by TheMy5teryMan to emojipasta [link] [comments]

2018.04.04 15:46 Kaylapatpokego My Favorite CC LINKS
Mom's Clothes:
Floral Sports Bra: White Baggy Button Up: White Tank Top: Blue and White Button Up: Pink Velvet Dress: Blue Night Gown: Sheffari Style Dress: Mom Swimsuit: Stripe Bikini: Red Swimsuit: Painter's Style Outfit: Nike Pro's Leggings: Gold Necklace: Pearl Necklace: Black Work Pants: First Party Dress: White Night Gown: Blue Wrap Night Gown: Blue Lace trim Nighty: Blue Contacts: Hair 1: Short Nails: Long Nails: Hair 2 (bun): Giant Engagement ring: Color Block Bikini: White Vans: Mini Uggs: Gold Heels: Black Open Toe Heels: Brown Leather Boots: Black Closed Toe Heels: Pink Chunky Heels: Hippi Sandels: VS Style Yoga Pants: Black "Pink" Leggings: Simple Brown Boots: (Puma Leggings) First set of legging: Wool Sweater: Kahki Pants: White Trainers: Gold Bracelet: Red Dress:
Dad's Clothes:
Hoodie: Tank Top: Zip Jacket and Tshirt: Athletic Shorts: Black Pants: Other Black Pants: Jeans: Jeans: Jeans: Addidas Tshirt: Formal Jacket in Cream: Rustic Romance Set: Men: Plaid button up: Button up Open front top: Joggers: Men's Stripped Shirt and Jacket: Men's Simple Tshirt: Sport Coat and Tshirt: Swim Shorts: Vans: Pug PJ Pants: Calvin Klein Boxers: Polk A Dot PJ Set:
Child's Clothes: Blue and White Dress: White and Yellow Dress: High Low Tank Top: Red Tights: Leather Jacket & Dress: Jungle Adventure Dress: Midevil Gown: Swimwear: Boots: Ruffle Swimsuit: Adidas Trainers: Jeans: Tangled Style PJS: "Pink" Leggings: Thrasher's Tshirt:
Toddlers Clothes:
Sandels: Teddy Bear Straw Hat: Baby Moccasins: Toddler Uggs: Lace Socks: PJs: Romper: Black and White Leggings: Hoodie: Red and Black Dress: Adidas Trainers: Nike Sweater: Flats: Party Dress: Pj shorts: Pj top: Strappy Ruffle Sandels: Midevil Dress:
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2018.04.04 15:45 Kaylapatpokego My Favorite CC LINKS Mom's Clothes:
Floral Sports Bra: White Baggy Button Up: White Tank Top: Blue and White Button Up: Pink Velvet Dress: Blue Night Gown: Sheffari Style Dress: Mom Swimsuit: Stripe Bikini: Red Swimsuit: Painter's Style Outfit: Nike Pro's Leggings: Gold Necklace: Pearl Necklace: Black Work Pants: First Party Dress: White Night Gown: Blue Wrap Night Gown: Blue Lace trim Nighty: Blue Contacts: Hair 1: Short Nails: Long Nails: Hair 2 (bun): Giant Engagement ring: Color Block Bikini: White Vans: Mini Uggs: Gold Heels: Black Open Toe Heels: Brown Leather Boots: Black Closed Toe Heels: Pink Chunky Heels: Hippi Sandels: VS Style Yoga Pants: Black "Pink" Leggings: Simple Brown Boots: (Puma Leggings) First set of legging: Wool Sweater: Kahki Pants: White Trainers: Gold Bracelet: Red Dress:
Dad's Clothes:
Hoodie: Tank Top: Zip Jacket and Tshirt: Athletic Shorts: Black Pants: Other Black Pants: Jeans: Jeans: Jeans: Addidas Tshirt: Formal Jacket in Cream: Rustic Romance Set: Men: Plaid button up: Button up Open front top: Joggers: Men's Stripped Shirt and Jacket: Men's Simple Tshirt: Sport Coat and Tshirt: Swim Shorts: Vans: Pug PJ Pants: Calvin Klein Boxers: Polk A Dot PJ Set:
Child's Clothes: Blue and White Dress: White and Yellow Dress: High Low Tank Top: Red Tights: Leather Jacket & Dress: Jungle Adventure Dress: Midevil Gown: Swimwear: Boots: Ruffle Swimsuit: Adidas Trainers: Jeans: Tangled Style PJS: "Pink" Leggings: Thrasher's Tshirt:
Toddlers Clothes:
Sandels: Teddy Bear Straw Hat: Baby Moccasins: Toddler Uggs: Lace Socks: PJs: Romper: Black and White Leggings: Hoodie: Red and Black Dress: Adidas Trainers: Nike Sweater: Flats: Party Dress: Pj shorts: Pj top: Strappy Ruffle Sandels: Midevil Dress:
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TODAY WE PLAY AROUND WITH A BOOB SIMULATOR... AMAZING RIGHT Subscribe: Jelly Store: Try it yourself: http://dago... Sims 24 Hour Challenge is back! Judy came, she saw, she went for the money. But I love her. SUBSCRIBE HERE: Thumbs up if you want more :D Check out our vlog channel for more videos together: Check out my vlog channel: http://ww... Today we play some games. The good bad and the ugly. Next Episode More i... We play kanojo vr Become Sponsor: 🔥 NEW Merch: 🔥🔥 kanojo vr very ok SUBMIT MEMES: https://... My anime girlfriend can't even wear clothes properly smh. VR Kanojo • Shalom guys it’s Piper Rockelle! Hope your day is great but better watching tinder in real life my crush reacts to my new boyfriend dating game. Today is par... Hi Thanks for watching. I hope you liked it and don't forget to like and subscribe and give it a thumbs up :)) thanks for watching and subscribing. Talking A... Hi! I'm back with my a new STORY! Enjoy! SUPPORT ME SUBSCRIBE MORE VIDEO https://goo... Hi Thanks for watching. I hope you liked it and don't forget to like and subscribe and give it a thumbs up :)) Animations by Ideal SimsFour ♥ Soc...